School of Legal Studies, K.R. Mangalam University approved by the Bar Council of India, is specifically focused to impart advanced realistic knowledge of law to students.

Offering comprehensive programmes and resources to upskill students with the knowledge, expertise, and ethical foundation necessary for a successful legal career. Our top-qualified professors bring their knowledge and practical experience into the classroom to give students a well-rounded education that integrates academic theory with practical application.

The School of Legal Studies places a strong emphasis on possibilities for experiential learning, such as internships, and legal research projects. Through these opportunities, students can learn practical skills, improve their legal research and writing abilities, and build their career networks in the legal industry. Additionally, offering students a challenging and intellectually interesting atmosphere where they can interact with knowledgeable instructors who have successfully practised law.


  • Live Moot court & Client counselling sessions for absolute understanding of standard practices and conduct
  • Dedicated Clubs & Societies for Engagement and Networking
  • Collaboration with Delhi State Legal Services Authority (DLSA) for Exposure and Guided Training
  • Advanced Specialisations in International Law, Corporate Law, Criminal Law, and Constitutional Law
  • Virtual Legal Aid Centre for continuous Legal Assistance and
  • Legal Training


School of Legal Studies envisages to be a globally recognized law school by harnessing the academic excellence of the budding lawyers through interdisciplinary research and advancing social justice through legal education.  


  • Educate legal professionals, serving the society and fostering justice
  • Foster employability and entrepreneurship through futuristic curriculum and progressive pedagogy with cutting-edge technology 
  • Instil notion of lifelong learning through stimulating research, Outcomes-based legal education, and innovative thinking 
  • Enhance leadership qualities, understanding of ethical values and environmental realities among the youth

Teaching and Pedagogy

The teaching and pedagogy at the School of Legal Studies focuses on providing students with the comprehensive understanding of the law and preparing them for careers in the legal field.

Guest Lectures and Practical Exposure

Students are exposed to many viewpoints and given insights into the practical aspects of legal practice through guest lectures from judges, practitioners, and academics. This prepares students for the reality of the legal profession and helps them bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Mock Trials and Moot Court Competitions

Mock trials and moot court competitions provide students with opportunities to simulate legal proceedings. This gives them the chance to practise making arguments in court and to become more skilled at oral advocacy.

Legal Analysis and Reasoning

To acquire a solid basis in legal thinking, students are taught to analyse legal topics, statutes, and case law. This involves understanding relevant legal ideas, comprehending the structure of legal arguments, and then using them to address challenging legal issues.

Socratic method

The Socratic approach is usually utilised to get students in discussion with one another. To test students' comprehension of legal concepts, promote critical thinking, and develop effective communication skills, instructors.

Case Studies and Practical Scenarios

To immerse students in actual legal circumstances, case studies and practical scenarios are used. Students get a better understanding of legal principles, instances, and how the law is used in various situations by analysing and debating these cases.


  • Effective communication
  • Ethical Awareness
  • Professionalism
  • Accountability
  • Problem-solving skills