February 6, 2024

The general perception attributable to pedagogy is that what the scholars get upon passing from a specific school or a university is an academic degree. But the fact is that colleges and universities are not just places offering solely academic education but they actually form the foundation for the future professional and personal development of the student. Education and professional success are intimately linked with each other and this is why quality education is considered to be the key to a successful professional life. This is the prime reason that puts a lot of weight on pursuing education from a reputed institution that can promote academic excellence and skills enhancement in students and endow them with great placements and research opportunities.

In the current scenario in India, the involvement of private sector in higher education has taken the lead in providing quality academic education that enables the students to lead the competition. It is estimated that over 60 percent of higher education institution in India is promoted by private sectors, attracting 59% of student enrolments. Reports suggest that as of 2011, Indian higher education system was spread over 275 state universities, 42 central universities, 130 deemed universities, and 90 private universities. ( Even though the government is taking ample of initiatives by encouraging public-private partnerships and making tremendous efforts to promote quality higher education, the private universities are on the surge with ambitious plans to ensure the reach of quality higher education across the country. K.R. Mangalam University is one such enviable name in the world of education that has been consistently excelling in the quality of education standards, owing to which the university has also attracted several awards and accolades for being the best private university in the country.

K.R. Mangalam – An Esteemed Name in the Education World

The K.R. Mangalam University, a state-owned private university, located in Haryana, is one of the premier organizations, emphasizing on quality higher education. The university visions to develop a world-class education system and to create an international impact through the dissemination of knowledge. To pursue its vision of achieving excellence in education, K.R. Mangalam University has been consistently working towards renovating the lives of students by nurturing and rewarding their skills, talent, and abilities through knowledge, collaboration, and partnership. The university also undertakes world-class research as a means to bring out a niche of innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity in students.

At K.R. Mangalam University, we impart undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral education in distinguished areas of higher education. Our disciplines include Engineering, Law, Basic & Applied Sciences, Management and Commerce, Journalism & Mass Communication, Medical & Allied Sciences, Architecture & Planning, Fashion, Humanities, and Education along with Ph. D. Programmes.

Featured as one of the leading universities in India, K.R. Mangalam University provides job oriented professional education, focusing on global needs and expectations of the industry. KRMU undertakes research programs with the industrial interface, thereby, offering a conducive environment to impart research skills with advanced knowledge. The university’s approach towards Research and Development lays the foundation for creativity and innovation in students. Furthermore, the teaching methodologies, curriculum, and research facilities at KRMU integrate its growth with global standards.

At KRMU, the exchange and collaborative programs with international and Indian universities targets to expand the students’ learning experience, faculty development, and research contributions. Academic collaborations are a way to bring in a global outreach facilitating a rewarding cross-cultural learning experience and research-based accomplishment for the students.

Role of KRMU in Students’ Development:

K.R. Mangalam Institute takes pride in its modern infrastructure, highly-qualified faculty members, and a holistic approach to pedagogy. The primary focus lies in equipping the students with knowledge, skills, and attitude that forms the key part of their employability quotient, and thus, prepares them to emerge as capable achievers in the corporate world. The research, training, and consultancy programmes conducted at the university aid to groom and polish the students in terms of professional excellence in all endeavors and enables them to stand ahead of the competition in the job market. To impart the students with a distinct hands-on and multi-disciplinary learning experience, the university brings together outstanding academicians, researchers, and industry experts who can mentor and guide the students on the path to success.

The undergraduate and postgraduate courses at KRMU have been deliberately sculpted to impart the students with intensive domain knowledge and training with respect to the industry standards and practices. KRMU targets to build a strong domain expertise in students so that when they enter the actual corporate world post their studies, they would easily be able to adjust and work efficiently in the dynamic professional environment. The university has also formed strategic associations with internationally acclaimed institutions and academic bodies with the aim of expediting the knowledge acquisition and augment the quality of education dissemination to students. The curriculum has been structured in such a way that it not only provides the students the necessary academic knowledge but also the needed skills, abilities, and hands-on knowledge that boost their employability and enable them to meet the organizational demands. The focus is also laid on the practical application of concepts and creativity to foster novel ideas and wisdom that facilitate the transformation of students into future innovators and entrepreneurs. At KR Mangalam University, we strive to increase the potential of theoretical knowledge and researching capabilities in students through research assignments, projects, case studies, and other academic programs that serves to cast them into academically sound and practically proficient employees.

The task of providing the students with a strong start in the industry is also well taken care of by the training and placement cell at the K.R. Mangalam University. The cell endlessly works towards bridging the gap between the demand and availability of skilled professionals in the industry. This enables our students to prove their mettle in the corporate world while benefitting the recruiters to select from the large pool of able candidates.

Having earned an enviable name in the education sector, K.R. Mangalam University has been successfully creating its place as the preferred education destination in the country. The blend of advanced curriculum, accomplished faculty, practical exposure, industry-relevant innovation, and uncompromising standards of education is what makes the students at KRMU attain a cutting edge above the rest. Irrespective of the field of higher education, be it engineering, management, fashion, law, humanities, or any other, we always strive to carve our students into capable professionals with actionable intelligence to lead the competitive world.

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