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M.Com Programme is an academic programme that helps students gain knowledge about the financial markets, business strategies and the commerce world. The course structure focuses on developing managerial skills for students to handle financial operations which would help them to make wise decisions in their personal as well as professional life.
The M.Com programme at the School of Management and Commerce (SOMC), K.R. Mangalam University is designed to teach academic expertise and research orientation to students. The course curriculum has been designed to make students explore appropriate theories, principles, and data in business with a problem-solving attitude. The program intends to evoke critical thinking in the students seeking viable solutions to business dilemmas. Students are engaged through inclusive knowledge dissemination and research orientation holistically. The program enables students to act with an informed awareness of local, regional, national, and global needs ensuring environmental sustainability and community development initiatives.
With this course, K.R. Mangalam University enables students to research diverse areas of Commerce and interdisciplinary fields. To prepare students to be industry-ready and serve the needs of the managerial cadre in companies and to be a competent entrepreneur. To touch the lives of every student by inculcating prudence, efficiency, creativity, and compassion to work for the betterment of the marginalized sections of society and commitment to human values. To upgrade the standards of teaching and research and deliver an education system that is a source of national pride and public confidence.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must have a Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent from a recognized University with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate.

Programme Details

Programme Highlights
  • M.Com course at K.R. Mangalam University is only taught by Industry Experts and Highly Experienced Academicians
  • Students get ample International Exposure through summer school programs and semester programs
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure develops a holistic environment for the best learning experience for the students
  • K.R. Mangalam University along with various industry experts has developed an Interactive and enhanced industry-based curriculum that not only imparts the best knowledge to the student but also makes them ready for the modern-day industry.
  • Management Aid Camp in nearby villages, one of the community services extended to nearby villagers who intend to seek financial assistance for a loan or intend to invest.
  • Industry Experts use project-based learning and ICT in the teaching-learning process to make students industry-ready.
  • (Honours) course structure at K.R. Mangalam University has been benchmarked globally.
  • Experienced Faculty Members at K.R. Mangalam University focus on fostering critical thinking and problem-solving abilities in students
  • Students get various opportunities to intern at Reputed Multinational Companies
  • Entrepreneurship Cell provides a platform for young learners to recognize, identify and enhance their entrepreneurship skills and exclusively focuses on the entrepreneurial attitude and skills
Programme Structure

Semester 1
Course Title Credit
Economic Analysis for Business 3
Statistical Analyisis for Business 4
Corporate Legal Framework 4
Information Technology in Business 1
Introduction to Tally 6
Principles and Practices of Taxation 4
People's Behaviour in An Organisation (Elective-I) 3

Semester 2
Course Title Credit
Financial Management Using Excel 4
Research Methodology for Modern Business 4
Management Accounting- I 4
Auditing-I 3
Creating and Retaining Motivated Work force 3
Creating An Entreprenurial Mindset 3
E-Commerce (Elective- II) 3

Semester 3
Course Title Credit
Summer Internship Project Report 4
Ethical Delima and Profitability 3
GST Framework for Business 4
Management Accounting- II 4
Quantitative Techniques for Business Decisions 4
Auditing-II 3
Financial Services 4
Elective III 3

Semester 4
Course Title Credit
Dissertation 6
Derivatives Market 3
Corporate Tax Structure and Planning 4
Managing Portfolio Risk and Return 3
Elective-IV 3
Elective-V 3
Elective-VI 3


