List Of Best Integrated Course After 12

List Of Best Integrated Course After 12

June 30, 2023

Are you considering pursuing an integrated course? Well, it’s essential to gain a competitive edge and equip yourself with the right skills and knowledge in today’s competitive world. There are many Integrated courses available after the 12th. BBA+MBA integrated course is one of the top choices and has gained popularity among students as the course offers a streamlined and comprehensive approach to education. This blog aims to deliver a comprehensive guide to integrated courses after 12.


What is an Integrated Course?

Integrated courses combine undergraduate with postgraduate degrees to cover all the major subjects. Students are urged to exercise critical thought and work through challenging problems. This creative approach opens up a myriad of opportunities and prepares students with information that is interrelated and multidimensional.

What Are the Benefits of Integrated Courses

Students that take integrated courses have several advantages. Integrated courses offer simplified educational pathways that enable students to gain both undergraduate to postgraduate knowledge. Integrated courses also promote interdisciplinary viewpoints and strengthen critical thinking abilities by taking a holistic approach to learning. They also give students the opportunity to focus on a particular subject in-depth and prepare them for diverse career opportunities and advanced research in their chosen fields.

Science integrated course after 12

  1. Integrated B.Sc + M.Sc in Agriculture: The duration of the integrated BSc+ MSc in Agriculture course is 5 years combining a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture with a Master of Science degree in Agriculture.
  1. Integrated BSc+ MSc in Computer Science: Integrated BSc+MSc is a five-year program in Computer Science that combines undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the field of computer science. It offers a thorough curriculum that covers both fundamental and advanced subjects, giving students in-depth information and abilities.
  1. Integrated B.Tech. + M.Tech.: Integrated B.Tech.+M.Tech. is a five-year program that combines undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in engineering disciplines. This course offers comprehensive knowledge of its field.
  2. Integrated B.Sc. + B.Ed.: This is a four-year integrated course designed for individuals interested in pursuing a career in teaching. It incorporates the study of science subjects with educational courses, enabling students to become science teacher.
  3. Integrated B.Sc. + LL.B.: This is a five-year integrated course that combines the study of science subjects with a law degree. It provides students with a legal education and scientific background that might be helpful in this field. Students seeking this course must consider opting integrated BSc+ LL.B course.

Humanities/Arts Integrated courses after 12th

There are various integrated course after 12 that combine the study of humanities subjects with other disciplines. These courses provide an interdisciplinary approach, improving your abilities and understanding across a range of subjects. Listed below are some well-liked humanities and arts-related courses:

  1. Integrated B.A. + LL.B.: This is a five-year Integrated B.A. + LL.B course that combines the study of humanities subjects with a law degree. It offers a solid basis in both humanities and legal ideas, enabling students to pursue careers in social justice, legal research, and advocacy.
  1. Integrated B.A.+M.A. English: This integrated program offers a thorough mastery of the language, literature, and critical analysis and combines undergraduate and postgraduate. As students can pursue a variety of job pathways in academia, the media, or communication which help them improve their language and literary talents.
  1. Integrated B.A.+M.A. Political Science: Integrated B.A.+M.A. Political Science program offers in-depth knowledge of political theories, international relations, and governance systems equipping students with analytical and research skills to pursue better careers.
  1. Integrated B.A.+ M.A. History: This integrated course enables students to explore various historical periods, civilizations, and events. Students are encouraged to learn a deep understanding of historical analysis, research methodologies, and critical thinking, preparing students for careers in research, museums, academia, or cultural organizations.
  1. B.A.+M.A. Sociology: Students who complete this programme will have a thorough understanding of social systems, human behaviour, and research techniques. Graduates can pursue careers in social work, counselling, community development, and policy analysis, or they can continue their research in the field at a more advanced level.

Law Integrated courses after 12th

For students interested in a career in law, there are a number of integrated courses offered after the 12th grade. These classes provide a thorough and all-encompassing education by combining the study of law with other academic fields. Here are a few well-liked law-related courses:

  1. Integrated B.A. + LL.B.: This integrated program combines the study of arts subjects with a law degree. It provides a wide range of professional prospects in law, advocacy, and legal research are made possible by the broad understanding of humanities, social sciences, and legal ideas it offers.
  1. Integrated B.Com. + LL.B.: This integrated program combines the study of commerce subjects with a law degree. Students gain a strong understanding of both business and legal concepts, opening up employment opportunities in corporate law, taxation, and business consultancy.
  1. Integrated B.B.A. + LL.B.: This integrated course combines the study of business administration with a law degree. Students gain a blend of managerial skills and legal knowledge in the course curriculum.


Commerce Integrated courses after 12th

Here are some popular commerce-integrated courses that you can pursue after your 12th standard:

  1. Integrated BBA+MBA: BBA+MBA is a five-year Integrated course that incorporates undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in business administration. This program allows students to save time and gain advanced managerial skills.
  1. Integrated B.Com. + LL.B:This is a five-year integrated course that combines the study of commerce subjects with a law degree. It will equip you with a strong understanding of both commerce and legal principles, opening up career opportunities in corporate law, taxation, and business consulting.
  1. Integrated B.Com.+M.Com.: The integrated B.Com.+ M.Com s a five-year program that combines undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in commerce.
  1. Integrated B.Com.+B.A.: Integrated B.Com. + B. A. combines the study of commerce subjects with humanities subjects. It provides a comprehensive education, improving your analytical and critical thinking skills and expanding your options for employment in sectors including economics, public administration, and international relations.
  1. Integrated B.Com.+CA: This integrated course combines a Bachelor’s degree in commerce with the Chartered Accountancy qualification. It offers students a thorough understanding of financial principles and prepare them for a career in accounting, auditing, and taxation.


Integrated courses like the bba mba integrated course offer a valuable opportunity for students to fast-track their careers and gain a competitive edge. By combining undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, students acquire a comprehensive skill set, a deep understanding of business principles, and early exposure to the corporate world. If you’re passionate about business and aspire to take on managerial roles, an integrated BBA-MBA course might be the perfect choice to unlock new horizons in your academic and professional journey.

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