July 30, 2018

With the emergence of the modern business culture, every occupation has undergone a massive evolution when it comes to the nature of the roles, responsibilities, methodologies, and career options. One of the blazing examples of such professionsis law as it has presented aspirants with several opportunities and openings in the recent era. The scope of career opportunities in law at present extends beyond the traditional roles and paralegals.The young minds possess a different approach towards careers in today’s time and settle for choices that are filled with intellection, creativity,and invention. There are high possibilities of moving into fascinating professions when you choose law as your academic background.  This article is going to provide you with an overview of the robust career prospects that the modern field of law possesses for aspirants and listed below are some of such offbeat careers that you can take up upon studying law.

Policy Analyst

Policy analyst is one of the highly sought-after yet uncommon professionsforlaw graduates. Nearly every system is bound by certain norms and regulations in the society which are formally termed as policies. Policy analyst is one of the most interesting career streams as it involves constantly exploring the typical ways of how policies are framed, collected, analyzed, and evaluated to the core. The roles and responsibilities of these professionals influence the governance and businesses in the nation at the policy level. The particular profile is quite different from the job position of a policymaker. Policy analysts also work with policymakers to come up with accurate decisions and solutions.

Legal Writers and Editors

The media industry constantly demands writers and editors, but the demand is none less when it comes to legal writing and editing. These professionals are the ultimate brain behind all the legal blogs, newsletters, brochures, news reportsthat the general public is presented with everyday. These individuals perform the same jobs similar to what editors and writers do in the media industry. The crucial part is that thelegal writers utilise their domain-centric insights and acumen in the projects they are assigned.

Topics related to the jurisdiction have always been perceived sensitively and controversially by the public, and this is one of the main reasons that the industry is very particular about the practical acumen and experience of the professionals. To give you a more specific view, some of the sought-after job profiles in the media industry that are related to legal writing includes Web writers, Bloggers, News analysts, Brief writers, and alike. These profiles have their threads firmly attached to journalism as you will often be working on projects with full-time reporters, columnists, and correspondents


A successful business arises on several valued foundations, but a significant segment that has always been an influential aid to the expansion of business is law. Law is often perceived as the foundation of any business, and the statement makes plenty of sense when it comes to modern-day organizations. In today’s multifaceted, complex, and advancing business environment, the role of law is massive. Irrespective of any field you are operating your business on, it is imperative that you will require the guidance of law and legislation at some point in time.

Also, not only business but anything without law shall be anarchy. This is one of the main reasons why law graduates make excellent business professionals. A lot of individualstreasure their career interests in entrepreneurship which is a popular option chosen by the millennial nowadays.Starting off a career as an entrepreneur with the law as your educational background will provide you with more conviction when compared to newbies with a different educational background.


This allied legal profession is an appropriate choice if you keep a genuine knack for the law field. Paralegals are often employed by established corporate firms, law firms, business firms, and more. The role basically involves assisting registered law practitioners for which extensive domain-based knowledge is required. As a paralegal, you will have to be highly spontaneous when it comes to Legal Research and Presentations, Drafting Legal Documents, Client dealings, and also orating when needed. You will be working to make a process complete and create a source of connection between lawyers and client parties. This particular profession involves responsibilities that often vary in types and nature. Professionals can often avail the opportunity to learn, explore and progress much faster in their career fields.

Gone are those days when law graduates had to wait for years to attain that one break as a legal practitioner. The field of law has opened up multiple allied career avenues today where the young aspirants can harvest their dreams and aspirations. On that note, one of the leading law university in Gurgaon that is worthy of mention in this scenario is the K.R. Mangalam University. We, at KRMU, understand the sheer necessity of being equipped with the capable tools, technology, insight, and the practical idea to stand successfully in the field of law and ensure that our students are instilled with all the necessary aspects to make it big in the profession. The law program conducted by KRMU follow a distinctive objective to prepare students in a full-fledged way and to aid them to emerge as leaders even in a highly challenging environment.

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