Is computer science engineering hard

Scope of Computer Science Engineering in India

Is computer science engineering hard: Everything related to computers and computing systems that encompass engineering abilities, or in other words, that requires creating, maintaining, altering, or restructuring something constitutes the basis of computer science engineering. It has aspects of science in it wherein mathematical formulas and scientific concepts are applied to find new programs and utilities for any systemic issues or general applications. The engineering aspect deals with the structural formation of these computing systems and assuring the payload delivery is  secure and positive. Although computers run on electricity and have components of electrical manipulation, they should not be confused with electrical engineering, which is a different field of engineering.

The Difficulty with Computer Science Engineering

When inquiring if computer science engineering is hard, one must understand that it is traditionally easier than other fields of engineering. However, due to the involvement of complicated mathematical formulae and concepts of science, computer science does take a lot of effort to complete. The basic issue faced by most students is that in the first two years of engineering, all students have to learn the same subjects, the fundamentals of engineering. The elementary factors that make up engineering are the toughest to learn as they cover all root equations of mathematics, science, and advanced aptitude. These quantitative classes take the most toll on students, and clearing them becomes hectic and disillusionary until they can progress to more technical and likeable subjects.

Scope of Computer Science Engineering in India

The common courses that students can expect in the early stages of computer science engineering include:

  • ●Calculus I
  • ● Calculus II
  • ●Calculus III
  • ●Differential Equations
  • ●Physics I
  • ● Physics II
  • ●Linear Algebra
  • ●Probability and Statistics
  • ●Mechanics
  • ●Introduction to Algorithms and Programming
  • ●Data Structures and Program Design
  • ●Advanced Data Structures
  • ●Electricity and Magnetism
  • ●Electrical Engineering Fundamentals
  • If anyone has a fair idea about the basics of these courses, they would know what gruelling education they are in for. Data Structures and Calculus II, are infamously known for their ability to confound students.

The Brunt of Technical Classes


Is computer science engineering hard

Once the first two years of engineering are successfully cleared, students find themselves facing the next big monster - Technical engineering. This is where they start learning concepts within computer science engineering like:

  1. ●Software,
  2. ●Data architecture
  3. ●Cyber security
  4. ●Networking
  5. ●Operating systems


Along with classes after classes of theoretical intake, students also have to deal with practical examinations where they have to demonstrate the use of their newly acquired skills to create something defined by the professors. This is especially considered difficult as students do not get much practical exposure themselves and don’t get the opportunity to practice often. Despite the differences, computer science engineering students have to learn the basics of electrical engineering as well. Some of the fundamental concepts are shared by both the streams of engineering, and understanding those basic laws can be quite cumbersome for students. So when inquiring,“Is computer science engineering hard” ask a third-year student. That is the fastest way to know.


Is computer science engineering hard?: The Foreboding Shadow of Stress

Computer engineering is stressful in its entirety. Computer science engineering requires a logical and technical mindset, persistence and repeated attempts at a single problem until success is achieved, and brain-teasing stressful educational courses.

Coupled with the fact that engineering in computer science takes a lot of patience and struggle for a student to go through and persevere, a computer science job is equally stressful. A computer engineer is always expected to chase deadlines and deliver incredibly complex and varied ranges of work from different projects and different teams involved in the creation of an application or service.

It is common knowledge that computer engineers work fourteen-hour work weeks and sometimes pull in hours on weekends and rush to meet deadlines and project completion dates. Until a computer engineer has become an established face in the organisation or made a breakthrough that has resulted in their prompt and successful promotion to a more cushy job, engineers have complained of not having a social life. Also to be considered is the fact that computer engineering is a dynamic and continuously changing landscape where improvements are made almost every day and some new discovery changes the understanding of numerous concepts regularly.This means that learning is a never-ending process for computer engineers and when they consider computer science engineering hard, they are not just considering the education to begin with, but the courses and certifications they have to achieve throughout their career. This is why most computer science engineers are requested to work on time management and prioritise their work during the early stages of their education in order to make sure that they have some scope of recreation in their lives.

The principles of computer science engineering will only guide a student towards a job in the field. However, the usage of those principles changes definition with their job roles as more challenges arise every now and then. The unfamiliar situations most computer engineers find themselves in often is something they could not have prepared for in their formative years of education. Needless to say, computer science engineering hard, it truly is an immensely pressurising field. The good part is that going through so many challenges on the professional front builds character and the higher one grows in this field, the more polished and calmer they become when tackling newer issues.

What is important to understand before asking, Is computer science engineering hard? the question, what can you achieve with computer science engineering? It unlocks a world of benefits and rewards for a successful engineer. A computer science engineer is at the helm of innovation in almost every field, has widespread application and requirement and can fit into almost any industry and be able to add value. At the same time, engineers get to travel a lot, explore new cultures and religions, interact with people from different walks of life and trade ideas about new forms of software and technology and how those can be applied to their own work. But in all fairness, the most important aspect of being a computer engineer is the respect earned. It is a prolific career choice and is considered one of the most intelligent work choices one can adopt. As the world is being taken over by technology, computer science engineers are at the top of the wave, guiding it into our lives.



Q1. Can I get a good salary without job experience in computer science?
Computer science students get incredible starting salaries thanks to their educational background. The engineering skill in itself is extremely rewarding.

Q2. What is the easiest job in computer science?
Software developers enjoy the most ease of access to the technology industry. There is a huge requirement for software developers and are easily hired.

Q3. Is there any alternative to computer science engineering?
There are many reputable technology institutions in India that offer different technology related courses and placements and can get hired within the final year of college.

Q4. Can computer science be pursued without engineering?

Knowledge of subjects in computer science is necessary to become a computer programmer. One needs to learn coding and programming basics which are available through many courses outside of the purview of B.Tech. However, it is extremely difficult to achieve greatness in computer science without professional education.

Q5. Are all computer engineering students in good jobs?
Clearing computer engineering is just the first step. The choice of specialisation and the company to work for matters a lot in choosing the best job out there. Engineers will get real exposure when they start working and can make active choices to boost their careers with time.


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