How to become a Game Designer after 12th

Since the early 1970s gaming has been helping humans to reduce stress and become palyful beings. Especially with the coming of PC, console, PlayStation and mobile phone games. If you see now what games used to be like 15 years back, you will realise that a lot has changed over time with new compelling stories, graphics, actions etc. Eventually caused game lovers to talk about graphics, features, renderings, storylines and characters. 

Do you have a strong dedication to creating games then you must be wondering “How to become a game designer”? Okay, I will tell you about a path which is not easy or hard. First, you need to earn a degree or certificate in game designing, animating and development. Read this blog for the best game design course and its career options.


What is Game Designing Actually?

Game design is the vast field that gives birth to video game development and animation. Game designing is the process of bringing a game to life with mind-blowing designs, interesting actions, original concepts, excellent graphics, nice visuals and texture and no rendering. From developing new games and improving existing game storylines, plots, characters, maps, actions and levels of difficulty to experimenting with different themes which can appeal to consumers. These all are outcomes of a game designers artistry.


Essential Skills of a Game Designer and Animator

Below are a set of skills that must be mastered by a game designer and animator for better productivity, growth and work efficiency.

  • Multi-Tasking: In this industry, you have to focus on two or more projects simultaneously. So it is necessary to work in proper alignment without getting messed up.
  • Creative and innovative: This is a field where you can’t copy you have to implement something fresh, different and unique for letting the world enjoy.
  • Critical Thinking: game developers should be critical of their own ideas and others, Thus, it will help you to think out of the box to produce something unique and fresh out of your imagination.
  • Risk-taking: To test creativity, innovation and critical thinking it is better to take risks to analyse and resolve consumer feedback.
  • Time management: As the projects in the game design field require a lot of time which causes work pressure so you need to manage time correctly. It made time management the topmost skill to execute time properly for both my professional and personal life.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: You need to cooperate with your fellow members to solve queries of users or game software defaults.


Why Should Choose a Career in Game Designing

In the past 3-4 years the Indian gaming industry has shown a rapid rise. Furthermore, profiting with more money every year making its name in the Indian economy. By a report published by Statista, in 2020 financial graph of the Indian gaming industry touched nearly 90 billion which is mind-blowing. Even it is predicted that this year 2022 gaming industry market value will reach INR 143 billion. Now you know the future growth of the gaming industry so it’s easy to expect that the demand for game designers, game developers and artists will see a rapid increase. 


How to Become a Game Designer

There are many Game designer diplomas, certificates and Degree Courses you can complete to try to lay your hands on the game designing field.

Game Designer and Developer Courses
Diploma Courses Bachelor’s Courses Master’s Courses
Diploma in Animation, Gaming and Special Effect BSc Animation & Gaming MSc in Game Design
Diploma in Production Gaming B.Des in Game Design & Animation Integrated M.Sc. in Multimedia & Animation with Game Art & Design
Diploma in Game Design and Integration BTech in Computer Science and Game Development Master in Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality
Advance Diploma in Game Programming BA (Hons) Games Art and Design MSc in Multimedia and Animation
Certificate course in Game Art & Design BA Film, TV Programmes & Video Games Directing MSc in Game Design and Development


Career options in Game Designing

These are the various career options in the animation and game design fields:

