December 4, 2019

Today, India stands as one of the most radically expanding economy worldwide. There is a wide range of industries that have been significantly influenced by the evolution and emergence of technology, and the fashion industry is no exception to it. The fashion industry has openly embraced technological advancements and is indeed reshaping its paradigms, trends, and ways of unfolding. Let us take a more in-depth look in this article below at how technology is serving as the backbone of the fashion world in the 21st-century world.

Rising need for performance-based or functional outfits and accessories

Today’s population demands attires and outfits that are more comfortable and functional than fashionable. This is where the constant technological progressions are driving long-term trends and paradigms in the fashion world. The sweat-proof garments using nanotechnology, self-cooling properties, smart textiles with anti-odor and self-cleaning properties, functional photographer jackets, waterproof cargos, smartwatches, and much more are some of the best examples of functional outfits and wearables that are demanding for more significant technological attention in the manufacturing and fabrication of fashion outfits. From Bluetooth-enabled cocktail rings, smart wearable to technology-induced jewelry, the fashion industry is developing innovative and creative devices that are intended to make our lifestyles much more seamless.

Artificial intelligence predicting trends in fashion

The trends and paradigms in the industry of fashion in today’s vogue deranged world evolve faster than light. Not only the world of glamour but even the regular crowd is embracing new trends and ideologies every day, which requires retailers, designers, and curators to understand the needs and requirements much more aptly than ever before.  This is precisely where the significance of AI comes to the fore. As per the survey reports of Business of Fashion, AI-driven applications for putting up demand forecasts hold the potential to minimalize foreseeing errors by nearly 50%. Also, the surveys state that by utilizing AI-based data and seeking ideas from users and wearers, designers, in most cases, are able to come up with newer and far better outcomes.

Mobility in shopping experiences

The way how people shop has significantly taken a turn in recent years. Not only the gen Z and millennials but also the baby boomers are dedicatedly into online purchasing. This shopping trend has been boosting the e-commerce platform more than ever before. Mobile payment options, mobile apps, integrated return services, and real-time promotions are allowing luxury fashion retailers to promote, advertise, and sell their products anytime, anywhere attracting a larger percentage of customers. The new trend in modern technology, i.e. e-commerce, has upheld the fashion industry by storm leveraging both brands as well as customers an excellent opportunity to purchase and sell products. One of the very recent examples is the ‘Store of the Future’ from Far Fetch, a concept that enables more in-depth consumer involvement via mobile by taking complete advantage of the very popular pay-by-app digital wardrobes and links to social media accounts.

The pace at which technology has been penetrating the arena of fashion denotes that fashion industry aspirants must focus on sharpening their technical acumen just as much as their knack for the fashion and designs. This is where the K.R. Mangalam University leads as one of the best fashion design institutes in the country today. The K.R. Mangalam University, positioned among the Top Colleges for Fashion Design Program in Delhi NCR, offers an advanced program on fashion designing which aims at instilling in students deep insights and acumen for the fashion world that goes far beyond basic art and aesthetics. It grooms the students on various significant and industry-relevant areas like Design and Visual Representation Technique, Fashion Model Drawing, Introduction to Textiles, Pattern Making, Construction Technique, Surface Ornamentation, Personality Development and Communication, Fabric Styling, Traditional Indian Textile, Accessories and Embroidery, and much more.

Under the expert guidance of industry experienced educators and trainers, students at KRMU get to effectively learn about the apt application and implementation of designs to carve out a prominent path to success in the modern fashion industry. The program enables the students to both learn, as well as carry out their researches, extending their scope of exploration and experiences to the topmost level. Join K.R. Mangalam University to set a new edge to your passion in fashion design and get to unleash your true potential to carve a successful career ahead.

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