Why Choose A Career in BBA in Marketing

BBA in Marketing is one of the most popular courses among 12th commerce pass-outs who desire to study management courses. One of the major reasons for this is the ample amount of jobs after bba in marketing. Read this blog that talks about careers after bba in marketing including job opportunities and course details.


Why Pursue BBA in Marketing After 12th

BBA in Marketing is 3 years bachelor’s degree that studies marketing, financial and management aspects of a business. There are many benefits to why you should pursue BBA in Marketing After the 12th. Below are the main three reasons why you should invest your money and time in this excellent course:


Massively Growing Demand

Marketing is a major part of every organisation, company and business growth. For example, since the digitization of businesses digital marketing has become an integral part of marketing. Familiarizing the population with your products and services through digital platforms that’s what digital marketers do.


Opportunities to Utilize Potential in Various Industries

After completing your BBA in Marketing you have job opportunities in different industries and businesses. Every organisation has their own way of pursuing different tasks, different procedures and management systems. So completing this undergraduate course will make you capable and highly equipped with all the essential knowledge and skills needed to adapt to different industries/sectors.


Escalates Creativity to Next Level

Marketing is a highly creative field where you need to bring out and implement new creative ideas and strategies to beat competitors. In this field, you need to have divergent thinking to tackle and make positive growth from market problems. So these above reasons are enough to speculate that working as a marketer will upgrade your creative thinking skills.


Jobs after BBA in Marketing

There are a huge number of bba in marketing jobs waiting in India and abroad for a perfect candidate to grab. Below are the various job profiles you choose after completing this course:

  • Marketing Manager: Mostly you can find marketing managers working in the corporate world. A marketing manager is one who organises and manages marketing campaigns for raising awareness of the products and services provided by a company.
  • Sales Manager: The sales manager's role is to oversee the sales of a product or service. To put it in simple words they make sure that the set target is being matched. They organise meetings with the sales team to implement new sales tactics and strategies.
  • Social Media Manager: The social media Manager handles the profiles of all the social media platforms. They do social media marketing and social media optimization. For example, overseeing the marketing activities like promotion, ads etc.
  • Market Research Analyst: The market Research Analyst's responsibility is to make the most by collecting data from all the sources. Basically, they analyse the collected data and make strategies to make growth and predict the future of the market.
  • Public Relations Specialist: Public Relations Specialists are responsible for building and maintaining a positive image of an individual or an organisation in the public. They do this by carrying out multiple strategies and tactics. They must have the skills to turn anything negative into a good marketing strategy.
  • Account Manager: The accounts manager works in liaison between marketing agencies and their clients. There are several major responsibilities that come with this job profile like predicting and providing for client's needs, developing and maintaining client-agency relationships and many others. They also work in cooperation with sales and marketing teams.


Why you should Study BBA in Marketing From K.R.Mangalam University

K.R. Mangalam University is a renowned university for BBA specialisation courses. The university provides has a qualified group of faculty who also hold real-world experience. Here, bba students get enough exposure and facilities such as webinars with industry experts, industry visits, fully equipped computer labs, ios labs etc. The faculties also focus on building several skills in students like communications skills, analytical skills, Public speaking, stress management, time management, self-management and many others.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the bba in marketing scope?

Ans. After completing your BBA in Marketing management you can work in the business and marketing sectors.

Q2. How much is bba marketing salary after graduating freshers?

Ans. After completing your BBA in Finance you can expect a salary between INR 48,000 to INR 60000 per month.

Q3. What are the bba in marketing subjects?

Ans. In BBA Marketing 3 years course duration you will study topics like Business Applications of Economics, Management Thought and Applications, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Mathematical Analysis of Business Situations etc. Click this link to read All the BBA in Marketing subjects.