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The School of Management and Commerce (SOMC) at the K.R. Mangalam University has joined hands with SAMATRIX which is a leading technology solution and training provider in India to impart specialized knowledge in its Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) course. Samatrix is thriving with the idea of transforming organizations into data-driven corporations.
Students pursuing BBA with Specialization in Business Intelligence and Analytics will be trained by some of the most experienced industry experts and educators. This programme will be run over a period of 3 years when the students will eventually grow into business-ready individuals with hands-on experience in Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Business Skills.
KRMU has designed this course keeping in mind the current requirement of the industry and focuses on Business Analytics and Data Visualization with practical business problems being used as case studies.


Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must have passed 10+2 examination or equivalent in any stream with minimum 50% aggregate marks.

Programme Details

Programme Highlights
  • KRMU BBA with Specialization in Business Intelligence and Analytics features a curriculum that has been designed by industry experts.
  • In-depth knowledge in the field of AI and Data Science is being imparted to students.
  • BBA Course has been moulded in line with the latest advancements and needs of the industry.
  • Regular Mock Interview Sessions are being taken by Industry Experts to keep the students up-to-date with their knowledge and understand their problems.
  • Students get to intern at some of the most reputed organizations and get to enhance their knowledge in the field.
  • Regular practical and live projects are being explained and given to students.
  • The process of making the right decisions for enhanced business operations is taught to the students.
  • Various tools and techniques used in the industry that aid in the analysis of data are introduced to the students.
  • Complex database management is a skill that is inculcated into the students. They gain the confidence to manage elaborate information systems.
  • With a hands-on training approach, students learn how to use theoretical knowledge to solve real-world problems.
Programme Structure

Semester 1
Course Title Credit
Communications Skills 4
Environmental Studies 3
Disaster Management 3
Stress Management 4
Business Applications of Economics 3
Management Thought and Applications 4
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Business Intelligence, Data Analytics 4

Semester 2
Course Title Credit
Laws Governing Companies in India 4
Business Environment in India 4
Macro Economic Dynamics 3
Statistics & Computational Data Analysis 4
Open Elective-II 4
Human Behaviour at Work 4

Semester 3
Course Title Credit
Human Capital Management 4
Production and Operations Mangement 4
Machine Learning for Business 4
Marketing for Contemporary Business 4
Financial Reporting and Analysis 4

Semester 4
Course Title Credit
E-Commerce 3
Chasing The Rainbow: The Enterprenuerial Streak 4
Analysing Cost for Managerial Decision Making 5
Research Methodology for Business 4
Strategy and Consumer Behavior Analytics-Product wise & Finance Analytics 4

Semester 5
Course Title Credit
Summer Training Project Report 4
Taxation for Managers 4
Management Information System 3
Ethics ,Values & Corporate Social Responsibility 4
Management of Financial Institutions and Services 4
Value Added Course 0
Data Visualization 4

Semester 6
Course Title Credit
Strategic Orientation for Business 4
Global Business Operations 4
Project Planning and Evaluation 4
Banking and Insurance Management 4
Case Studies and Projects 4
Value Added Course 0
Risk & Fraud Analytics, Supply Chain Analytics 4


Programme Outcomes
  • Effective decision-making- This programme is much more than performing simple number-crunching exercises. Analytics is used to solve real-world problems and make effective decisions. It is also used to build competitive strategies for businesses. You will be trained to think critically and make the right decisions while studying in this course.
  • Learning various industrial Tools and Techniques- Opting for this course can enable you to learn about various tools and techniques that are currently being used in the industry, such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning Algorithms, Data Extraction, Computing, Big Data Technologies, etc. 
  • Corporate Data Analysis and Management- By enrolling in this programme, you will become efficient at the analysis and management of data for different kinds of enterprises. You will get to learn things like Predictive Modeling, Data Visualization and Prescriptive Analytics.
  • Hands-on Training- Another advantage of choosing this programme is that you will receive training that is a mixture of theoretical and practical approaches. During the course of your study, you will get the opportunity to work on multiple hands-on live projects with extensive learning support.

