May 25, 2020

The twenty-first century demands a workforce that is more dynamic, potent, and progressive than ever before. The industrial landscape of today works in a highly evolved environment which requires not only professionals but reformists who can land as active players in the field. Due to the innovative and advanced demands of the modern industries and recruiters of today, the entire approach of imparting education is also evolving simultaneously.

No wonder, leading universities and academic institutions are taking an entirely different approach towards knowledge impartation today and are focusing more on making their students industry-ready.We, at the K.R. Mangalam University, the Top University in Haryana, are one among such institutes to have openly embraced the changes and advancements happening in the worldwide education arena. And one of our initiatives to make our students aptly skilled for the highly competitive industrial world is our Smart Ashram.

What does the KRMUSmart Ashram represent?

The Smart Ashram at KRMU is an initiative for enthusiastic scholars, learners, and innovators to learn, explore and progress in a cross-disciplinary, enlightened, and enriched environment.The environment of the Smart Ashram is an extraordinary blend of indoor and outdoor spaces that represent both traditional and contemporary platforms of learning. As the name suggests, even though the Ashram space appears highly traditional and vintage from the roots, it is equipped with smart technologies andtools inside to keep the students robustly connected and engrossedin their practice. The space is created to provide young minds with an innovative and an intellectual, more liberaledge towards the ‘Art of learning.’

The Smart Ashram demanded plenty of time and investment of strategies from the KRMU team and aimed to influence students in powerful ways. It is inspired by international standard pedagogical technologies and trends of open or flip-classroom environment, outdoor learning, in-depth collaboration, skill-enhancing researches, and many more. Owing to the unique way of teaching and learning practiced at Smart Ashram, it has been receiving a lot of appreciation from eminent personalities in the world of academia.

How will the learners benefit from the Smart Ashram?

Our prime motto behind establishing the Smart Ashram at KRMU is to guide, mentor and prepare our pool of talents for the highly competitive professional sphere and provide them with the following benefits:

  • To teach the students about the interdisciplinary application of the acquired skills and acumen that would lead them to the higher strength of learning and creativity
  • To enable research and experiment on interesting disciplinary areas to keep students motivated about their educational venture
  • To allow constant exploration of better ways and techniques of learning
  • Collaborating and communicating with fellow students, researchers, professors and industry personalities for an in-depth understanding of various subjects
  • Understanding a topic or subject from wider and multiple perspectives to gain global comprehension of the discipline
  • To enhance critical thinking and intellectual skills that shall be applicable for the upcoming learning experiences
  • To empower the learners with highly practical learning practices that aid in keeping students involved

We, at KRMU, have taken up a sustainable construction approach for the Smart Ashram and yet have tried to make it highly interesting, relaxing, and comfortable for students. Smart Ashram is a place where students can focus on new researches, conduct discussions, self-study, and reflect on intellectual activities and workshops, apart from scholastic learning. The Smart Ashram is also known as the Digital Ashram and is being constantly developed further. There are new ideas, educational aids, and design inputs being constantly contributed by experts. Students are also let free to contribute to the development and progress of the Ashram space and the pedagogies carried out.

Apart from what has been mentioned, some of the functional spaces in the Smart Ashram also include offices, guest rooms, equipped pantries, cooking areas, the community room, and much more. All in all, Smart Ashram provides a platform to the ambitious minds at KRMU to explore their fullest potential and grow in the truest sense of the term. If you too wish to set sail to your dreams for acquiring world-class education, join the K.R. Mangalam University, the Top University in Haryana, and open doors to a great future ahead

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