September 9, 2018

When we envision the terminology ‘architecture,’ the concept of constructive planning, processing, and manufacturing surrounds our minds. Well, the scenario of the twenty-first-century architectural industry bespeaks the story of the art of architecture as somewhat different. Ove the years, the architectural industry has not only advanced technologically but has also been progressive in multifaceted ways. It has strengthened its foundation in terms of design, branding, and cross-platforming. The entire architectural league is contributing on both practical and intellectual grounds by heroically embracing new ideas, enthusiasm, and skills more than ever before. The way the millennial generation architecture professionals think and work is much more intense and integrated. The mentioned idea echoes loudin the most brilliant architectural creations of the world that are listed below:

Agora Garden Tower, Taipei

This massive tower is a 20-story luxury building, inspired by the double-helix shape of DNA. What makes it so special is that it is environmental friendly in every aspect imaginable. The splendidly twisted building has gardens on each floor.

Phaeno Science Center, Wolfsburg, Germany

The Phaeno Science Center’s infrastructural design includes the complex hollow programmed columns strategy that has made its advent in the architectural world for the first time. The building is considered as an object of mystery because of its volumetric structural logic.

The Church at Firminy, Firminy, France

The Church at Firminy, located in the land of true art and designs, is one of the most eminent works of architecture. The church is known for its striking interior designs, formations, and outlooks. It reflects both a space of traditional and urban infrastructural setting.

Aqua Tower, Chicago, Illinois

Aqua Tower is situated at 225 North Columbus Drive and is fenced by high-rises. It is mainly known for its rippling concealment and giant green rooftop.The Aqua Tower is an exception when it comes to its architectural design.

Public Library, Seattle

The Seattle Public Library is famous for its complex and highly interesting infrastructural design. Each of its parts is designed for different usages and uniquely differs in flexibility, size, structure, pattern, and more. The geometrical shape of the building casts shadows of different shapes in different positions irrespective of a transparent ceiling.

Phaeno Science Center, Germany

The Phaeno Science Center situated in Wolfsburg, Germany was completed in the year 2005. It can be considered as a blazing example of an absolute urban infrastructural style. It was built by the renowned architect Zaha Hadid.

Tama Art University Library, Tokyo

The Tama Art University Library situated in Tokyo is an academic library assimilated with Tama Art University possessing two library locations in Tokyo, Japan. It is a golden example of the edgiest archetypical structure.

Reykjavik, Iceland

The Reykjavik is one of the extraordinary assets that Iceland treasures. Its crystalline coating enhances the jagged, geometric volumes as well. The building looks even more fascinating at night because of its giant shimmering waterfront.

Water Mill, New York

The wonderful creation of Herzog & de Meuron is mounted by a double-gable roof of milk-white corrugated metal. The Parrish’s strikinglyhorizontal new home blends luminously with the style of its settings.

Guangzhou, China

China is known for its magnificent architectural projects, and the Guangzhou, a powerful creation of ZahaHadid Architects, can literally be considered as a cherry on top. The scene comprises of two dynamic fluid-form structures shelled with steel-framed glass and granite panels. The construction was quite challenging but ultimately turned out to be a great success.

These massive pieces of absolute brilliance have brought about a real change in the architectural industry along with their timeless building strategies. The projects mentioned above clearly reflect the sheer level of progress the architecture sector has encountered in the recent years. The motive is not simply creatingbut is instead pinning the dart right in the heart of true innovation, alteration,and variation. However, owing to the rapid advancements and upcoming trends, the industry of architecture is consistently seeking for new and better players in the field every day. There is no dearth of opportunities when it comes to this leading domain of work. However, what holds a lot of importance in this respect is one’s educational qualification and set of skills. Your educational degree and learning is a tag that persists throughout your career and it is imperative to pursue your higher education from the right place. The K.R. Mangalam University is a prestigious university that is listed among the top architecture colleges in Haryana and is known for catering industry-centric, world-class education to its students. We, at K.R Mangalam, believe in the state-of-the-art approach of knowledge impartation that contributes a lot toenable the students to successfully meet the current industry requirements and upcoming challenges in the career of architecture. Our course is structured with essential inputs from experienced individuals and experts in the field of Art, Architecture & Planning, and Engineering and Technology. KRMU, as the pioneer of architectural education, ensures that our students are equipped with the right knowledge, practical skills, and sense of responsibility that is neededin the particular profession that would serve them lifelong. Ever since inception, KRMU has been serving as a steadfast cornerstone to attaining success and strives to continue doing so in the years to come.

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