April 14, 2020

It is noticeablehow the practice of ‘entrepreneurship’ isemerging as a significant andrising trend in modern work and career culture today.From conferences, hotel lobbies, magazine covers, conferences to the White House, the buzz regarding the twenty-first-century entrepreneurship is constantly getting louder. As the experts opine, the entrepreneurial era will gradually become as imperative as the information and industrial age.The era of information and industrialization taught us the ways of putting information and physics to appropriate use. Similarly, the era of entrepreneurship that we are propelling into will be all about using entrepreneurialphenomena and wonders as the foundation fororganizational success and serving consumers in the finest levels possible in terms of both scale and quality simultaneously.

Entrepreneurship is driving massive change and evolution in the world and is the greatest influencer of the entire system of business. Entrepreneurial minds are problem-solvers who do not only aim to earn personal career growth and success but also feed the global environmental and societal needs significantly. Entrepreneurs today are driving innovative products and ideas, and employing individuals to step into a healthful and advanced life standard. The twenty-first-century entrepreneurshiprevolves around unlocking paths to aid the people to attain an idea of the newly emerging team-based approach to trading in the global economy.

The path to entrepreneurship is undoubtedly a lucrative and independent one that is gaining a lot of preference from particularly the millennials today. However, with the booming pool of entrepreneurs, the degree of challenges is also not left behind. There are a handful of challenges that are already triggering the field, while there are some that are still emerging. Let us takea look at some of the most prominent challenges in modern entrepreneurship.

Challenge 1# Cybercrime

One of the major challenges that budding and even established entrepreneurs are facing nowadays is the lack of cybersecurity. The emerging advancement in cyber threats and sharp practices in the digital ground is imposing unexpected risks to entrepreneurs. Organizations and businesses are thus hiring cybersecurity experts to safeguard company resources and assets and lead ahead of the curve. Small to medium-scaled originations are also not leaving a loop when it comes to taking adequate precautions against cyber-crime.

Challenge 2# Intellectual Property

The digital revolution has changed the way the norms of business used to be. Many aspects are managed differently in the business world nowadays, which is causing budding entrepreneurs, and even the established ones, to face challenges when it comes to coping with the new ways. One of these coping challenges includes missing out on appropriately protecting the intellectual properties of the business houses. It is imperative for modern entrepreneurs to focus on regulations like trademarks, patents, and copyrights. Implementing these and learning advanced ways to protect business products, materials, services, ideas have become even more important when it comes to the age of digitalization.

Challenge 3# Core Identity

Along with cybercrime and intellectual property, identitytheft has become a massive issue for twenty-first-century entrepreneurship. Brand marketing with high-end technology, authentic trademarks and logos have become mandatory for today’s entrepreneurs. Similar to company products and services, brand protection must be a creampriority for entrepreneurs so that the customers can be made aware ofthe original brand through advanced marketing tactics.

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