Integrated B.Tech (CSE) + MBA With Academic Support of IBM and Samatrix*


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Years   (4 yrs + 1 yr Industry Internship)

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Integrated Bachelor of Engineering and Technology+MBA Programme is a five-year programme that integrates two demanding specialised degree programmes into one. It equips you with a thorough understanding of computer science engineering disciplines as well as a specialisation in one of the management fields. It cultivates in you the ability to manage and generate solutions from a technological standpoint. Industries are looking for persons who have worked in management roles as well as engineers. The most significant benefit for students is that it saves their time, effort, and energy. The post-graduates will work in an interdisciplinary context, either alone or in groups, and will display substantial leadership abilities.
School of Engineering and Technology prepare a cadre of professionals who can integrate technology with management concepts and practices for effective decision making. The programme intents to cover all the essential elements of the MBA programme run by the University within five years of the Integrated B.Tech + MBA with Academic support of IBM and Samatrix Programme Dual Degree programme.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must have passed 10+2 examination or equivalent in any stream and with minimum 50% aggregate marks. The age of the candidates shall be not more than 20 years as of 1st July of the year of admission.

Programme Details

Programme Highlights
  • Professionally qualified, competent and committed teaching faculty
  • School of Engineering and Technology provides consistent interaction with renowned academicians and experts
  • KRMU aims at offering project-based learning, techno-pedagogy, field projects, research projects, internships, continuous and comprehensive evaluation
  • SOET provides access to certification courses, ability & skill development programmes, value-added courses besides the core curriculum
  • Effective career counselling, guidance and mentoring programme to excel in professional and personal spheres of life
  • Special programmes for advanced and slow learners with a focus on inclusion and student diversity
  • Focus on career progression through training, placements and preparation for higher studies
Programme Structure

Course Title Credit
Applied Mathematics-I 4
Engineering Physics 4
Environmental Studies 3
Clean Coding with Python 3
Introduction to AI, Data Science, Ethics and Foundation of Data Analysis 2
Basics of Electrical & Electronics Engineering 4
Basics of Electrical & Electronics Engineering Lab 1
Engineering Physics Lab 1
Introduction to AI, Data Science, Ethics and Foundation of Data Analysis Lab 1
Clean Coding with Python Lab 1

Course Title Credit
Applied Mathematics-II 4
Engineering Chemistry 4
Engineering Graphics Lab 1.5
Engineering Chemistry Lab 1
Data Analysis using Python, Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, and Seaborn 2
Workshop Practices 1.5
Data Analysis using Python, Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, and Seaborn Lab 1
Human Capital Management 4
Object Oriented Programming 4
Object Oriented Programming Lab 1

Course Title Credit
Applied Mathematics–III 4
Probabilistic Modelling and Reasoning with Python 2
Foundation of Computer Systems 4
Data Structures 4
Disaster Management 3
R Programming for Data Science and Data Analytics 2
Data Structures Lab 1
Probabilistic Modelling and Reasoning with Python Lab 1
R Programming for Data Science and Data Analytics Lab 1
Cyber Law and Governance 3

Course Title Credit
Computer Organization & Architecture 4
Analysis and Design of Algorithms 4
Database Management Systems 4
Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition 3
Machine Learning Practical with Python, Scikit-learn, Matplotlib, TensorFlow Lab 2
Database Management Systems Lab 1
Analysis and Design of Algorithms Lab 1
Work Life Skills-I 2
Mathematical Analysis of Business Situations 4

Course Title Credit
Big Data Analytics 3
Theory of Computation 4
Operating Systems 4
Computer Networks 4
Computer Networks Lab 1
Big Data Analytics Lab 1
Management Thought and Applications 4
Operating System Lab 1
Practical Training I 1
Quantitative Aptitude Reasoning - I 1
Economic Analysis for Business 3
Work Life Skills-II 2

Course Title Credit
Compiler Design 4
Neural Networks and Deep Learning  3
Deep Learning Practical  with Python, TensorFlow and Keras 2
Data Science - Tools and Techniques 2
Natural Language Processing 2
Quantitative Aptitude Reasoning - II 1
Data Science - Tools and Techniques Lab 1
Natural Language Processing Lab 1
Financial Management Using Visualization and Excel 4
Work Life Skills-III 2
Graph Theory 3
Distributed Computing Systems 3
Advanced Computer Architecture 3

