September 12, 2019

Technology has invaded every sphere of our lives. Be it the domestic environment or the industrial arena; nothing has remained untouched by the advent of technology and its innovations. The industry today has largely become dependent on the use of technology and is experiencing a paradigm shift in operations therein. Every industry, regardless of its nature, has adapted to the new methods aligned with technical advancements. Be it the education sector or the healthcare industry, every industrial sector has accepted and welcomed the latest innovations. Thus, to strengthen the roots and to ensure a bright career in any of the fields in the 21st-century world, acquiring technical skills has become more of a necessity for every ambitious mind.

The professional sphere has already shown a tendency towards adopting some fresh technologies which are expected to survive the market-expectation to rule the market for long. Having knowledge about these technologies can surely add an edge to your competence, making you apt for the industry. We are sharing in this article below some of the vital technical skills that are instrumental to thrive in the modern corporate world.

Cloud Computing

Skills in cloud computing are going to be the next most demanded thing in not only the IT industry but almost every industry in the coming years. With the introduction of cloud technology, the perception of several applications has changed drastically. It has dramatically impacted the functioning of cybersecurity, networking, data analytics, project management, and many other fields of operations. Moreover, AI and IoT applications have become easier to be integrated and managed with the help of cloud technology. With the market trending towards AI and IoT, the future will most likely witness a soaring demand in cloud computing. Therefore knowledge in cloud computing is one of the most demanded skills in the market today, and according to the speculations, the cloud service market will grow at a pace of 17.3% within another year. Hence, grabbing some knowledge in cloud computing today will surely add value to your future.

SEO Marketing

No business today can dream of surviving the market competition without effective marketing plans. The best marketing channels today are considered to be social media platforms and browsing platforms. Search Engine Optimization is the tool that is ruling the market with might and efficiency and will continue to retain control for the years to come. If you wish to make your skills relevant to modern times and demanded by the recruiters, grabbing some knowledge of SEO marketing would be a smart choice.

Data Analytics

The world today relies on data. Businesses of varying scope and size are increasingly turning data-dependent. Hence, the better grasp you have over the concepts of data management and analytics, the higher the chances are of you getting noticed by the employers. Knowing data analytics in detail will not only validate your credibility as per the demands of the modern job market but will also aid in the process of your career growth. Therefore, knowledge of data analytics should be counted as a necessary skill when career goals are taken into consideration.

UI/UX Designing

Applications rule the market today. Almost every business relies on the successful execution of its application for its growth. An easy and hassle-free user interface always encourages customers to stay logged in a platform which, in turn, enhances the chances of sales and effective business. UI or UX designing is hence taking over as a much-demanded skill these days in the market. Acquiring some knowledge in these domains can ensure a steady career growth in the current times.

We, at K.R. MangalamUniversity, positioned among the top engineering college in Haryana, have always been the firm believers of education that march with the times. Hence, the way the market wishes the candidates to be is the way we groom our students. No matter if the students belong to our school of management or engineering, or any other, we, at KRMU,make sure that along with imparting them with relevant, industry-centric academic knowledge, they are also equipped with the necessary technological know-how that would keep them ahead in every walk of life. This is probably the reason why all our alumni get easily placed with leading industry players in the country and abroad.

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