March 7, 2018

Knowing about PowerPoint Presentations has gradually grown as an essential skill set that is not only required during your study phase but also makes its way through your professional life. These slideshows are quick to produce and serve as an effective presentation tool. When they are well prepared and effectively presented, these slideshows can really work in your favor. But they can also spell disaster if not prepared effectively. PPT Presentations are meant to be visual aids and it is important that they do not turn into visual distractions.

Here are a few tips that would certainly help you out while designing your next PPT for a presentation, be it at the university or later:

  • Create consistent and simple designs. Vary the content pattern but make sure that transitions and sound effects are not overdone, which may cause a diversion from the presentation.
  • PPT Presentations are meant to retain the attention of the audience and enhance your presentation. They should not become a means of distraction. Here it is important to focus on the message not the technology.
  • Simplify and keep the number of words on each screen limited. Use essential phrases and include important information. Avoid overuse of capital letters. Over-crowding will make the slide completely useless as no one will be able to discern the meaning.
  • Use text and background smartly. Contrasting colours help to make the text readable. The use of light text on a dark background is the best format. Patterned or designed backgrounds can reduce readability of text.
  • If you are working on a professional presentation, then it is important to avoid the overuse of special effects such as animation and sounds. This may make your presentation interesting but it could impact negatively on your credibility.
  • If you must use images, then see to it that you pick good quality ones that reinforce and complement your message. It is important to keep in mind that the image you use maintains its impact and resolution when projected on a much larger screen.
  • The number of slides should be limited. Presenters using more slides than necessary will lose the attention of the audience. A good thumb rule to follow is one slide per minute.
  • Understand the tool you are using. Half-learned knowledge is never useful. Learn to navigate your presentation in a sensible and non-linear fashion. Learn to use this highly effective tool to enhance your presentation, not to distract you. Know how to move forward or backward within the presentation as and when required to emphasize a point. Sometimes even audiences may ask to repeat a point or a slide.
  • If it is possible, try having a presentation rehearsal in the venue before your actual presentation. Make sure the slides are readable for those who are sitting in the back row.
  • Be prepared for any technical breakdowns. Keep a few handouts of the presentation handy, just in case.
  • Yes, practice indeed makes one perfect and hence do stick to the phrase. Try and practice your presentation with someone who has not seen your presentation before. Ask their opinion on the font, colour combinations, and the images you have used. Take their feedback positively and rework if required.
  • An important point to remember is that these slides are meant for the audience and not the presenter. Hence it is important that you do not read from the slides. Do not have a private conversation with your slides as you make your presentation. Make sure you look at the audience as you present and not at the slides.

PowerPoint Presentations are a powerful tool to get your message across. If you use it effectively it can be a real deal-maker. So plan very carefully and take your time to research your work. While preparing for the presentation, time it carefully so that it does not exceed your time limit. If you are using sound effects, then wait till it is over before you speak again. One important thing to remember here is to know your audience. Never turn your back to the audience, adjust the system so that you can flip the slides without having to turn your back.

K.R. Mangalam University is a seat of higher learning which provides high-quality education offering both graduate and post-graduate courses. The institute focuses on practical exposures and job competencies to enhance the learning methods of students. We believe in making our students future ready and strong enough in concept learning. PowerPoint Presentations are used at the university to help the students get a hint of what the future expects from them. The students at KRMU are given a thorough understanding of the appropriate methods of making PPTs so as to convey their topic of interest.

KRMU focuses on developing special skills that are sought after in the workplace such as leadership skills, managerial skills, presentation skills, etc. The infrastructure provided meets all the requirements to make sure that the students gain the best knowledge both theoretical and practical. We have large, spacious and smart classrooms equipped with integrated audio-visual learning aids that assist students and teachers in the lectures and presentations. IT facilities are provided with latest machines integrated with the latest software to provide students with practical knowledge. The campus is Wi-Fi enabled to help provide the students with access to important and useful information anytime anywhere.  Seminar halls equipped with advanced presentation tools are made available to students for their presentations. In a nutshell, students at the K.R. Mangalam University are provided with all the facilities and the necessary training that make them rise as highly skilled and highly employable professionals of tomorrow.

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