Why Pursue BBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Why Pursue BBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management

April 15, 2023

Are you scouting for job oriented courses and academic programs after completion of your senior secondary education? Well, the courses pertaining to the business domain can equip you with the requisite skills that are a must have in today’s day and age for having a successful career. One such course is the BBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management which is undoubtedly quite a sought-after program for those from the commerce stream, or even those who would like to take a switch from science and humanities. It is a three year degree program that helps students gain a thorough understanding of the planning, execution, and control of a logistics business.

Herein it is interesting to note that the Bureau of Labor Statistics, United States has predicted that the employment rate in the logistics and supply chain management vertical shall scale by about a whopping 4% from 2019 to 2029, and well this is as fast as the average for all the other occupations. This phenomenal growth shall therefore result in approximately 27,800 new jobs in the logistics space by about 2029, and this number shall only keep increasing further.

It is important to understand that the growing demand for the logistics professionals is getting driven primarily because of globalization and e-commerce coupled with the increasing complexity of the supply chain networks. Consequently, as a result of this, the logistics companies are on a constant look out for skilled and talented workforce, to whom they’re offering competitive salaries along with several other perks in order to retain their talent.

Therefore, the scope of BBA in logistics and supply chain management is quite vast and of immense amplitude, especially for those who would like to learn and understand the inner workings of a business. Also, while there are many prospering career opportunities for individuals who successfully complete this programme, but primarily it is important to understand why to pursue BBA in logistics and supply chain management program, and if it is actually worth it. So below is a quick overview of the same.


5 Prominent Reasons Why to Pursue BBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

 High Demand in the Market:

The global impact of the catastrophic Covid-19 pandemic helped exhibit the importance of logistics and supply chain management. Supply chain and logistics are undoubtedly the cogwheels for various other sectors, and with the constantly increasing complexity of global trade, companies need professionals who possess a sound understanding of the logistics and supply chain management process. Therefore a career in supply chain management and logistics is sure going to be a flourishing one as the hands-on program is in quite high demand in the market.

Flexibility with Diverse Career Opportunities:

BBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management can open doors to innumerable career opportunities in various different sectors such as manufacturing, retail, logistics and transportation. An individual could undertake different well paying roles such as that of a logistics manager, operations manager, supply chain analyst, or procurement specialist. The program also offers great flexibility as individuals get to explore and work in different sectors such as retail, manufacturing, transportation, and logistics.

Highly Competitive Remuneration:

BBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management salary is quite rewarding, to say the very least. Professionals holding a degree in BBA Logistics are really in great demand and the companies are therefore willing to offer higher salaries to these professionals as compared to those working in other fields. A senior logistics manager can easily earn upwards of Rs. 10 lakhs per year or even more. Also, with time and experience, their remuneration increases exponentially in this field.

Versatile Learning Curve with Continuous Growth:

A career in supply chain management is one of perennial growth with an incredible learning curve as the industry keeps evolving and there is therefore always a scope to learn and imbibe something new. Such professionals are therefore always abreast with the latest trends and developments in their industry, and rest assured, their work is not just highly rewarding but is also quite impactful. Herein it is interesting to note that the Association for Supply Chain Management (APICS) compiled a report in 2017 that expounded that professionals consider a career in supply chain management as an opportunity for growth and personal development.

 International Travel with Overseas Opportunities:

Several logistics jobs require frequent international travel. While these trips definitely entail work over leisure, but having that said, such opportunities further open the doorways to exploring and learning international business. It also invariably offers great networking opportunities with a global market perspective and this is particularly desirable for those who are keen on working in an international setting or with a multinational company.

And well there are innumerable other reasons too, such as the development of transferable skills, social impact,x and personal growth, but that being said, the prospect for a deeply rewarding career should be any budding logistician’s primary reason for pursuing a career in supply chain management.

The scope of BBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is truly limitless and this is an excellent career choice for those who would like to work in a dynamic field.

Now for those who are still baffled and would like to take a deep dive and understand the course further, here’s a run-through of the BBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management Syllabus.

BBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management Syllabus:

The BBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a three-year undergraduate program that a student could take up after the successful completion of his higher secondary school. The course is meticulously divided over six semesters covering all the major subjects such as the basics of logistics and supply chain management, accounting, economics, computing, inventory, surface transportation, legal aspects, and the like. Students, therefore, get enough time to learn each of these crucial subjects to a tee over a course of three years.

This program is apt for students who would like to stand up against challenges posed by today’s prevalent global business landscape, and thereby make an impact in shaping our society. The course is for those who endeavor to become real changemakers in the logistics and supply chain industry, thereby revolutionizing businesses. Also, needless to say, BBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management offer immense exposure to the business world.

We at KR Mangalam offer a one-of-its-kind, holistic course in BBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Our unique degree program is a meticulous mix of intense subject knowledge along with the mandatory practical skills that we work hard upon for each of our students as the same is required for enhancing their career prospects. Our program is a fine blend of rigorous classroom education with practical knowhow and immense exposure, and we thus utilize the best global practices in education, endeavoring to shape leaders of the future.

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