March 7, 2018

Every student works hard and puts all efforts with a keen focus on the dream job waiting at the end of the course. However, the reality is that a graduate degree is not just what you need to grab your dream job. You need to possess a lot more than that. You have to have strong communication skills, confidence, the right attitude, aptitude, and much more. This is exactly what is assessed in the interviews. Job interviews sometimes can scare the bravest of the lot, but if you are prepared for it then you could breeze through it with no problems. Preparation is the key here for you to get that final call of selection to your dream job.

Irrespective of the career path you choose, here are a few points you should keep in mind which will help you crack the interview and will aid you in crossing the major hurdles on the way to your professional start.

Know the Company

Before you go for your interview, make sure you know about the background of the company well. Do a thorough research on the company, its history, and its founding members. Know in detail what the company does and what other businesses it has. This will help you to understand the organization and also add to your confidence level.

Your Resume is your Written Personality

Take time to write a good resume. Prepare it to fit the job profile you are being interviewed for. However, it is also important that the information you put in your resume should be true and should reflect your intentions. Bluffing is not an option here.


The old saying ‘practice makes a man perfect’ applies here as well. Work on polishing your communication skills. Know that in an interview, having good communication skills means winning half the battle. So practice as much as possible. Get a list of questions usually asked and frame logical and sensible answers to them.

Be on Time

Punctuality counts when it comes to your interviews. Be early but not even a second late as it is not polite to keep your interviewers waiting and it definitely puts a mark against you. It will also keep you relaxed when you are on time and give you some time to gather yourself.


Your interview is your chance to make a great first impression on your interviewers, use it well. Dress appropriately. Avoid wearing very brightly colored clothes or colorful shirts. Wear something sober that suits you and something that you are comfortable in. Grooming is not only about what you wear, it is about how you present yourself – from your hair to your dress to your shoes, and how you carry yourself. Show confidence but not over-confidence from the way you dress and walk in.

Make Sure to Switch off Your Phone

Disturbance of any kind is a strict no-no during an interview. It would be downright rude if your phone starts to buzz in the middle of the interview. Moreover, it would distract you and you may fumble for answers after that.

Develop your listening skills

Listen carefully and understand what the question is before attempting to answer it. Communication skills include both speaking and listening skills, hence keep this in mind when you are giving your interviews.

Know the Job Profile

It is important to understand the job profile you are being interviewed for. You need to understand if the profile suits your abilities and talents.

Be Yourself

Fake shows up, no matter how hard you try to cover up. So don’t fake it. Be yourself and put in your best foot forward.

Maintain Eye-Contact

Always look directly at the interviewer and maintain eye to eye contact while you’re being interviewed.

Do Not be Afraid to Say No

You may be asked about something you have not heard of or know very little about. Be honest and tell the truth instead of inventing answers that you are not sure of.

At K.R. Mangalam University, we make it a point to not only provide quality education but also make sure that our students are exposed to the right jobs opportunities through our placement efforts.

To accomplish the same, we, at the K.R. Mangalam University, have established a very robust Training and Placement Department which assists all the students with the right guidance and support for internships and placements. KRMU strives to maintain and connect with the corporate sector to assist the students with their job placements and internships.

Our Training and Placement Cell has a panel of experienced and efficient faculty and staff, who put together their expertise and experience to train and prepare the students for the on-campus interviews as well as off campus drives. This department lays a special emphasis on developing the interview skills of the students by organizing mock interviews and group discussions. Workshops are conducted to keep students abreast with latest industry trends and job requirements. KRMU strives to make the right effort to make sure students get the opportunity to meet a large number of recruiters, thereby helping them in carving out a path for themselves and going forward towards a bright career and future. No wonder, K.R. Mangalam University recently received the Award for the Best Engineering College for Placements in 2017.

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