Promising Jobs After MBA in Marketing

Promising Jobs After MBA in Marketing

February 6, 2023

Jobs after doing MBA in Marketing: This post-graduate programme paves the way to explore multiple career paths such as brand management, media management, product management, retailing management so on and so forth. An MBA in marketing graduate with excellent skills in communicating effectively, negotiating, analysing, strategy-making, and data interpretation with knowledge of technology will automatically attract the job market.

Before going on to the jobs after MBA in marketing part let’s first understand why marketing is an integral part of building a business into a giant.

Significance of Marketing in a Business Expansion

Marketing helps the brand to be recognised by the population as the best option. Also, smartly said by The father of Modern Marketing Philip Kotler “The art of marketing is the art of brand building”. Thus this is enough to conclude that marketing will stay forever side by side and will give rise to more job opportunities and unimaginable growth in career.

Increasing Consumer Engagement

In marketing, consumer engagement is crucial thing to making the product and brand name known and selling the product. So, the use of interesting content adds value to their experience which makes them keep your business upfront in their minds.

Maintaining a Positive Brand Image

Marketing helps in maintaining a business reputation by developing strategies for promotion and simultaneously maintaining online ratings, testimonials, reviews of different platforms etc.

Increasing Product sale

Marketing aids in speaking the features and advantages of a product to a large mass which eventually leads to rising product sales.

Strategizing Business Moves Based on Facts

Marketing lets to know whether the laid-out business strategies and campaigns are helpful or not. From this fact-based stats and insights into the market can be taken to form new productive plans.

Familiarizing Consumers with New Products

Through various marketing practices, a business can announce and familiarize existing consumers regarding newly created and upcoming products.

Highly-Paid Jobs After Doing MBA in Marketing

Below-mentioned jobs after MBA in Marketing are very crucial for a business to progress because they have the same aim to make the business more and more profitable. Developing, planning and implementing strategies and tactics to raise brand awareness to increase product sales is the purpose of all. Let’s read about their roles and responsibilities in detail:

Business Development Manager

Brand managers are professionals who oversee business operations to find any deficient points in the business operations in order to make it function systematically. Business development managers strategize plans to make a reputation and position in the targeted areas of the market. They also find out the opportunities in the market where the business should expand and at the same time oversee consumer satisfaction.

Work Duties

  • Finding out areas for improvement to make a business operate smoothly and productively
  • Developing plans to increase the sales
  • Staying updated on new trends and changes in the business market
  • Overseeing business campaigns and attending related meetings
  • Training the teams and reminding them of the business goals


The average earnings of a business development manager in India are 5 Lakhs per annum with above 6 years of experience they can earn 15 lakhs annually.

Brand Manager

Brand Managers are responsible for developing and maintaining a brand image across various platforms by effectively communicating that provided goods & services have value for money. Simultaneously gathering insights by studying consumer reviews or feedback and implementing changes accordingly. They plan attractive brand strategies and marketing campaigns for advertising and promoting the products. They carry out market research surveys that mainly focus on the factors that effects the demand for a product like competition, pricing, substitute products and other economic activities.

Work Duties

  • Liaising with the sales manager, social media manager, graphic team, advertising manager and Customer Relation manager
  • Conducting consumer and market research activities
  • Figuring out ideas to keep up products with ongoing trends
  • Creating and delivering marketing campaign reports
  • Overseeing brand position on all types of platforms


The salary of Brand managers in India ranges between 3.3 lacs to 31 lacs.

Customer Relation Manager

Customer Relations Managers are experts who are responsible for maintaining long-term relationships with the key customers of a business. They oversee consumer satisfaction, responses to feedback and query. They are in charge of finding and engaging new potential customers with products.

Work Duties

  • Fostering a profitable relationship with customers
  • Use CRM programmes for conducting business reviews
  • Find out new customers and areas
  • Collaborating with the sales team for revenue generation
  • Developing solutions for customer’s issues


In India, customer relationship managers can earn between 1.4 lacs to 6.5 lacs.

Sales Manager

Sales managers’ roles and responsibilities depend on the size of the business but most importantly their primary task is to lead the sales team at the same time meeting the sales target. Making sure that all the benefits of the product are being conveyed in interesting ways during cold calls. Tracking the team’s performance to make detailed sales reports.

Work Duties

  • Recruiting and training employees to develop a sales team
  • Motivating the team to meet the number of leads
  • Creating, maintaining and delivering sales reports to the upper management
  • Updating the team with new goals
  • Acknowledging the client’s concerns and working on it


As a sales manager, the salary can range between 4 lakhs to 12 lakhs in India.

SEO Manager

SEO managers are part of digital marketing and lead a team of SEO experts by working on raising traffic for a business on different social media platforms. Analyzing the online content to implement changes by conveying it to the content team, graphic team and web developers to gather more traffic.

Work Duties

  • Off-page and on-page SEO activities
  • Co-operating with the content team, graphic team and web developers
  • Performing Keywords research
  • Creating SEO Strategies or tactics
  • Optimizing Website content and design


The salary of an SEO manager in India ranges between 4 lakhs to 15 lakhs.

Social Media Manager

Just like the name suggest social media manager handles the online presence of a business or brand on social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, etc. They run social media campaigns by posting attractive, useful and informational content to drive engagement.

Work Duties

  • Deep research into the social media market
  • Increasing followers and engagement in the account
  • Engaging followers by overseeing the like, comment and share ratio
  • Strategizing plans and techniques for content and campaigns
  • Posting trendy and interesting posts


The salary of a social media manager in India starts from 4 lacs and can go up to 10 lacs or even higher.

Email Marketing Manager

Jobs in Marketing After MBA as an Email Marketing managers is creating and executing e-marketing campaigns. Apart from this, they ensure that precise and correct information is being communicated through emails to customers. They work on increasing email subscriptions and maintaining relationships with existing subscribers.

Work Duties

  • Creating CTA’s for e-mail templates
  • Assess campaign performance and apply new improvements if needed
  • Compose interesting newsletters in the needed frequency
  • Collaborating with marketing teams
  • Set up plans to increase email subscriptions


E-mail marketing managers in India can earn up to 16 lacs annually which demands a minimum of 7 years of experience.

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