Why Choose A Career in BBA in Marketing

Why Choose A Career in BBA in Marketing

December 9, 2022

BBA in Marketing is one of the most popular courses among 12th commerce pass-outs who desire to study management courses. One of the major reasons for this is the ample amount of jobs after bba in marketing management. A career in BBA in Marketing can offer a wide range of career opportunities that are both personally and professionally rewarding. Additionally, the marketing field is constantly evolving, making it an exciting and challenging career choice.

Read this blog that talks about Why Choose A Career in BBA in Marketing including benefits, job opportunities and salary package.


What is BBA in Marketing?

BBA in Marketing is a specialized Bachelor of Business Administration degree program focused on the principles of marketing, including market research, product development, advertising, and public relations. The curriculum for a BBA in Marketing includes courses in economics, accounting, finance, management, and marketing research, as well as courses specific to marketing such as consumer behaviour, sales and digital marketing.


BBA in Marketing: Subjects

  • Business Applications of Economics
  • Management Thought and Applications
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Laws Governing Companies in India
  • Mathematical Analysis of Business Situations
  • Macro Economic Dynamics
  • Introduction to Computers & IT, Office Automation
  • Human Capital Management
  • Production and Operations Management
  • Laws Governing Business in India
  • Marketing for Contemporary Business
  • Business Statistics
  • E-Commerce
  • Financial Decision Making
  • Taxation for Managers
  • Management Information System
  • Strategic Orientation for Business
  • Business Environment in India


Why Pursue BBA in Marketing After 12th

BBA in Marketing is 3 years bachelor’s degree that studies marketing, financial and management aspects of a business. There are many benefits to why you should pursue BBA in Marketing After the 12th. Below are the main three reasons why you should invest your money and time in this excellent course:


Massively Growing Demand

Marketing is a major part of every organisation, company and business growth. For example, since the digitization of businesses digital marketing has become an integral part of marketing. Familiarizing the population with your products and services through digital platforms that’s what digital marketers do.

Opportunities to Utilize Potential in Various Industries

After completing your BBA in Marketing you have job opportunities in different industries and businesses. Every organisation has their own way of pursuing different tasks, different procedures and management systems. So completing this undergraduate course will make you capable and highly equipped with all the essential knowledge and skills needed to adapt to different industries/sectors.

Escalates Creativity to Next Level

Marketing is a highly creative field where you need to bring out and implement new creative ideas and strategies to beat competitors. In this field, you need to have divergent thinking to tackle and make positive growth from market problems. So these above reasons are enough to speculate that working as a marketer will upgrade your creative thinking skills.


Jobs after BBA in Marketing

With a BBA in Marketing, you can pursue a variety of jobs. Some of the most common job roles include Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Product Manager, Social Media Manager, and Market Research Analyst. All of these roles require a thorough understanding of marketing principles, an ability to analyze data, and excellent communication and organizational skills. Let’s read what these job profiles are about and their roles&responsibilities.


BBA in Marketing Jobs: Marketing Manager

A Marketing Manager is considered the best option among the Jobs after BBA in Marketing. They are responsible for planning, organizing, and directing the marketing activities of a business. They create and implement marketing strategies to reach target audiences, increase brand awareness, and drive sales.

They also oversee the budgeting and control of marketing resources, as well as manage staff and external vendors. Marketing Managers are also responsible for analyzing data, tracking progress, and adjusting strategies as needed.

They must be creative, analytical, and organized in order to effectively carry out their duties. They must also be able to work with different departments and teams to ensure that marketing efforts are consistent and successful. With the right skills and knowledge, a Marketing Manager can be a valuable asset to any organization.


BBA in Marketing Jobs: Sales Manager

A Sales Manager is responsible for helping their team reach their sales goals. This involves developing strategies to increase sales, communicating those strategies to the team, and providing ongoing support and motivation. They must be able to lead and motivate their team, resolve conflicts, and be able to build and maintain relationships with customers.

They must also be knowledgeable about their product or service, be able to problem solve, and have excellent communication and negotiation skills. A Sales Manager should also have a comprehensive understanding of their company’s sales processes and be able to analyze data and trends to help make decisions and drive sales.

They must be organized and able to multitask and prioritize tasks in a fast-paced environment. A Sales Manager should also be skilled in motivating and coaching their team, while also providing direction and feedback. They must also be able to develop relationships and establish trust with customers. Lastly, they must be able to create and implement effective sales plans and strategies to help their team reach their goals.


BBA in Marketing Jobs: Social Media Manager

A Social Media Manager is an individual who is responsible for managing different social media accounts on behalf of a company or organization. They are in charge of creating and posting content, engaging with followers, responding to comments and messages, and monitoring the analytics of the accounts.

A Social Media Manager is a crucial role in any organization that is utilizing social media as a tool to reach its target audience. It is their job to ensure that the company’s message is successfully conveyed to the public and to build relationships with potential customers.

They must have excellent communication skills, be knowledgeable in the latest trends, and be able to multitask efficiently. As a Social Media Manager, you will be responsible for building the company’s brand and reputation online, as well as providing customer service. Ultimately, your goal is to grow the company’s social media presence and reach.


