May 6, 2018

Journalism is undoubtedly one of the most challenging and noble fields of work in the current times. Without a doubt, delivering accurate, prompt, and objective information in a world that is rapidly changing with incidents happening by the minute is no mean feat. It is the right career choice for the ones who are curious to know and understand the nation and the world and are brave enough to present the absolute unadulterated truth. However, being a journalist is not all about curiosity, bravery, and a way with words. A good journalist is the blend of impeccably honed skills and an indomitable zeal. However, being a journalist to reckon with need not feel like a herculean task, given that you are ready to invest the much-needed hard work and dedication into the process. After all, the top journalists of the country and the world that we all look up to were all students just like you at one point in time. The following are some of the top qualities that you need to possess to join the ranks of the noted journalists of the world.

Integrity and Ethics

The inherent integrity and the ethical core are two of the main characteristics of any good journalist. From incidents as large scale as presidential elections and proposed state taxes to local agendas like referendums and polls, the sense of objectivity and fairness remains unwavering in a journalist. If you want to be known as a dependable journalist, you need to abhor from the fake news that is based on innuendo, rumors, and unverifiable anonymous tips. Reporters should ensure that they keep aside their personal agendas and preferences when reporting any situation or sharing opinions.

Boldness and Courage

Good journalists are not afraid to ask the tough questions and push themselves to dig deeper into the matter. Their goal is to unearth the truth about any newsworthy places, events, or persons, and in doing that, situations may arise where you have no other option than to jump in at the deep end. Journalism is certainly not for the faint of heart as it is not a job that lets you make a few phone calls from the comfort of your desk to get the job done. From crime scenes to the devastating natural calamities, the courage of a journalist is what it takes to get the job done.

Technological Know-how

Currently, it is the age of ever-changing and ever-evolving technology, and in such a scenario no journalist can hope to survive without enough technological know-how to back him/her up. For instance, journalists now need to use and follow the social media sites to provide transparent and immediate coverage of the events that are occurring. The internet is also needed to access public records and research the stories which require investigating an incident. Sites like LinkedIn and Facebook help the journalists in requesting for interviews and information. Technology is also needed to inform the public directly about the matters pertaining to their health and wellness.

Investigative Skills

Journalists possess a logical mind, and they base the stories on facts and evidence and not sentiments. Good journalists are acute observers and they can instinctively sense when there is more to a story than what meets the eye. Critical thinking skills are an absolute necessity when weighing out the conflicting accounts of an incident and assessing the credibility of the available sources. There are times that a journalist might need to write from yet unverified sources and in that case using sound investigative and judgmental skills are the skills that one relies upon. Even when the deadlines loom large, a journalist with his/her salt will never give out an unbalanced accounting of a subject.

Proficient Communication Skills

Your communication skills need to be your forte when you are interviewing sources and writing in-depth stories. The use of background information and details are important to provide context to a highly nuanced understanding of any issue by the reader, and the proper presentation of the information that you gather is something that is held in high esteem. Proficiency in English grammar and the ability to write a crisp and engaging content backed by facts will take you far on your path of becoming a great journo.

We, at the K.R. Mangalam University, one among the top ranked universities in Haryana, understand that in order to take up the responsibilities that come as a part and parcel of journalism, one of the foremost requirements is the right training and grooming. That is exactly what we, at KRMU, provide through our in-depth coursework backed by the support of our experienced mentors. Journalism education at KRMU is more than just learning the ropes of the trade. It is about honing the skillset and the mind to become the best professionals to join this arena of work. Let your success story begin from our campus as we bring to you the finest infrastructure and learning opportunities that a course in journalism can offer.

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