Who should Pursue

Students who are interested in studying how to use digital tools and strategies to analyse business data should opt for this course. This information is used to enhance various kinds of business operations and yield more profits. Analytics are also beneficial for making future predictions and devising new strategies to keep up with the industry's trends and developments. Students who wish to learn tools and techniques such as Predictive Modeling and Advanced Statistics should consider taking up this field of study. These analytics are used both in small and large enterprises. It gives us the holistic view of a company with all of its raw data and aids us to understand how to optimize resources. The right kind of data management solutions can save a lot of time for the people who are running a venture. If you are interested in this area, then you should surely choose to enrol in this programme.

Sponsored MBA Degree

K.R. Mangalam University offers a Sponsored MBA Degree to all of the new KRMU students who are looking forward to getting enrolled in the UG courses. 
KRMU bears the total course fee i.e. INR 5,20,000 of the deserving student. This is a golden opportunity for the students who wish to pursue MBA after their undergraduate studies.


The students who wish to avail and pursue a Sponsored MBA Degree from K.R. Mangalam University should be eligible as per the following eligibility criteria:
  • The student must be enrolled in an undergraduate course at KRMU and needs to score more than 8.0 CGPA
  • Students must clear all of the papers/exams across the tenure in the first attempt
  • The student must have 75% or more attendance during the whole course period
  • The student should not have any disciplinary charges against him/her during the whole period of their undergraduate degree

Financial Assistance

K.R. Mangalam University partnered with the leading banks to help you to finance your dream course through Education Loan. You only have to start repaying one year after finishing your course or six months after you get a job.


  • Quick and Instant
  • Includes tuition fees, books cost, hostel fees, airfare.
  • Concessional rate of interest.
  • Speedy disposal of loan applications
  • Availability of the loan across the country
  • Up to 100% loan with lower interest rate and zero processing fees
  • Repayment tenure ranging from 5-15 years.

Career Options

You can take up one or multiple paths after graduating with a degree in Business Intelligence & Analytics. Endless options are available for you just need to see which one would fit your interests the most. Research each of the choices and make sure to be well-informed before you make a decision. Here are a few of the common career areas that are chosen by the students after completing this course:
  • Intermediate Analyst 
  • Strategy Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Business Intelligence Project Manager
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Business Intelligence Administrator
  • Business Intelligence Consultant


It can be difficult to find the right job after graduating college if you are unsure about what to do after completing your studies. But guidance from the right mentors can help you to find the right fit. K.R. Mangalam University provides career counselling services for students who wish to have more clarity and make better career-related choices. KRMU also exposes its students to multiple job opportunities that are available in the industry. Students have a plethora of options to choose from and they can easily get a high-paying job right at the beginning of their careers. Here is a list of the companies that are a part of the KRMU placement drive: 
  • Cartesian Consulting
  • UST Global
  • Manthan
  • Fractal Analytics
  • Absolutdata
  • Infosys
  • Apple
  • Adobe
  • Oracle


If want to get admitted to this course, please fill out the application form at You will get a link for the admission test at your registered email address. After you complete the test, an interview will be scheduled with one of the faculty members at a specific time. Upon selection, you’d have to submit the required documents and fees.

Through this programme, you will gain knowledge about the different ways to approach Business Analytics and use that data to solve real-world problems and make effective decisions. These decisions would be useful for optimizing resources and yielding more profits.

Yes, the college provides hostel facilities for both the boys and girls on the campus. The hostels are well-maintained and charge a nominal fee. For more details about the hostels, please Click here

After the advent of the pandemic, the classes are being taken in a hybrid format. Lessons are delivered through a combination of online and offline means. For information regarding university notices about the pandemic, please Click here

Yes, KRMU has collaborated with some banks to provide educational loans to its students. If you feel that you require any kind of financial aid, you can submit an application to the university. To know more about the various kinds of financial assistance available at KRMU, Click here.


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