June 12, 2019

The education world is becoming more accommodative to unconventional studies these days. Apart from the regular streams like humanities, science, commerce, engineering, etc., fashion designing is also emerging as one of the most popular choices for a career option. Especially for those having a knack for creative designing and art, fashion designing makes for an excellent choice. With the rising demand for focused and dedicated designers in the fashion market, fashion designing is undoubtedly is one of the best options to settle for. Here are some of the requisites which ensure a well-remunerated job in the arena of fashion designing:

Sharp Creativity

A creative mind is one of the most crucial traits that you inevitably need to have to thrive in the fashion world. You need to understand that fashion is primarily related to innovation in styling while keeping harmony with utility. Something that the market is already dealing with is not what will make you the most desirable candidate to the fashion houses. Instead, you need to be able to present something fresh from your end to grab the recruiter’s attention and land a good job in your bag.

Understanding of the Utility Aspects

As a fashion designer, apart from putting creativity to the forefront, the utility should also be given its due importance. If a fashion designer could not make dresses and accessories that satisfy the requirements of the users, it is not likely to survive the test of time regardless of its aesthetic values. Therefore, having a perception of the market demand and the prerogatives of the consumers is a must for any fashion designer to shine bright in the market.

Portfolio of Illustrations

The primary source of your designs would be your illustrations done in the portfolio. It is not likely that you will get new apparel stitched during an interview to justify your talent. Hence, for a fashion designer, it is of paramount importance that you learn to figure out fine illustrations that would reflect the essence of your creativity. An eye for sketching and painting can be of much help to make the illustrations livelier.

Strong Visualization Skills

A design is first made in the mind of the designer, and then it gets sketched on the paper. Hence, it is the mind of a designer that can be regarded as the cradle of designing. This surely calls for intense visualization skills. A fashion designer with profound visualization ability is sure to figure out the final products before they get stitched. This is immensely helpful in understanding the production viability of that piece, which, in turn, makes the production process easier and efficient.

Technical Expertise

In today’s world, almost every domain of study needs technical knowledge. When it comes to fashion designing, expertise in software like Photoshop, Coral, and other designing related applications are a must. With the help of these software and applications, a designer can give a complete projection of his/her collection and designs, which are there only in his/her mind. Thus, knowledge in technical domain related to fashion designing always ensures a better chance to grab a high profile job in the fashion industry.

Communication Skills

Communication is considered to be the pillar of the fashion designing industry. Handling clients and understanding their requirement is a prerequisite, which needs a good command over the language. The more conversant you are as a fashion designer, the better chances you possess to grab a good job.

We, at K.R. Mangalam University, Top Fashion Design Institute in Delhi NCR, understand the massive potential in the fashion design industry and know that in order to make a mark in the design world, aspirants have to be prepared in the truest sense of the term. We, at our School of Fashion, have crafted our Fashion Design program in such a manner that the students are prepared and groomed for national as well as international design industry. Our students are trained to become successful fashion designers capable of setting new trends in the market. Our experienced faculty members encourage every student to nurture their creative abilities by allowing individual excellence to control every project. The career-oriented program curriculum, hands-on learning opportunities, industry exposure, and mentorship under industry experts are some of the significant facets that have been making KRMU Fashion Design graduates apt for the best jobs in the fashion market.

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