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The Library is providing 24x7 On-line Library Services to its users. To avail full facilities you have to register yourself with a valid Gmail ID & Mobile.

Book Renewal 1: 
Use your Roll No or Employee ID to Login
Book Renewal 2: 
Use your Roll No or Employee ID to Login

Rules and Regulation

1 Membership
1.1 Every student & staff members have to fill & submit library Membership form Online (once only).
1.2 Your Library Membership ID will be sent on to your Mobile Number as SMS.
1.3 Any mistake of your Mobile Number may trouble you the failure of SMS.
1.4 First time this SMS will be treated as ID proof. You have to show your SMS ID received from the Library while borrowing the books.
1.5 After the issue of Roll No from the concern office/ University, you will be asked to show your photo ID proof while borrowing the book.
1.6 If any delay in making ID card, you can show any Photo ID proof as an alternate.
1.7 You can authorize any person (with their own photo ID proof) to borrow books on your behalf, in case of any emergency.
1.8 Borrowing books by authorizing any person will be sole responsibility of the user.
1.9 Any changes in mobile number or e-mail Id should be inform the Head Librarian by filling up the CORRECTION form available at http://drhilaluddin.blogspot.in/
2 Issue of Books
2.1 Students are advised to submit their request on-line to save their time.
2.2 Reply will be sent on to your Mobile Number as SMS.
2.3 Using abbreviation in title will not be accepted/ entertained.
2.4 There is limit of 3 books to borrow at a time, which may be increased if desired & requested.
2.5 You must collect your requested books at free time or you may request for your own suitable date & time.
2.6 You must show your Identity Card at the time of getting books.
2.7 You must check every book before taking it out. You will be responsible if any damage found at the time of return.
2.8 If you failed to collect the books on time your books will be cancelled and may be issued to other members. There is system of first come first serve.
2.9 Kindly clear your Library dues as soon as possible. No book will be issued if any book or fine is pending.
2.10 Books are issued for 15 days.
2.11 Any damaged books which are separated for binding will not be issued.
3 Late Fine
S.no Categories of Members Maximum No. of Books Maximum Period of Loan Late Fine (@ Rs. 10/-per day for first 10 days, after that Rs. 20/- per book per day)
A All Teaching Staff 5 Odd Semester:
1. 1st August to September end,
2. 1st October to November end.
Even Semester:
1. 2nd January to February end,
2. 2nd March to 10th May.
Rs. 10 & 20
B Non-teaching Staff 2 Same as teaching staff Rs. 10 & 20
C Regular Student 3 15 Days Rs. 10 & 20
D Post Graduate Students 4 15 Days Rs. 10 & 20
E PhD Students 5 15 days Rs. 10 & 20
3. Late Fine
3.1 There is a provision of late fine @ Rs. 10/- per book per day for first 10 days, & 20/- (per day per book) after 10 days for students.
3.2 Rs. 10/- for staff (per day per book). From the date of announcement of the suspension of classes announced before University exams.
3.3 The amount of fine should be deposited in account section and one copy of the Receipt of the paid amount should be deposited in the library.
3.4 Library membership will remain closed till the dues remains unpaid, and they can not borrow any book.
3.5 University Librarian has the power of relaxation of fine up to 100%.
3.6 Vice Chancellor has the power of relaxation of fine up to 100%.
3.7 Chancellor has the power of relaxation of fine up to 100%.
4. Missing/ Lost of Book
4.1 Lost or missing of books may be replaced with a latest edition’s new copy of the same book. Indian edition book shall be replaced with Indian edition and foreign edition book with foreign edition.
4.2 Cost of the missing or lost of books may be deposited in account section of the college.
4.3 Printed cost of the lost book (document/ item) + Rs. 100/- (processing charge) & late fine if any may be deposited in account section. If lost/ missing book is important and out of print, then printing cost with 50% extra charge, with late fine if any, will be charged.
4.4 One copy of Receipt of the paid amount should be deposited in the Library to clear the dues.
4.5 His/ her library membership will remain closed till the due(s) remains unpaid, and they can not borrow any book.
5. Damage of Book
5.1 Any book found damaged at the time of returning, the borrower may be asked to replace the book with a new one or pay binding charge Rs. 100/- in account section, and deposit one copy of the receipt in Library.
5.2 If the damage is minor, then they may be asked to pay a penalty of mishandling Rs. 50/- in account section, and deposit one copy of the receipt in Library.
5.3 His/ her library membership will remain closed till the penalty remains unpaid, and they cannot borrow any book.
6. Book Renewal
6.1 Books are issued for 21 days only.
6.2 If further you need for more than 21 days, then you have to submit a Renewal Request Online only.
6.3 If further you need for more than 21 days, then you have to submit a Renewal Request Online only.
6.4 Renewal Request may be submitted in advance before two days of the Due Date.
