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Chinese is the second most spoken language in the world. The growing popularity of the Chinese language is the reason for the ever-increasing demand for bachelor courses in the Chinese domain—the School of Humanities at K.R. Mangalam University, the best B.A. Chinese College in Delhi NCR offers the golden opportunity to pursue B.A. Chinese (Hons.). Consisting of professional writing to literary study, the B.A. The course opens the multi-perspective for the scholar. 

Our course will give the learner leverage not only during initial employment but also during career progression. Students get to learn research-based innovative techniques under the supervision of highly adept and experienced faculty teams developing the skills they need to succeed and make a valuable contribution right from the start.


Programme Highlights

  • Diverse Curriculum
  • Students learn through literature and linguistics analysis of the language.
  • Learning Business Chinese opens job options in a wide range of Chinese companies.
  • Travel and tourism is an important part of the curriculum which gives an interesting career in tourism as China and Taiwan offer exciting travel opportunities and also offer big job opportunities.
  • Media learning is an important part of the course, which helps students find options in the Media industry.
  • KRMU provides a good infrastructure for language learning with a Multimedia classroom, language lab and good library with the latest collection of books.
  • KRMU has foreign collaborations with Chinese universities, which provide online classes by native speakers and certification.
  • Students learn translation and interpretation skills suitable for their careers.
  • Students are allowed to connect to industries and find Industry experience through Internships.


Programme Structure

Semester 1
Course Title Credit
Reading Chinese-I (Core 1) 5
Listening &Speaking Chinese- I (Core 2) 5
Communication Skills (AEC 1) 4
Writing Chinese 6
Reading Chinese-I - Practical 1
Listening &Speaking Chinese- I Practical 1

Semester 2
Course Title Credit
Reading Chinese-II  (Core 3) 5
Listening &Speaking Chinese- II  (Core 4) 5
Environmental Studies (AEC 2) 4
Writing Chinese- II 6
Reading Chinese-II -Practical 1
Listening &Speaking Chinese- II - Practical 1

Semester 3
Course Title Credit
Selected Readings-I (Core 5) 6
Chinese Oration-I (Core 6) 5
Composition-I (Core 7) 6
Read About China-I (Generic Elective 3) 6
Disaster Management (AEC 3) 4
Tourism in India (SEC 1- from group of SEC I) 4
Chinese Oration-I Practical 1

Semester 4
Course Title Credit
Selected Readings-II (Core 8) 6
Chinese Oration-II (Core 9) 5
Composition-II (Core 10) 6
IIBC 208A Read About China-II (Generic Elective 4) 6
Tourism in China I (SECII- from group of SEC I) 4
Chinese Oration-II - Practical 1

Semester 5
Course Title Credit
Advanced Chinese Readings- I (Core 11) 6
Advanced Chinese Oration-I (Core 12) 5
Newspaper Chinese (DSE I) 6
India China Relation (DSE II) 6
Advanced Chinese Oration-I Practical 1

Semester 6
Course Title Credit
Advanced Chinese Readings- II  (Core 13) 6
Advanced Chinese Oration-II(Core 14) 5
Business Chinese (DSE III) 6
China and The world (DSE IV) 6
Advanced Chinese Oration-II (Core 14) 1


Eligibility Criteria

The candidate must have passed Class XII in any Discipline from a recognized board or hold any Equivalent Degree.

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