May 12, 2020

You can call it the information age, the new media age, or the digital age, the twenty-first century knows just one language, and that is technology. As such, to thrive and pace along with the time, it is imperative you learn this lingua as well. The advent of technology has indeed expanded the notion of innovation. An advanced system of communication, enhanced efficiency of appliances, reduction of energy consumption, heat pumps to electronic medical treatments, technology has been enriching nearly all industries. However, we often tend to be overlooking the fact that technology has also brought about certain dangers along with it. This is why cybersecurity is considered a savior in today’s time, and here is why you should not hesitate to choose it as your future career.

There will never be a better time to work in cybersecurity

The modern world organizations are highly reliant on the implementation of data. But it is this data that often becomes the cause of huge losses for business organizations as the data is always exposed to failures, damage, and theft. This is where cybersecurity has emerged as a much looked-after domain that is rendering much relief to the corporate world. From personal information, health information, to intellectual properties, cybersecurity is playing an active role in protecting a wide range of sensitive data.

So much is the demand for cybersecurity professionals in the job market that a recent survey has revealed that the globe will be experiencing a shortfall of about 1.8 million cybersecurity professionals by the edge of 2022. This is why it is indeed the perfect time to pay heed to this path if you possess an interest in it.

Cybersecurity is a constantly evolving field with loads of career opportunities

For today’s generation, ‘job satisfaction’ is a significant priority.  As such, cybersecurity is an ever-advancing field that can help you progress both personally and professionally. You will get the opportunity to continuously explore, work, and learn with enterprises, which will be a great aid in augmenting your skills.

Besides, the field of cybersecurity does not lag behind when it comes to providing a lucrative career package to aspirants. Currently, this industry is one of the highest paying ones and has a booming demand for new talents. The median salary in this domain has also registered an increase by almost 16%. Organizations hiring professionals specializing in cybersecurity are willing to pay even comparatively higher salary percentages to those with skills and experience.

Innovative and alternative career roles in cybersecurity

When people hear of cybersecurity, they often assume there is no other way than going a hundred percent tech-savvy. However, the industry is coming up with several allied career roles nowadays that are offering enthusiastic aspirants to choose paths in the field according to their preferences and will. Apart from technology-focused jobs, there are also other roles in cybersecurity, which include regulatory and legal compliance, threat intelligence, recruitment, business analysis, and many more. You will thus have a choice to unleash your potential in these allied fields as well, as they are becoming a popular subject in the world of cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is ranked as one of the most lucrative, ever-progressing and intellectual career fields that can help you progress as a valued contributor in the future industry. Not only you can advance your profession as an employee but can also establish has an entrepreneur, providing cutting-edge digital security services to the market. No wonder, a large percentage of millennials are choosing this industry as their career and passion. If you wish to make a career I the new-age profession of cybersecurity, we, at K.R. Mangalam University, positioned among the Top Ranked Universities in Haryana, can provide you with the much-need platform through our B.Sc. Hons. Program in Cybersecurity. The 3-year graduate course will equip you with rich domain knowledge and skills that will help you to make your mark as an adept cybersecurity professional. Join KRMU and get on the league for a better and promising tomorrow.

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