May 22, 2019

Project-based learning is not merely a teaching pedagogy but a motivation for both learners as well as educators. Project-based learning often involves tasks whose intricacy and openness imitate real-world challenges which offer students a sense of control and ownership over their own wisdom. It is rapidly becoming the buzz of the educational world. Moreover, the fact that requires attention is that today’s corporate world values and demands practical proficiency and skills over theoretical knowledge and rote proficiency. This is exactly where project-based learning gains significance in the academic life of today’s youth.

Adds Significant Value to the Process of Education

Project-based learning provides young minds the opportunity to explore themes, subject areas, and topics that they are interested and curious about, and invent or create something new out of the information they have attained from it. This is what gets them engaged with the tasks and assignments, and this is exactly what is required for gaining the ability to utilizing the learned skillsets or proficiencies. It plays a vital role in adding value to the entire process of knowledge impartation and offers them a much more dynamic and active part in whatever venture they participate in. Project-based learning involves a vibrant classroom approach via which young learners can keep their interest levels high and gain in-depth knowledge and insights on the particular subject. They can also actively explore a wide range of pragmatic challenges and tactics which help them thrive in their future workplace. This type of student-centric learning is extremely imperative, especially when it comes to next-generation professionals.

Project-Based Learning – The Pathway to Real-World Skill Attainment

Thetwenty-first-century professions often demand skillsets like planning, reasoning, critical thinking and creativity, social and personal responsibility, cross-cultural understanding, visualizing and decision-making abilities, knowing the usage of technology, and definitely strong interaction skills. Project-based learning significantly helps in bringing together all these skills and qualities in a young learner and groom him/her for a brighter career path.  Here are some of the inevitable skillsets that project-based learning can effectively prepare the young minds for the workforce of the future:

Excellent Collaboration and Teamwork Skills: Teamwork expense is one of the leading qualities that recruiters look for in employees. There are solo as well as group project works and the experience that students acquire while working with a team is incomparable. It works as a lifetime asset for students.

Self-Direction: Self-direction is one of the themost important tools that helps one understand the project, break it down, and organize it in their own way. The sense of self-direction is also great for an entrepreneurial career as one gets to gain realistic and rational ideas to accomplish a particular project or task.

People Skills and Cultural Understanding: When you speak of the twenty-first-century corporate realm, cultural understanding and social skills are among the unavoidable skills that you necessarily require. The ability to handle multi-tasking, managing teammates, communicating effectively with the clientele, and collaborating with peer employees from different cultural groups are at the top of the priority list when it comes to employability prerequisites.

Acquiring such skills requires young minds to be trained and educated in the right learning environment. The K.R. Mangalam University, one among the Top Ranking Private Universities in Haryana, stands strong as a platform where students are not merely provided with the textbook-based education but are rather inspired to grow and get prepared for the real professional world under the boundless guidance of mentors. The program curriculums, learning facilities, and teaching pedagogies meet an inventive and international level in order to improve the whole methodology of prepping up the young minds. At KRMU, we aim to help students transform from depended learners into explorers and reformists who can easily and fluently cope with the real and challenging working environment of the present century and emerge as assets for organizations.

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