February 21, 2019

Technology has taken the world by a storm, and the very latest addition to this whirlwind has been the Robotics engineering. As the word suggests, Robotics is more like a blend of artificial intelligence with computer intelligence. By the advent of this technology, Robots are crafted out of high-end technological assimilations to perform multiple functions like manufacturing, maintenance, transportation, and much more. This is why, we at the K.R. Mangalam University, a Top Ranked Engineering University in Haryana, firmly believe with the capacity to multitask and the potential to replace human efforts effectively, robotics engineering surely has a promising future ahead. The prospects in the domain are very bright, and those who opt for robotics as a career field will be surely showered with ample of opportunities to shine in the career.

Opportunities in Space Research

So far, the history of space research unfolds the fact that specially trained astronauts were sent to space for research requirements, explorations, and maintenance of spacecraft that definitely involved a chance of loss of life. With the robotic technology in place, we can now expect a batch of robots performing the same on behalf of the scientists which in turn also reduces the lifetime risk of people associated with such work. Hence, Robotics is surely the next thing in space research and will have ample opportunities for aspirants looking to make a career in robotic engineering studies.

Scope in the Domain of Graphics Development

Gaming is a popular choice these days. With the massive response that the gaming industry has managed to earn over the years, it is pretty evident that the gaming industry has a huge potential for those looking to be a part of it. Application of artificial intelligence along with the robotics has already become an integral part of the game development process. If you are willing to pursue your higher studies in Robotics engineering, the graphics world is a potential place where you can get accommodated.

Defense Services Can be a Welcoming Sector

When it comes to warfare, soldiers at the frontier are the ones who sacrifice their lives in order to protect the mass. However, if human soldiers can be replaced with robots, loss of life would become much less. Also, the warfare would also not suffer as the robots will function impeccably. But there must be efficient people who design and manage the robots properly. This is exactly where the role of robotics engineers enters the scenario. Hence, defense services can be a great option where the future Robotics Engineers can find their way in.

Healthcare –APromising Domain for Robotics Engineers

If there is one industry that would be benefitting the most from the wonders of robotics engineering, it is definitely healthcare. There are already surgeries being done with the assistance of robots and the outcomes are mind-blowing. By incorporating robots and relying on their accuracy and precision, even the toughest of surgeries can be successfully done. Many leading healthcare organizations abroad have already adopted robots for use in surgical procedures and their adoption is gradually spreading to all over the world.

Use of Robots in Civil Engineering Practices

There are works related to the heavy construction projects under civil engineers that need perfect execution. For a human, it becomes difficult and tedious sometimes to perform those. But a robot can do all of them flawlessly. Hence, application of Robotic engineering is the future for civil engineering practices as well.

We, at the K.R. Mangalam University, recognized as the Best University in Gurgaon, understand the value of next-generation technologies and have evolved a process of sustainable learning that will make the students aware of the tit-bits of technology keeping harmony with the ecology. the overall learning experience of the students and will enable them to evaluate as well as have a deep insight into Robotics Engineering as a career domain.

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