Programme Outcomes
  • Advanced Business Knowledge- One of the advantages of opting for this course is that you will obtain an advanced level of business knowledge that would be useful for working in enterprises all across the world. With such in-depth knowledge about various business operations, you can also consider the idea of starting your own venture after graduating college. 
  • Becoming more Employable- Another reason why you should opt for this course is that it will enhance your employability. After studying Commerce, you will have a wide range of career options to choose from. Having knowledge in multiple avenues will also help you in getting a good starting salary package. 
  • Travel Opportunities- Since you will have a better understanding of global business operations, you will also have increased chances to travel abroad whenever you wish to do so. Studying in this programme will give you the confidence to adapt to various cultures and leadership styles on an international level. Traveling to different countries will also give you more exposure to unique ventures and enhance your personality in many ways.  
  • Having a Competitive edge- Enrolling in this course will give you a competitive edge over other prospects. Studying Commerce will give you a global perspective on how to manage things, you may not have that kind of insight if you opt for another Business degree. This is a special skill to have if you consider the expectations from today’s international workforce. It doesn’t matter if you work on a senior or on a junior level; knowing the global market will always add value to your portfolio.

Who should Pursue

The students who are interested in understanding multinational enterprises (MNEs), their governance, and management should opt for this course. If you have a keen interest to explore the complex issues pertaining to business enterprises and the commerce related to them, then you should study this subject. This subject would also be a great choice for you if you care about making globalization good by working for the government or the NGOs who run their own businesses. Opting for this field will allow you to see how globalization has brought an enhanced ‘connectedness’ of markets, people and information across countries. Another reason why you should go for a Commerce degree is that it will aid you to learn the processes that are involved in Business Analytics. Having in-depth knowledge about the same can assist you in solving real-world problems and optimizing an enterprise’s resources for improved operations. An intelligent business person knows that numbers and trade are the foundation for any successful company.

Financial Assistance

K.R. Mangalam University partnered with the leading banks to help you to finance your dream course through Education Loan. You only have to start repaying one year after finishing your course or six months after you get a job.


  • Quick and Instant
  • Includes tuition fees, books cost, hostel fees, airfare.
  • Concessional rate of interest.
  • Speedy disposal of loan applications
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  • Repayment tenure ranging from 5-15 years.

Career Options

You can opt for multiple career paths after graduating with this degree. Among the countless options that are available for you, you would have to figure out which one meets your requirements. You can take the help of your mentors in this process. Make sure to be well-informed before you make a decision. Here are a few of the common career areas that are chosen by the students after completing this course:
  • Assistant Accountant
  • Senior Account Executive
  • Cashier
  • Personal Finance Consultant
  • Business COnsultant
  • Teachers/Lecturers
  • Executive Assistant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Corporate Analyst


It is normal to feel unsure about your career choices after graduating college. That is why it is important to seek the right kind of support system and mentorship to become capable of discovering your path. In such situations, opting for career counseling services provided by KRMU can ease your journey to a great extent. The university exposes its students to a plethora of career choices and also teaches them about the various employment trends in their specific industries and domains. One can easily get a lucrative salary package after completing their course of study. If you make wise choices, you can make that happen right at the beginning of your career. Here is a list of the companies that are a part of the KRMU placement drive: 
  • Accenture 
  • TCS 
  • SBI
  • Capgemini
  • Nestle 
  • Asian Paints 
  • Cadbury 
  • HDFC Bank
  • EY 


If you are seeking admission in this course, you need to first fill out the application form at Then you will get a link for the admission test at your registered email address. Once you complete the test, your interview will be scheduled with one of the faculty members at KRMU. Upon selection, you have to submit the required documents and fee.

Yes, the university offers top-notch hostel facilities to its students. The premises are spacious and well-ventilated. KRMU ensures to maintain an optimistic and rejuvenating atmosphere for the students so that they feel completely comfortable during the course of their studies.

Yes, the K.R. Mangalam University provides high-quality career counseling services to its students. This can enable the students to learn how to unleash their inner potential and make the right career choices. They can identify their dream careers if they receive proper guidance and mentorship.

The university strives to make its students industry-ready through a rigorous academic curriculum and campus placements. KRMU has started the ‘Campus to Corporate Connect’ initiative to build a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship with esteemed corporates and institutions across different industries.

Yes, KRMU has certain provisions for financial assistance to its students. It has collaborated with some of the top banks to provide some educational loans. To know more about the financial aid given by KRMU, Click here


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