May 10, 2021

It seems almost impossible today to think of the modern world industrial landscape without mentioning AI. Technology and specifically AI have dramatically morphed the ways the industries worked. No industry today can be thought of without technology integration. It is all because of AI that the chances of manual errors and shift switching downtimes are becoming the ideas of yesterday. The medical sector has also adopted the AI advancements wholeheartedly. Ad one of the health sector’s primary components is the pharmaceutical industry that deals with the supportive equipment and medicines of the medical domain.

AI is impacting the very shape of the pharma sector invariably. At K.R. Mangalam University, regarded as one of the Best Colleges for Master in Pharmacy in Haryana, we understand how potent and influential the AI revolution is going to be in the near future. Therefore, we have imbibed all the latest techniques and algorithms with our existing curriculum to make our students befitting for the future world. In this article today, let us have a look at some of the ways AI is reshaping the pharmacy industry in the current times.

Drug shortages can be wisely managed

Drugs are indispensable for treatment, and for efficient operations, the entire health care industry relies on the smooth supply of drugs. Due to production insufficiencies, supply chain glitches, or operational hazards, this smooth supply can get jeopardized, leading to drug shortages. This can be detrimental to healthcare to a great extent.

What if a system could be placed to understand the national medicine requirements based on predictive assessments to keep the required volume of drugs available prior hand? Though the idea seems ambitious and rosy, it is indeed possible to manage such colossal volumes of data with AI. The AI integrated algorithms help trace the amount of drugs required in the long run, cutting the supple level vulnerabilities considerably. Therefore, with AI, the pharmacy industry can overcome its supply chain deadlocks.

Medicine recall can be made easier and faster

Medicine recall used to be another pain point for the pharma industry. Earlier, when the vials, syringes, or medicines used to travel from manufacturers to the consumers, tracing the exact point where they got contaminated was an impossible task. Therefore, the suppliers had to call off the entire batch hitting the business hard. However, before the retrieval, the contaminated drugs used to harm many patients, making the entire process all the more gruesome.

With the AI integrated item-level visibility software solutions, the suppliers can now keep a check on the drug movement. This makes detection of the exact point of contamination easier and faster, restricting the chances of people falling prey to the hazard.

Adding the Responsibility Component to Drug Supply

Proper distribution of drugs, the right administration of the medicines, and no theft of the equipment and medicines are vital aspects of responsible pharmacy practice.  With AI, all these would be possible, and tracing any discrepancy would be easier than ever. With people knowing that every application and activities getting traced and recorded by artificial intelligence, the chances and incidences of unfair practices will surely go down.

At K.R. Mangalam University, one among the Private Medical Colleges in Delhi NCR, we firmly believe that AI is sure to lend the entire pharma industry a new look and efficiency level to serve the nation better.  This is why we have also integrated special training modules to make our students understand the ways to deal with AI integrated machines, software, and devices. Through seminars, community workshops, and more, we, at KRMU,are keeping our students aligned to the notion of fair pharmacy practices. We ensure imparting them the knowledge of AI and other booming technology in the pharmacy arena so as to groom them into responsible professionals capable of making the best use of what the technology has to offer.

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