Why choose MCA: Course details, Eligibility, Benefits, Career Options and Salary

Why choose MCA: Course details, Eligibility, Benefits, Career Options and Salary

June 30, 2022

In this era, the whole world is surrounded by technology which is changing day by day because of new innovative ideas of humans. To run these tech products with ease organisations need someone who is skilful enough. For this, a well-designed course called “Master of Computer Application” is popular among the mass known for developing future-ready individuals.

Do you have a knack for MCA? Read this blog to know more about the MCA course details and what to do after mca course.

What is MCA course?

MCA full form is Master of Computer Application which is a 2-year full-time course that deep dives into the depth of development of computer applications and computer systems. This course offers students a chance to refine their skills in various programming languages while simultaneously learning how to apply different mind-boggling tools and techniques.


MCA Course Duration: What we study

This well-designed course is divided into 4 semesters which rigorously studies programming languages, the Logical/algorithmic core of mathematics, computerized data-keeping systems, analysing of data and solving complex AI problems.

In the final semester, you will come to one of the best parts of this programme which is projects and industrial training.

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MCA Course Eligibility and Admission

To pursue this programme aspirants must hold a BCA/B.Sc. degree with Mathematics as the main subject or graduated in B.E./ B.Tech in Computer Science / Information Science/ Information Technology with a minimum of 50% in total aggregate marks.


Benefits of pursuing MCA Course

  • Equips Technical hand 

This course gives a chance to add more knowledge to your tech understanding and hone your tech skills to excellence.

  • Better Job opportunities and profile

Those who hold an MCA degree a bound to grab the job opportunities easily it also increases your chances to get a promotion in the workplace.

  • Handsome Income

After pursuing the MCA course you come out as a skilled individual which attracts organisations to hire you with attractive salary packages.

  • Future-ready

Technology is changing every day so sometimes it becomes hard to keep up with that but for an MCA graduate, it is easy to adapt according to the tech world.

What to do after MCA Course

After Graduating from MCA you can start your professional life in the job world and gain experience. These are some top career scopes after MCA Course:

  • Software Developers: Their role is to design, develop, build and maintain software systems using different technical skills and tools.
  • Hardware Engineers: They are the ones who test, design, analyse and develop computer systems and their other internal components such as circuit boards, routers, memory devices etc.
  • Web Designers: Their responsibility is to create the layout and design of a website means they work on how to list the information and where in a website.
  • Database Engineers: Their main purpose is to design, create, build and manage databases for organisations they also install and configure database systems.
  • Internet experts: They are professionals who design websites and e-commerce websites that generate leads and sales for companies. They have all-inclusive knowledge and experience of the digital and technological bases of the Internet.
  • Cloud Architect: They can be referred to as “IT Professional” who plan, design, manage and monitors a company/organisation’s cloud computing strategies.
  • Troubleshooters: They are skilled professionals whose role is to locate trouble and perform repairing activities in machinery and technical pieces of equipment.
  • Data Scientist: They are experts who have extreme analytical skills which are needed after collecting, analysing and interpreting large amounts of data.


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Salary after graduating from MCA



Overall, Pursuing an MCA 2-year programme after graduating is a good option for developing more skills in computer systems and learning about deep concepts of technical aspects of computer applications. It develops you as an industry-ready individual which gives you many advantages in terms of grabbing job opportunities and handsome earnings.

Hope this Blog cleared all your doubts……

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