March 22, 2020

Journalism undoubtedly appears to be one of the hottest trends in the professional sphere today. A substantial percentage of the youth and millennials are choosing to prefer ‘journalism’ as their ideal industry of profession. The reason why journalism has come to light even more significantly in the twenty-first century is because of evolution and advancements. The art of journalism and reporting is no longer confined to collecting mere data, news, and information. The expressions of today’s professionals in the field of journalism have become much more opinionative, valiant, and unbiased. The significance of media is growing in all aspects of industries, society, as well as human lives, reviving as a necessity. So today, let us take a look at some of the justifications that demonstrate why journalism is an important career option for the aspiring youths of the 21st century.

Journalism in the Modern World is More Versatile than Ever Before

As said by Suzanne Chandler, one of the most popular broadcast journalists and photojournalists who hasspent more than 35 years in the industry, aspiring journalists have immense opportunities to interact and communicate with the audiences in today’s time. There are about 27,831 plus TV channels on a global basis, whereas there existed only a few back in time. Print media have always been a significant medium in journalism, and in the twenty-first century, the versatility in print media is also expanding. Journalists can choose to work in their interested areas such as campus, lifestyle, film reviews, feature writing, which were quite rare even a few years ago.

Another trend that deserves mention in this scenario is online journalism. The power of online journalism is only at a rise when demonstrating journalism as a career in the twenty-first century. There is no lack of career opportunities in journalism today. Some of the most trending career lines includecontent marketing, copywriting, editing, public relations specialists, grant writers, social media managers, and many more. With such an exciting, forked, and creative pathway ahead, the youth of today can easily choose to turn away from mere traditional journalism and get into the more interesting facets of journalism.

Modern Journalism – A Highly Lucrative Industry

With the emergence of new roles and responsibilities, the field is opening new pathways for professionals to elevate their existing incomes and for aspiring professionals to attract lucrative career opportunities. Today, some of the highest-paying jobs in the field of journalism include Social media planning, news editing, freelance writing, news producing, etc. Some of the names that can claim a tag in the list of highest-paid journalists in the country may include RajdeepSardesai, Ravish Kumar, and Arnab Goswami, among others. The earning potential of Journalists in India can range from INR 20,000 to INR 60,000 at the initial level and goes higher up with experience and performance. A lot of the remuneration percentage depends on the brand you are working for, where you are located, what your covering responsibilities are, and definitely your years of experience.

A Sense of Independence & Impartial Reporting – A Forte of the 21st-Century Youth

The twenty-first century is one of the most advancing and revolutionary eras, but along with that, it also brings certain unavoidable gloom. The percentage of injustice and violence is constantly increasing. In such scenarios, the journalists never have had a choice to express in the earlier years. However, media houses treat their journalists differently nowadays. Impartial journalism and a sense of independence are norms in the modern world of journalism. Not being influenced by any corrupted handiwork and projecting independent intentions is the theme today. Journalists in news firms are not allowed or pressurised to be partial regarding their work for any political or environmental reasons.

All said and done,a career in journalism is certainly a challenging one, yet is lucrative, rewarding, and offers a sense of individuality and independence. It is this aspect of journalism that makes the arena a highly competitive one. Hence, if you wish to hone your skills on market-level and stand out from the rest with a competitive edge, it is essential you join journalism education from a reputed institute. The K.R. MangalamSchool of Journalism is one of the leading Master in Journalism & Mass Communication Colleges in Haryana, India that has been established to enable the aspirants to master different fields in Journalism.  The program covers industry aspects such as radio production, video production, reporting techniques, PR skills, and much more that’s essential to thrive in the industry. Join KRMU and get trained to kick start your career in journalism.

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