Top Business Trends to Follow For a Successful Career In 2022

Top Business Trends to Follow For a Successful Career In 2022

January 24, 2022

In the post-pandemic era, more and more innovative businesses are coming into place. The online business sector is booming and people are changing their ways of doing things. While a lot of us long for a return to normality, some of us are aware of the fact that we can no longer return to the ‘old’; it is time to see things from a fresh and new perspective. Business trends are changing and good institutions like K.R. Mangalam University are keeping up with these changes. Here are some of the biggest business trends in 2022:


Customer comes first

Defining a better customer experience has become more important than offering solutions to complex problems. Things like having an easy and workable user interface are prioritized. Greater personalization and increased customization are some of the norms of 2022. Instead of acquiring new clients, a lot of business SaaS providers focus on streamlining their services. This is done to retain their existing customers and improve their experience for the sake of building strong and sustainable relationships.


More vertical solutions

Vertical SaaS means building a collection of software solutions that are tailored only according to a specific sector. This could be related to healthcare, finance, retail, education, etc.
There is a lot of untapped opportunities in this area. New avenues keep on opening up for better and more advanced vertical solutions across different industries.



Another popular business trend in 2022 is the emergence of more chatbots for better customer service management. Customer service is a significant part of any business—be it a big or small one. You need a system that will cater to the needs, doubts and queries of all of your customers; these chatbots provide an automated version of the same. If we try to process the customer inquiries on a manual basis, it may consume an enormous amount of resources. That is why the world is becoming increasingly dependent on chatbots. The software programmes of these chatbots can be customised to serve specific needs. Usage of this tool can eliminate the need of an enterprise to hire thousands of customer service agents.
Some things that chatbots can do are gathering feedback from surveys, answering to FAQs, suggesting product recommendations, etc.


Communication applications

In this modern age, clear communications is considered as one of the keys to the successful operation of any organisation. It is essential to have a functional system where you can communicate easily with the members of your team. Poor communication can lead to conflicts and drama. This can prevent the members of any enterprise to collaborate and work with each other in a healthy manner. This is where the role of communication tools and applications comes into play. In the era of remote work styles, these tools have become crucial to help businesses run smoothly. These are the integral components of any sustainable venture. Some examples of communication applications are video conferencing software such as Zoom and Skype. More virtual communication platforms will soon hit the market.


Personalised products and services

Personalised products are another business trend that you will see in 2022. There will be a greater hike in the demand for custom products and services. This is becoming an important part of the process of customer satisfaction. The customer has a certain monopoly at the time of the purchase, and a touch of personalization can add more depth to that experience. Statistics show that about 22% of the customers are willing to share their data in return for some degree of personalization. Brands all across the globe have adopted such practices. This will also aid in increasing customer loyalty. E-commerce enterprises are likely to have more personalized services in the coming times.


More freelancers and gig workers

More freelancers and gig workers are coming up across the world especially after the advent of the pandemic. These people make up a large chunk of the global workforce. In 2022, since a lot of the work is done on a remote basis, freelancing can be considered as one of the emerging business trends. If you have your own company, hiring a bunch of freelancers will surely cost less than hiring full-time workers. If you are a freelancer, working for multiple businesses and taking up different projects can contribute greatly to your professional growth and to the expansion of your horizons. It can also assist you to build a strong professional network and enhance your networking skills to a great extent.


Increased E-Commerce businesses

Online marketplaces are predicted to increase in 2022. These ventures are growing by the day. This is because it is much easier to shop for anything and everything from the comfort of your homes. And since most industries are going virtual after the pandemic, people generally prefer to buy whatever they need through online means. This can save a lot of time and also lead to great discounts. Not having a physical location to store products can save a lot of resources for store owners as well. Things like cashbacks and dropshipping services can make the process relatively easier and convenient.  You can partner up with multiple entities to launch a successful online store.


Social media for sales

Statistics reveal that around 74% of people use social media to make purchasing decisions. They are directly buying products from the social media platforms that they are using. This practice will become more common in 2022 as social commerce is growing in popularity these days. The top social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram are enhancing their shopping features—some examples of this movement include Instagram Shopping and Instagram Checkout.
With the new Instagram Checkout, you don’t even have to visit the website of an external party to finalize your order. You can do it directly on the Instagram app. A lot of experts believe that these social media networks will soon have fully functional E-commerce platforms with built-in affiliate networks.
In conclusion, some of the biggest business trends in 2022 are that customer experience will be given more priority and that there will be an increase in vertical solutions. More chatbots, communication applications, and personalized products and services are also expected. There will be an increase in freelance and gig workers, E-commerce businesses, and the usage of social media for sales. Institutions like the K.R. Mangalam University are better preparing their students for future businesses through their BBA and MBA programmes.

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