Course Title Credit
DevOps for Web development 2
Major Project 6
DevOps for Web development Lab 1
Practical Training II 2
Data Visualization and Story Telling 2
Data Visualization and Story Telling Lab 1
Accounting for Management 4
Statistical Approach to Business Problems 4
Managing Marketing Operations 3
Cloud Computing 4
Cloud Computing Lab 1
Internet of Things 4
Internet of Things Lab 1
Data Warehousing and Data Mining 4
Data Warehousing and Data Mining Lab 1

Course Title Credit
Research Methodology for Modern Business 3
Creating An Entreprenurial Mindset 3
Enhancinhg Productivity through Operations Management 3
Global Business Operations 3
Decision Science Applications in Business 4
Business Simulation 2
Business Simulation Lab 1
Blockchain Technology 4
Blockchain Technology Lab 1
Digital Image Processing 4
Digital Image Processing Lab 1
Quantum Computing 4
Quantum Computing Lab 1

Course Title Credit
Summer Internship Project Report (MBA Based) 2
Ethical Delima and Profitability 3
Specialisation I Elective I 3
Specialisation I Elective II 3
Specialisation I Elective III 3
Specialisation I Elective IV 3
Specialisation II Elective I 3
Specialisation II Elective II 3
Specialisation II Elective III 3

Course Title Credit
Project(MBA Based-Samatrix) 6
Contemporary Isuues in Strategic Management 3
Specialisation I Elective V 3
Specialisation I Elective VI 3
Specialisation I Elective VII 3
Specialisation II Elective IV 3
Specialisation II Elective V 3
Specialisation II Elective VI 3
Specialisation II Elective VII 3


Programme Outcomes
  • Engineering Expertise- Graduates will be able to solve real-time problems with the help of engineering knowledge, fundamentals they learned during their graduating period.  
  • Use of Modern Techniques- Aspirants learn the usage of modern tools in designing automobiles and using the techniques to solve the problems related to them.
  • Enhance Communication Skills-The interaction with the industry experts will enhance communication skills that will further help them to express their innovative ideas more firmly and easily in written or oral formats.
  • Usage of Professional Ethics- Students will be well versed with the ethics and principles during their learning period that will help them during their engineering practices.
  • Problem-solving behaviour- Students can easily identify, modify, research and analyze complex problems and will come out with the solutions to complex problems.

Who should Pursue

Nowadays, students are more interested in making early career choices wherein they can learn new skills and develop practical training. Integrated B.Tech +MBA is for the students who wish to have a comprehensive understanding of business management fundamentals and an opportunity to choose a good career path that can help them to get a secured job in future. 

Financial Assistance

K.R. Mangalam University partnered with AXIS bank, ICICI bank and Grayquest to help you to finance your dream course through Education Loan. You only have to start repaying one year after finishing your course or six months after you get a job.


  • Quick and Instant
  • Includes tuition fees, books cost, hostel fees, airfare.
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Career Options

Our students who wish to pursue Integrated B.Tech +MBA with academic support of IBM and Samatrix are trained in such a way that they have a wide range of job profiles to choose from in the future which can offer them good salary packages. Here are some of the top career options which our students pursue:
  • Computing/IT Consultant
  • IT Manager
  • Business Analysts
  • Software/Solution Developers
  • Data Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer


In the digital world, many top companies offer good job opportunities to new talents with amazing salaries, KR Mangalam University provides good placement opportunities to students so that they can apply their skills and knowledge learned during their graduation. All organizations whether big or small, private or public hire Integrated B.Tech +MBA  graduates. 
Some of the top recruiting companies visiting our campus to select students are mentioned below:
  • HCL
  • Indiabulls
  • Outlook
  • Paytm 
  • Barclays
  • Genpact
  • TCS
  • Ziffy Homes
  • Internshala 


Students will be able to work on their communication skills, data analysis, leadership qualities and will learn professional ethics and code of conduct.

KRMU provides transport facilities like buses for the students residing in Delhi NCR also Shuttle services are provided from Rajiv Chowk and Huda metro station.

KRMU provides scholarship facilities to the students who secured 80% marks with 75% attendance and there is no indiscipline action taken against the aspirant. To know more about the scholarship criteria click here

There is nothing easy or tough as such. It generally depends on understanding and your focus on different subjects. Therefore, you must work hard and focus on your studies to become professional in future.

You need to fill out the application form by providing your details, a link will be issued for the test you need to complete the test, an interview will be scheduled by the university you need to attend the interview. To know more about Integrated BBA+MBA Admission 2022 at KRMU. Click Here


*Subject to Approval from the Competent Authority


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