April 13, 2019

An educational institute bears the responsibility of making the future of the nation, and in order to do the same, along with curricular programs, special provisions also become important and relevant. With the academic lessons taught to the students, it is also imperative that virtues like creativity, teamwork, and moral values get encouraged. It is in assimilation of all of these factors and education that a character gets built and a student becomes a humble human being in the long run. To foster an environment where the extracurricular activities get the same weightage as the academics, K.R.Mangalam University has organized various clubs and societies that are dedicated to taking care of the special aspects associated with holistic learning. Here is a brief of the scope of realistic nourishment that students get at our university:

The Literary Society

Rhetorica is the literary society at KRMU which conducts debates, story writing competitions, essay writing sessions, and extempore to encourage the writing skill of the students. There are many students who find interest in scribbling down the thoughts and ideas that run through their mind. With this special initiative, KRMU aims to make those intentions a part of their learning, and some of these students might also find their career out of these activities in the long run. Besides developing the writing abilities, these programs also help the students become good orators which is an important aspect of holistic grooming.

The Photography Club

Also known as the KRMU KLICKS, this society at the K.R. MangalamUniversity is dedicated to helping the students learn the best ways to do photography. As known by all, photography also makes for a well-paid career option for those who have passion for imaging and an artistic eye to see the mundane things around us. We, at KRMU, provides the technical support to the students in pursuing their passionfor photography.

The Cultural Society

There is a dedicated cultural club also at KRMU that conducts competitions in drama, dance, and singing, along with an Annual Fest. The affinity of the students towards the branches of creative and performing arts gets nourished through this society at KRMU.

Management Society

We, at KRMU not only believe in imparting academic learning, but also provide for an environment that encourages the learners to become independent entrepreneurs in the future. The management society at KRMU runs regular programs for facilitating a holistic understanding of the HR management activities, management parameters, and entrepreneurial abilities to gear up the process.

Health Society

The students at KRMU also get trained on handling basic health instruments used for monitoring BP, Blood Sugar, and other vital body stats. Medical camps are also conducted at regular intervals in the university campus to make the learners a part of the social activity.

Computer Society

It is a mandate these days for bagging a good job that a student gets enough exposure at the university level regarding computer skills. At KRMU, we provideour pupils with facilities that help them learn and apply MS Office and improve their expertise in making presentations.

Architecture Society

If you have a knack for structural designing or sculpting, KRMU takes care of your enthusiasm through its Architectural society that supportsand strengthens in students the passion for painting, clay modeling, and drawing with professional expertise.

Legal Society

The purpose of education at KRMU has never been shallow, and we believe in the broader perspective of learning through assimilating the outcomes with the grassroots of the society. Special training is provided to every student at KRMU to become aware of the social relevance and the legal policies associated with them through the legal society.

Electronics Society

At KRMU, we do not believe in imparting limited knowledge specific to one stream, and in order to make the distribution egalitarian, the electronic society was given shape to provide the basics of electronics to the non-science students as well.

Societies to Promote Awareness

E-Yantraor the Robotics Society, Science Society or Dr. Abdul Kalam Society, and Chetna, also known as the Self Development Society are the three pillars at KRMU that promote the general awareness about the upcoming trends in the global perspective. With regular science events, robotic classes and seminars organized, KRMU puts every effort to keep the students ahead of others.

We, at the K.R. MangalamUniversity, one among the Top 10 Universities of Haryana,believe in progressive learning that grooms a student into a confident and respected individual in the long run. Keeping the motto in mind, we have accommodated multiple societies and clubs that bring out the best in every student and help them improve their unique creative abilities and talents.

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