Community Connect

It allows young students to participate in various government-led community service activities & programmes. The objective of KRMU-NSS is to develop responsible personalities through community service.

The programme aims to promote social welfare in students to serve society equally. NSS volunteers work closely with villagers and learn to live satisfactorily with limited resources. They also assist villagers with essential commodities such as food, clothing, and first-aid facilities during uncertainties. Under NSS, volunteers help the deprived section of society raise their living standard to live with dignity.

The prime goals of KRMU-NSS are

  • Enabling students to understand the roots of the community
  • Identifying their responsibilities towards the community
  • Understanding the requirements and pain-points of the community and offering robust solutions
  • Developing social and civil responsibility
  • Acquiring skills to live in groups harmoniously by sharing duties
  • Attaining leadership qualities, democratic attitude and skills to encourage community participation
  • Developing abilities to manage emergencies and national disasters
  • Practising national integration and social accord

The motto of the National Service Scheme

The Motto of NSS - Not Me, But You, reflects the essence of democratic living and selfless service. It also explains that the welfare of an individual depends upon the welfare of the society as a whole, therefore, the NSS volunteers shall strive for the well-being of society. NSS helps students develop a tolerant and liberal approach to respecting difference in opinions.

Legal Aid Clinic

School of Legal Studies conducts Legal Aid Camps along with the students to strengthen society by providing a legal platform to the villagers.

Social Initiative

Unlocking the Lockdown: Interdisciplinary Focus on Covid-19’s Impact and Global Responses

A student-driven project at KRMU

The project shall, inter alia, focus on the global impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on businesses, media, pharmaceutical, law, politics, economy, families, and individuals

Needless to say that the pandemic has declined the world economy radically, altering the world order alignment. In this trans-disciplinary project, the student will explore the multiple facets of the pandemic under the guidance of their faculty members. The teachers will ensure the project turns out to be a satisfactory, meaningful, and enriching experience for all the learners.

The following themes are part of Project COVID-19:

  • The portrayal of COVID-19 as a pandemic
  • Nature of Epidemic - Past V/S Present
  • Conversion of Community Spaces into Quarantine Zones
  • Life Cycle of COVID-19: Stages and Treatment
  • Health, Hygiene and Immunity Boosters during COVID- 19
  • COVID-19 - Biological Weapon V/S Legal Weapon
  • COVID-19 and Global Economic Recession
  • Narratives and Media on Pandemic: A Contextu-al Study on COVID-19