BBA in Marketing Jobs: Market Research Analyst

A Market Research Analyst is a professional responsible for gathering and studying market data to help businesses understand customer needs and behaviours. They use data to determine market trends, identify potential customers, and develop strategies to increase sales.

Market Research Analysts use a variety of methods, such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, and market analysis, to collect the data they need. They then analyze the data to determine customer preferences, identify target markets, and evaluate potential products or services.

They also provide reports to their clients to help them understand customer trends and make informed decisions. Market Research Analysts play an important role in helping businesses create successful marketing and sales strategies.


BBA in Marketing Jobs: Public Relations Specialist

A Public Relations Specialist is an important job in the public relations and marketing industry. They are responsible for creating and maintaining relationships with the public, media, and other stakeholders.

They are also responsible for developing and implementing public relations campaigns and strategies. Public Relations Specialists must have excellent communication, writing, and organizational skills, as well as the ability to think strategically and creatively. They must be able to quickly understand complex topics and present them in an engaging manner. They must also be able to juggle multiple tasks and projects at once.

Public Relations Specialists must have an understanding of the media landscape and be able to identify emerging trends and opportunities. They must be able to create compelling stories that capture the attention of the public and media. They must be able to manage the public’s perception of a company or organization and ensure that it is always presented positively.


BBA in Marketing Jobs: Account Manager

An Account Manager is a professional who is responsible for managing customer relationships and ensuring customer satisfaction. They work to ensure that customers are provided with the best possible service, while also meeting their business goals.

Account Managers are responsible for developing and executing strategies to increase customer loyalty and revenue growth. They focus on developing relationships with customers and providing them with the necessary support.

They also need to be able to resolve any customer issues and help them maximize their return on investment. A successful Account Manager must have excellent communication, customer service, and problem-solving skills.

They should also be able to develop and maintain relationships with customers. Additionally, Account Managers need to be able to stay organized and be able to work independently. Account Managers must also be able to adapt to changing customer needs and trends in order to remain successful.


BBA in Marketing Jobs: Product Manager

A Product Manager is a professional role responsible for the development and management of products and services.

They are involved in the entire product lifecycle, from concept to launch and beyond. Product Managers are expected to have a deep understanding of their target market, including customer needs and preferences, and to be able to use this understanding to create successful products.

Product Managers must also be able to manage multiple projects, coordinate with cross-functional teams, and ensure that products meet all expectations.


BBA in Marketing Jobs: Brand Manager

A Brand Manager in a Marketing Job is a professional who oversees the development and promotion of a brand. They work with marketing teams to develop strategies and campaigns to reach target audiences and increase brand awareness. They are also responsible for the overall management of the brand, from product and pricing to distribution and promotion.

They analyze market trends, customer feedback, and competitor activities to ensure the brand is meeting its goals. They also work with various departments to ensure the brand is properly represented in all aspects of the business.

A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Marketing is an excellent way to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in this role.


BBA in Marketing Salary

The Salary for freshers after BBA in Marketing in India is quite good. Depending on the individual’s skills and experience, a BBA in Marketing graduate can expect to become a junior manager or a mid-level marketing manager. In India you can expect to earn anywhere from Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 7 lakhs annually on an average level. With experience, this salary can further increase. Many multinational companies in India offer attractive packages to BBA graduates in Marketing.


Why you should Study BBA in Marketing From K.R.Mangalam University

K.R. Mangalam University is a renowned university for BBA specialisation courses. The university provides has a qualified group of faculty who also hold real-world experience. Here, bba students get enough exposure and facilities such as webinars with industry experts, industry visits, fully equipped computer labs, ios labs etc. The faculties also focus on building several skills in students like communications skills, analytical skills, Public speaking, stress management, time management, self-management and many others.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What are the bba in marketing scope?

Ans. After completing your BBA in Marketing management you can work in the business and marketing sectors.

Q2. How much is bba marketing salary after graduating freshers?

Ans. After completing your BBA in Finance you can expect a salary between INR 48,000 to INR 60000 per month.

Q3. What are the bba in marketing subjects?

Ans. In BBA Marketing 3 years course duration you will study topics like Business Applications of Economics, Management Thought and Applications, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Mathematical Analysis of Business Situations etc. Click this link to read All the BBA in Marketing subjects.

Q4. What is the scope of a BBA in Marketing? 

Ans. This 4 years bachelor’s degree programme will provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a variety of marketing-related positions like a brand manager, product manager, account manager, public relation specialist and many more.

Q5. What skills are needed to pursue a BBA in Marketing? 

Ans. If you’re interested in pursuing a BBA in Marketing then you should possess strong communication, creativity, problem-solving, and analytical skills. Additionally, a little knowledge of digital marketing, SEO, and other marketing-related topics is also beneficial.

Q6. What type of job can I get with a BBA in Marketing? 

Ans. With a BBA in Marketing can pursue a variety of marketing-related jobs, such as marketing coordinator, product manager, brand manager, digital marketer, and SEO specialist.

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