Integrated/Dual Degree B.Sc.-M.Sc.(Forensic Science)


    Integrated/Dual Degree B.Sc.-M.Sc.(Forensic Science) programme is a comprehensive five-year programme designed to equip students with in-depth knowledge and practical skills in forensic science. The multidisciplinary curriculum covers core forensic science disciplines such as forensic biology, chemistry, toxicology, anthropology, psychology, odontology, and trace evidence analysis. The programme delves into crime scene investigation techniques, including documentation, evidence collection, and reconstruction.

    Programme Highlights

    • Advanced curriculum prepared in collaboration with leading professionals and specialists helps students for careers in criminal investigation and forensic analysis.

    • Students gain a detailed understanding by analysing and investigating real crime scenes.

    • Regular industrial visits, events and interaction with forensic professionals.

    • Direct interactions with forensic experts, enrich the educational experience with real-world expertise and case examples.

    • Access to a sophisticated forensic science laboratory with the latest technology
    • Constant lab sessions, guest lectures, and real-based projects to solve the complex concern
    • Get 100% placement and internship assistance
    • Global Exposure: International paid visit to attend 2 weeks of summer school at a Prestigious European university

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    Advance Your Profession

    in Criminal Justice

    Integrated/Dual Degree B.Sc.-M.Sc.(Forensic Science) programme curriculum is designed to equip students with a broad spectrum of skills and knowledge essential for a career in forensic analysis. Core disciplines include forensic biology, chemistry, anthropology, psychology, and odontology, providing a well-rounded understanding of investigative methodologies. Practical aspects are emphasized, covering crime scene investigation techniques, evidence collection, and preservation. Laboratory work includes DNA analysis, toxicology, ballistics, and digital forensics. The programme often adopts an interdisciplinary approach, fostering collaboration with law enforcement and legal professionals.

    Programme Structure

    Semester 1
    Semester 2
    • Introduction to Forensic Science
    • Crime Scene Management & Criminal Profiling
    • Crime and Society
    • General Physics-I
    • General Chemistry-I
    • General Biology-I
    • Skill Based Elective - I
    • Forensic Practical I
    • Criminal and Evidence Law
    • Fingerprint Science
    • Questioned Document
    • General Physics-II
    • General Chemistry-II
    • General Biology-II
    • Skill Based Elective - II
    • Forensic Practical II
    Semester 3
    Semester 4
    • Forensic Psychology
    • Forensic Chemistry-I
    • Forensic Physics-1
    • Basics of Computer & Biometrics
    • Biometrics
    • Core Elective – I
    • Skill Based Elective - III
    • Forensic Practical III
    • Forensic Medicine
    • Fundamentals of Forensic Toxicology
    • Forensic Ballistics
    • Forensic Biology and Wildlife Forensics
    • Core Elective – II
    • Skill based Elective - IV
    • Forensic Practical IV
    Semester 5
    Semester 6
    • Forensic Anthropology
    • Digital Forensics and Cyber Law
    • Forensic Chemistry - II
    • Instrumental Techniques - I
    • Core Elective – III
    • Forensic Practical V
    • Forensic Physics - II
    • Information Security Audit and Compliance
    • Basics of Immunology and Forensic Serology
    • Instrumental Techniques - II
    • Core Elective – IV
    • Forensic Practical VI
    Semester 7
    Semester 8
    • Lasers & Spectroscopy/ Advanced Fingerprint Technologies/ Forensic Pharmacy and Pharmacology of Controlled Drugs/Fundamentals of Biological Chemistry/ Advanced Digital Forensics
    • Advancement in Forensic Ballistics and Armour Material/ Advances in Forensic Documents Examination/ Advanced Forensic Toxicology/ Molecular Biology and rDNA technology/ Mobile and Network Forensics
    • Audio and Video Analysis/ Forensic Accounting and Auditing/ Modern and Applied Analytical Forensic Chemistry/ Forensics Genomics and DNA Profiling/ Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
    • Research Methodology
    • Core Elective – V (From Elective Group B)
    • Forensic Practical VII
    • Internship at Forensic Science Laboratory
    Semester 9
    Semester 10
    • Ethics in Science Education and Research
    • Open Seminar and Comprehensive Viva-I
    • M.Sc. Project (To Be continued in 10th Semester)
    • Open Seminar and Comprehensive Viva-II
    • M.Sc. Project

    Connecting Talent to Dream Careers

    Our Integrated/Dual Degree B.Sc.-M.Sc.(Forensic Science) programme at K.R. Mangalam University stands out with its robust partnerships and collaborations with premier institutions in the forensic community. We maintain active engagements with elite forensic labs, law enforcement bodies, and legal organizations, providing our students with exceptional access and opportunities in the field. Our prestigious partners include universities, defense forces, hospitals, and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), ensuring a rich and impactful educational experience.