6.5 Remember, the Due Date is the date of starting of fine.
6.6 Requested books will be renewed before 11:30 A.M. every day and updated to view it Online before 04:00 P.M. every day.
7. Renewal Status
7.1 You may check Renewal Status Online (next Due Date, Membership Status, and Fine if any etc) yourself.
7.2 Login the Renewal Status strictly be made through Gmail only.
7.3 If there is any fine & Membership is Closed, then you have to deposit fine in Account section.
7.4 Ask Account Section official for two copies of the receipt of the fine you have paid.
7.5 Deposit one copy of fine receipt in Library to update your Library account.
7.6 To get Status through SMS your mobile number should be correct, in working and registered in the library.
7.7 Students shall be barred this book renewal facility if any due remains pending.
7.8 Your feedback will be useful for enhancements of Library services.
8. Recall of Book/ Book Reservation
8.1 Library may recall any issued book, any time without assigning any reason.
8.2 Any book which is issued out may be reserved by staff & students.
8.3 They will be informed about the arrival of books through SMS/ e-mail.
8.4 Three days waiting will be provided to borrow the reserved book.
8.5 Deposit one copy of fine receipt in Library to update your Library account.
8.6 After three days the reservation will be cancelled and reserved book may be issued to any other deserving member.
8.7 Your mobile number and e-mail ID should be correct & in working to get SMS/ email alert.
9. Correction
9.1 Any correction or change of address, e-mail, mobile number, etc. may be submitted through online.
9.2 SMS alert will be given for any action taken.
10. Reading Room & Discipline
10.1 Reading room facilities are provided for self reading to students with sufficient number of seating capacity.
10.2 There is a separate reading area for faculty/ staff members/ students.
10.3 Subject discussions, which disturb others, will not be allowed in silence zone.
10.4 Silence will strictly be observed in the reading area.
10.5 A person shall not sleep, smoke or spit in any part of the library.
10.6 Combustible material, consumption of food, alcoholic beverages and intoxicants of any nature whatsoever is strictly prohibited in the Library.
10.7 Students are expected to be in discipline.
10.8 Use of cellular phones and any other electronic/ battery operated gadget in the Library is strictly prohibited.
10.9 No personal book or belonging shall be allowed to be taken inside the library without the permission of the librarian.
10.9 A person shall not write upon, damage, mutilate or mark any book belonging to the library.
10.10 All members and their personal belongings including Library books issued to them are subject to a search/ check by the library staff at the Library entrance. Property Counter is provided to put their personal belongings.
10.11 Any infringement of the library rules will render the privilege of admission and of borrowing books from the Library liable to cancellation.
10.12 The Vice Chancellor/ Chancellor/ Librarian reserves the right to suspend the membership privilege of any member found misbehaving with the library staff or for indecent behavior.
10.13 Students may be barred reading room facility if any due remains pending.
10.14 Locker facilities are available for students to put their valuable in safe locked mode.
11. Digital Library
11.1 Digital Library facility is an additional service the Library.
11.2 Latest & new computer terminals are installed to access the information and browse the net for on-line resources.
11.3 Online journals are subscribed to support the subject area of users for advance study/ research.
11.4 Library is a member of DELNET database. Every members may utilize/ explore it.
11.5 Using or accessing of any objectionable website is not allowed in the Digital Library section.
11.6 There are a lot of course materials uploaded/ linked for users’ access for their academic development.
11.7 Students may be barred digital library facility if any due remains pending.
12. Complaint & Suggestion
12.1 Any complaint regarding Library may be brought to the notice of the Librarian or submitted through Online.
12.2 Any suggestion regarding Library may be submitted through Online.
12.3 To get SMS alert about your complaint/ suggestion, your mobile number should be correct & in working.
13. Book Recommendation
13.1 Faculty and staff member can recommend books for their subject.
13.2 Two kinds of form should be submitted. One hard copy approved by HOD/ Dean & Vice Chancellor, and second Online. Both forms are available Online at http://drhilaluddin.blogspot.in/
12.3 Arrival of recommended books may be seen Online after receiving SMS alert from the Library.
13.4 Remember, some recommended titles may be out of print or out of stock, may not be procured.
13.5 Any suggestion or problem may be discussed to the University Librarian for implementation and solution.
14. Feedback
14.1 Your valuable suggestion may be useful for improvement of Library Services. Therefore you are requested to fill & submit true data.

Yes, a due weightage is given.

15. Need Help?
15.1 Library staffs are ready to help users, if they need so. Remember, politeness always pays in form of personalized service.