October 4, 2020

The pandemic raised by COVID 19 is often referred to as a defining moment for industries around the globe. Organizations are constantly struggling to cope with unforeseen impacts of the COVID 19 outbreak while leaders are picturing a future reconstructed and reshaped in the post-pandemic phase. The pre-COVID reality is far from making its way back to us anytime soon, and it is time the world begins to blend into the ‘New Normal’ painted by the calamity.

There is no denying that almost all industries directly or indirectly have fallen prey to the COVID 19 pandemic. However, the story of the industry of medicines and health is slightly different. It is undergoing something that can be referred to as a mixed experience of profit and burden. With the instantaneous rush in patient admission, need for advanced resources, and newer means of operation, there are many new paradigms and trends camouflaging the healthcare industry in the COVID 19 crisis. This is putting the existing dynamics of the entire healthcare industry in a rather prompt evolving cycle.

The unexpected evolutions in the health-care platform are making the health management system and its professionals approach practices in different ways. Organizations are focusing on virtual healthcare at present stepping out from the conventional systems, which is giving rise to the concept of remote employment systems. Likewise, there are a lot more innovative and evolved ways of working that have been adopted by the healthcare sector. In this article today, we, at K.R. Mangalam University, one among the top pharmacy colleges in Haryana, will elaborate on some of the new-age practices that are likely to take over the healthcare sector in the post-pandemic phase.

The significant up-scaling of the virtual care capacity

As per the surveys, about 70,000 patient logins and more than a million messages have appeared during the very first month of the pandemic outbreak. The percentage of virtual visits was approximately 10 to 15 times more than that of the pre-pandemic levels. A substantial number of patients have been willing to contact health professionals through digital mediums, which has, in fact, raised the pressure on the front-line health workers, allied health workers and practitioners a lot more than ever before.

Telehealth services – The new face of medical check-ups

Several health organizations are switching to self-triaging tools to initiate self-check-up of COVID symptoms for patients. Everyday more and more medical specialties, doctors, and health systems are offering benefits of telehealth through advanced technology to patients. For instance, any senior citizen who is recovering in post-acute care can now obtain an on-camera health consultation without financial and physical toll of travel. We know not all patients can afford high-speed web coverage to support seamless telehealth service experience or specific applications. However, the advanced telehealth technology that is being implemented in the health industry can be compatible with the most basic internet coverage, devices, OS and digital applications for the convenience of patients.

EMR – Replacing conventional medical documentation methods

Apart from the aforementioned trends, the conventional system of medical documentation is also being replaced by EMR. Electronic medical records are digitized versions of medical data and history that gets added with each patient visit. EMR is serving as a benefit to both the health care industry and its patients.

As evident, with the evolving dynamics and ways of the medical industry, the new age health aspirants shall need to step out of the old and existing medical practices. The industry is currently in need of innovators and reformers who can add value and cope with the currently emerging intricacies of the industry.

To that end, the Bachelor of Pharmacy program offered by the School of Medical and Allied Sciences at K.R. Mangalam University is one of the ideal platforms to explore your potential. The program is specifically designed for imparting the latest skills and knowledge that are relevant to industry-centric pharmaceutical sciences in modern healthcare. So go ahead and pave a path to an unshakable career in the healthcare industry of the nation by exploring advanced educational journeys from the campus of KRMU.

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