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    Career Options

    After completing the Integrated/Dual Degree B.Sc.-M.Sc.(Forensic Science) programme, graduates have a wide array of career options available in various sectors that require expertise in forensic science. Here are some potential career paths that you can choose:

    • Crime Scene Investigator : Collects and analyzes evidence from crime scenes, meticulously documenting findings to aid in criminal investigations and support legal proceedings.
    • Forensic Pathologist: They conduct autopsies to determine causes of death in suspicious circumstances, playing a crucial role in criminal investigations and legal outcomes.
    • Forensic Analyst: Forensic Analysts are specialized in analyzing physical evidence such as DNA, fibers, or chemicals, using scientific methods to contribute crucial information to criminal cases.
    • Forensic Toxicologist: Examines bodily fluids and tissues to detect chemicals, drugs, and poisons, providing essential data for legal and criminal investigations.
    • Digital Forensics Expert: Digital Forensics Expert investigate and recover data from digital devices like computers and smartphones to solve crimes, often involving cyber attacks or digital fraud.

    Hear straight from our Students

    Manthan Sharma

    Due to outstanding learning facilities and dedicated placement opportunities, I chose to study at K.R. Mangalam University. I’m amazed by the top-notch facilities available here, such as a high-end forensic lab, a massive library, canteen facilities, etc.

    Tara Beniwal

    I took admission to K.R. Mangalam University because one of my cousins studies here. The campus indeed provides a conducive learning environment, strongly emphasising students' personal and professional growth. Also, faculty members are way too supportive and kind to every student.

    Mehak Arora

    I’m very much satisfied with the experience that i gain from K.R. Mangalam University. I must take a moment to appreciate the faculty members who guided me throughout. I got all the practical knowledge as well.

    Priya Raghav

    I would highly recommend KRMU to anyone seeking a transformative educational journey. . The university's focus on practical learning, research opportunities, and industry collaborations have prepared students like me to thrive in today's competitive world. I am confident that the knowledge and skills I've gained here will serve me well in my future endeavors.


    • ● Understanding of fundamental principles in various fields of science including biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics, and their applications in forensic investigations.


    • Proficiency in forensic laboratory techniques, evidence collection, preservation, and analysis. .


    • Knowledge of legal procedures and ethical considerations in forensic practice.


    • Ability to critically evaluate and interpret forensic evidence and communicate findings effectively, both orally and in writing.


    • Competence in using advanced technologies and software for forensic analysis.


    • Understanding of interdisciplinary approaches in forensic science and the ability to collaborate with professionals from other fields.


    • Awareness of current trends, issues, and challenges in forensic science and the ability to adapt to new methodologies and technologies.


    • To make students familiar with the field of forensic science that includes investigating a crime by applying forensic science principles


    • To enhance knowledge, in depth understanding and application of forensic science, policing and criminal investigation by teaching and research.


    • To develop critical and analytical subject specific skills involving the principles, practices and techniques of specific field.


    • To develop competence in research methods and presentation of information.


    • To develop skills in forensic identification, forensic problem solving either independently or as team member.


    • To keep abreast with all recent developments and emerging trends in Forensic science, Ethics and the law.


    • Mastery of specialized areas within forensic science such as DNA analysis, toxicology, ballistics, forensic psychology, forensic anthropology, etc.


    • Proficiency in conducting research and independent projects in forensic science, including hypothesis formulation, experimental design, data collection, analysis, and interpretation.


    • Ability to apply scientific principles and techniques to solve real-world forensic problems and contribute to the advancement of forensic science knowledge.


    • Competence in using specialized equipment and instruments relevant to different forensic disciplines.


    • Understanding of quality assurance and quality control measures in forensic laboratories to ensure accuracy and reliability of results.


    • Skill in presenting scientific findings to different audiences including fellow scientists, legal professionals, and the general public.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are numerous career opportunities for candidates completing their Integrated/Dual Degree B.Sc.-M.Sc.(Forensic Science) in the public and private sectors such as Crime Laboratories, Government Agencies, Law Enforcement Agencies, Legal Systems, Private Forensic Consulting Firms, Government Agencies, Academic and Research Institutions etc.

    The programme aims to develop skilled professionals who are experts in problem-solving, legal analysis, and scientific laboratory procedures. Students are trained in handling and analyzing forensic evidence, both in theoretical knowledge and practical skills, to prepare them for immediate employment.

    Yes, students may have the opportunity to engage in research projects and fieldwork, allowing them to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings.

    The curriculum incorporates modules such as Crime and Society, Forensic Psychology, Forensic Anthropology, Digital Forensics and Cyber Law etc.

    The programme is supported by experienced faculty members who provide guidance, mentorship, and academic support to students throughout their academic journey.

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