October 9, 2018

There is a famous saying, ‘the way we build is a reflection of the way we live.’ The terminology architecture is often twinned with engineering which often depicts the utilization of machines, engines and structures. The concept is that straight-cut but if you dig slightly deeper, the complexities that the architects deal with almost every day to meet the skyrocketing demands of today’s society come into vision. Architecture is not merely limited to the physical or environmental realm. What is often overlooked is that architecture contributes profoundly to shaping the society we live in today. It fulfils multiple criterions entailed with the human life and the criterions are turning out to be complicated day by day with the rolling of time. Architecture stands in a sky-high position in the present century, speaking of which, the most impressive architectural projects like the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Seattle Public Library, Java Rain and Orchard House are some of the outstanding evidence of this fact. In this write-up, let us take a closer look at how architecture plays a major role in building the society that we live in today.

Architectural Advancement – A Bridge for Quintessential Human Needs

It is a common saying that engineering and architecture have a presence in our everyday life. Starting from the transport we use, flyovers we cross, residences we live in, to the hospitals we rush to in case of emergency, all are creations of some skilled architects. Every object that you come across in your life reminds you that architects are the ultimate brain behind the scene. Undeniably, society follows the footprints of their plans and ideas.

The twenty-first-century people due to their fiercely busy lifestyle might not realize the detailed contribution of architecture in their surrounding ambience. However, there are inventions made every day. With the invention of Solar-Harvesting Roads, Power-Generating Textiles, Magnetic Levitation Trains, Electric-Driven Elevators, Social VR and Sky lobbies, architecture has spread its wings encompassing all categories of utilities today. Today’sarchitectural industry, unlike in early times, focuses on planning more than implementation. In this fast-paced world of technology, an implementation need not be the first concern. Either way, it can be made possible if the planning is right. This is what the advanced form of the twenty-first-century architectural industry is all about. To meet the dynamic types of high human needs, architects are emphasizing much more on planning designs and concepts with the help of critical thinking, brainstorming, high-end presentation software, visual technologies, and more. They aim way beyond just constructing utilities for everyday usage adding a sharp edge to our social lives bit by bit.

Architecture has brought Sophistication to our Physical Environment and Lifestyle

Is architecture a combination of art and science? Well, maybe it is both and even beyond these two entities. It can rather be addressed as a multifaceted gemstone that serves to improve the quality of personal as well as work life. Architecture has always been broadly serving humankind and is doing the same today. It has large contributions in public domains and if you look around, you will also see how it is responsible for our present survival styles in society. With its impressive inventions, people have been able to attain a much smarter, healthier, and quality lifestyle. We live in a world today, where most of the necessities are at our fingertips. Be it amenities, advanced modes of transport, machinery, or luxury utilities, nearly everything is bestowed by architecture and our lifestyles have thus enhanced significantly.

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Architects Critically Comprehend the complex Mindsets of Today’s Society

The dynamic expectations, demands, and constantly changing lifestyles of people are what keep the architectural industry to dig deeper and deeper. The more challenges, the more goals and the current story of the present architectural industry are somewhat the same. Interestingly, architecture is considered a discipline that pulls subject areas like sociology, psychology, economics, and even politics into its circle. The industry is ever-progressive and is looking for cutting-edge professionals who treasure the crucial power of understanding beyond designs and plans.

An architectural project can only be successful if the idea about its users is clear. Architects work with teams of scientists and researchers nowadays to come up with engineering concepts and mechanisms that satisfy the unique expectations of today’s individuals. The generation of baby boomers definitely would not prefer things the way millennials like them. Likewise, it is important to know if the focus of a building that an architect is working on needs to be on convenience and luxury. The criterions are complex and vary for each group of users. This is exactly where the basic skills and knowledge of the architects come into the scenario.

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