MA Economics career options: Jobs opportunities and Salary

MA economics also called Master of Arts in Economics is a 2-year course/4-semester postgraduate programme which is a blend of all the aspects of economics in society for example finances, econometry, wealth generation, accounting etc.

Do you know MA in economics has been the most popular choice among the students of Arts stream not just because it is a well-designed course that studies the deep insight knowledge of economics such as Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, methods of Economics, Econometrics, Markets strategies etc. but for a fact jobs for economics post-graduate in India are waiting for the right individual in the marketplace through various industries.

MA economics career after graduation gives you two paths to choose one option is either you can go for higher studies like pursuing a career in PhD in economics or work as a professional in the job world.

This Blog talks about ma economics career options in india in a nutshell with all detail about various scopes with how much you can bag from those career options.

MA Economics Job Opportunities

MA in economics career is very competitive in India that needs an excellent analytical, statistical and mathematical skills, it can be an interesting field for those who are curious about the economy together with how it functions and impacts the countries all around the globe.

This field needs a profound knowledge of supply, exchange rates, demand, taxation, inflation, interest rates, policy trade, international trade etc along with excellent numerical, analytical and problem-solving skills.

Employment areas after MA in Economics

  • Trading Companies
  • Education Industry
  • Stock Market
  • Central Banks
  • Department of Economic Affairs
  • BFSI
  • Research Centers
  • Actuaries
  • Project Management
  • IT Firms

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Top 5 best Job Profile after MA in Economics

  • Stock Broker

A stock broker can work for various agencies and firms from India as well as from overseas. These are professional who has the license to buy and sell stocks and exchange other securities on the behalf of investors or corporations.

  • Trade Analyst

They are hired by agencies, investors or corporations to typically analyse the stock market activity and provide trade solutions in simple words they provide strategies to clients by analysing the stock market activities. They also are responsible for supporting the accounting, financial and sales team.

  • Financial Analyst 

They are the ones who make investment decisions by gathering and analysing financial data for their clients which can be corporate companies, insurance companies securities firms mutual funds, private or govt banks and pension funds. We can also say they assist clients to endorse the business and industry from a financial perspective.

  • Marketing Manager

They make a marketing agenda after that organise and manage marketing campaigns for promotions of products among the consumers for raising demand and supply. Several roles are performed by a marketing manager like supervising marketing campaigns, making good budgets, assisting marketing teams and finding new opportunities for expanding business.

  • Research Analyst

They are experts in gathering and analyzing data to improve productivity, profitability and savings for companies/organizations. They need the convincing communication ability which is beneficial when presenting data for making decisions for marketing.

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MA Economics Jobs salary in india

If we take about how much an individual can bag after graduating from ma in economics it depends on the sector and job profile they choose in accordance with the skills and knowledge they possess. 

This graph shows MA economics salary in India in various job profiles.

ma economics career options in india

Source for the graph: Glassdoor

MA in Economics | Frequently Answered Questions

Q1. Can I apply for govt jobs after m.a in economics?

Ans. Yes, you can apply for vacancies in the government organisations like the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Department of economic affairs, Indian Railways and  Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).  


Q2. What we can do in the education sector after ma in economics?

Ans. As an M.A. in Economics graduate, you can enter into academia as a school teacher or after pursuing a PhD in Economics you can start your career as a Lecturer or Assistant Professor in colleges/universities.


Q3. Are there jobs in rbi after ma economics?

Ans. There are many ma economics job opportunities that come under Grade B in the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) that can be grabbed by graduates of ma economics.


Q4. Career options after masters in economics in india?

Ans. After holding a degree of master in economics in India you can find jobs in these profiles Financial Analyst, Stock Broker, Associate Researcher, Economy Analyst, Teacher, Senior Business Analyst, Senior Economist, Trade Analyst, Marketing Manager and Branch Retail Manager.


Hope this blog gives you a better outlook on MA Economics career options in India….