  • Game Programmer: The game programmer gives life to a game by working with modelers, designers and creators to bring out their ideas in a visual form. They are responsible for how much speed a game works and characters take action like jump, punch, crawl, shoot, uses types of equipment etc.
  • Game Animator: They coordinate with the game designer to give life to design ideas through animation. A game animator's responsibility is to blend designs of games with animation producing high-quality visual effects, special effects and movements that have an experience like the real world. 
  • Game Designer: A game designer who visualises the designs like interactions between characters, vehicles, houses, equipment, roads, and the environment of the game. They work in cooperation with animators, modellers and artists for making a game that is fun to play.
  • Game Technical artist: They work on the smoothness of a game with the correct visual frameworks. They work with programmers in order to make themes, shades, panels, contrast, models and textures of the game. They also cooperate with each other in the rendering process to make sure the game runs visuals efficiently.
  • 3D Modeler: A game modeler makes the 3D visual of a game with the use of 3D modeling software like Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox, Modo, Autodesk 3Ds Max, ZBrush, and Rhinoceros. They are responsible for the colour, contrast, sketch and texture of objects, characters, vehicles etc. 
  • Game Testers: The main purpose of a game tester is to spend hours playing games from a customer's perspective to make sure that it’s enjoyable and fun to play. They also check issues like if the game runs without any rendering, visual effects and many other things.
  • Game Creative director: Sometimes the person who created the concept of a game and the game creative director is the same. The responsibility of a game creative director is to make sure the game looks perfect in all aspects whether its visual effects, designs, animations, story, characters or texture if something doesn’t look good then they have to interact with the respective teams for the change.
  • Game Marketer: This job role is about promoting the game before and after release via different methods like interviews, youtube videos, and digital to reach the desired goals. The responsibility of a game marketer is to interest their desired customer in the game.
  • Game Producer: The game producer is the one who keeps an eye on everything from designing to developing and producing the making of a game project to time managing it to be done on time by setting up meetings with staff members for their performance and productivity. The game producer is responsible for hiring creative and innovative staff members. 
  • Game Finance specialist: A game finance specialist makes the financial budget for different parts of the game. They also help in the marketing game by providing financial assistance in the promotion.


Top Gaming Companies in India

  • Unanimous Studios
  • Scientific Games
  • Zensar Technologies
  • Scand
  • Orangesoft
  • TCS
  • Fgfactory
  • Next Big Technology
  • Hyperlink InfoSystem


Top Gaming Companies In The World

Companies Famous Games
Nintendo Super Mario Odyssey
Ubisoft Assassins Creed
Electronic Arts Apex Legends
Activision Blizzard Call Of Duty: WWII
PopCap Games PlantsvsZombies
Gameloft Asphalt
Sega Games Company Sonic
Tencent Games League of Legends, Pubg Mobile


Game Design and Animation: Salary in India

Since, this is a lucrative field where everything depends on your skills, ideas and creativity. The more creative you are the more you earn this is the rule of this industry. Also, salary can depend on experience and work hours. Normally, the salary of a game designer in India ranges from 1.6 lacs to 42 lacs. Anyway, it has become obvious to you that a game design and animation salary will eventually increase after more and more years.


How to Become a Game Designer after 12th

You can pursue B.Des in Game Design & Animation is a four-year Undergraduate Degree that studies the fundamentals, history and effects of game design. It covers all the topics from sketching, colour pattern, materials, and knowledge of digital tools. 3D modelling, User Experience (UX) and many other relevant topics.

If you’re interested in becoming a serious game designer then you need to fulfil B.Des in Game Design & Animation eligibility criteria:

  • Candidates must have passed their 10+2 examination from a recognized board in any stream (Arts, Commerce and Science).
  • Candidates must have a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate in their 12 Board Results.



The field of game design needs a lot of work hours, productivity, creativity and experience to meet consumer satisfaction. You have ample growth opportunities and career options with handsome salary packages. Even, this field has job opportunities in overseas with mega gaming companies like Nintendo, Gameloft, EA sports, Saga, Sony interactive entertainment, Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft and many others.


Frequently Answered Questions

Q1. What is the average salary of a game designer in India?

Ans. The average salary of a game designer in India is around INR 6,80,450 which is increasing every year.

Q2. What I will study for a Bachelor of Design(B.Des.) in Game Design & Animation?

Ans. This course programme teaches you photoshop and Flash, game design, the history of gaming, 3D game design, sound design etc. Click this link for more info about the B.DES game design and animation syllabus

Q3. Why I should choose a Bachelor of Design(B.Des.) in Game Design & Animation as a career option?

Ans. the reason to choose this as a career option is that it is a creative field and needs a lot of hard work to make your consumer happy. It has enormous growth because gaming is a growing industry.


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