June 30, 2020

Management is considered to be one of the most rewarding career options these days. If you are thinking of pursuing a study in management, the potential in the domain is enormous. Efficient and productive operations of any organization require professional and expert managers. Without a skilled manager, no business organization can shine bright. However, when it comes to performance leading to productive results, it is not the managers who do the jobs, but the team of professionals who work under a manager. Hence, the team is the foundation for the efficient functioning of the managerial apparatus.

If a manager is capable enough to drive a team efficiently and with enthusiasm, the projects handled by the manager are kore likely to lead to success every time. On the flip side, lack of team management and team handling skills in a manager may result in flawed outputs despite the best efforts invested. Hence, team building is the core to the apt functioning of an organization and the key to success for a manager. Here are some aspects associated with team handling that make it one of the most vital skills for any manager:

Builds Strong and Effective Communication

Team building refers to enhancing cohesion and compatibility between the members of a team. If a team bond well, it naturally enhances the scope and quality of communication and collaboration amongst the team members. A project needs all-round supervision and every team member plays a critical role in determining its successful completion. Therefore, communication between the team members becomes essential to get a job done flawlessly. A well-structured and adhered team always maximizes on the scope of healthy communications, thereby optimizing the results and adding credits to the potential of a manager.

Instills the Spirit of Working Towards a Common Goal

When team bonding is strong enough, the individual members of a team do not think of them to be separate identities, instead, they consider themselves to be an integral part of the collective system working towards achieving a common goal. This attitude towards work and performance helps them overcome any hurdle easily with mass participation. No one remains secluded thinking the problem to be of someone else’s. A well-bonded team always considers any obstacle as a common problem for all and work together towards solving it.

Aids in Trust Building among the Team and with the Management

If a manager has to work efficiently with a team, the gulf of trust between the management and employees must be mended. With communication gaps between the manager and the team members, no job can be done properly as the team of employees working under a manager may find the orders and policies less trustworthy if not communicated with details. This, in turn, can lead to a certain amount of restlessness in the team and the working environment, which is detrimental to the health of corporate functioning. Hence, an able manager should always strive to keep the team bonding strong by maintaining transparency and clear communication among the members.

Builds Motivationamong the Employees

Strong team bonding is highly effective in driving motivation among the employees. A strong team always represents an efficient manager behind it. If a team member succeeds in a job, the rest will also draw motivation from him/her if the team bonding is strong enough. Otherwise, there might grow a sense of competitiveness and jealousy, which again is undesirable for corporate operations. Team bonding helps the members receive motivation from the good deeds of others.

We, at the K.R. Mangalam University, recognized among the top MBA colleges in Gurgaon, firmly believe that cooperative skills and mutual progress is what drives a business towards success, and it is the ability of a manager to bond his/her team to drive the results. A manager is as good as his/her team. This is why just as much as academic and practical prowess matters in the field of management, skills to keep the team bonded together are also a crucial aspect that management professionals should know. Management students at KRMU are provided with industry exposure and hands-on experience where they get to learn the right way to address the teams in a real-world corporate atmosphere. It is a team that supports the managers to grow and prosper. Our students understand the same and know how to utilize their knowledge, acumen, and team bonding skills to attain immense success in their ventures ahead.

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