February 8, 2019

With the changing global trends in the world of education, radical subjects like journalism and mass comm are attracting more attention of the students leaving the old-school conventional subjects behind. The sudden explosion of communication technology and the media across the globe has fueled the gearing up of the process. With so many social platforms being added to the information palette along with the existing ones like newspapers, magazines, and the audio-visual media, the times are now witnessing a dire demand in the field of professionals related to journalism and mass communication. This surely makes journalism and mass communication a highly sought-after profession. Here, in this article below, let us ponder upon the top five aspects that have made journalism and mass communication a hugely demanded and an enviable domain.

An opportunity to expand your network

Networking is an integral part of the social life these days. Having a good network of people within your periphery ensures a smoother passage of information from time to time. If you pursue a degree program in journalism and mass communication, your regular routine will automatically include interactions with media houses, broadcasting units, and print media. Undoubtedly all of them are impactful and important in the social frame. While pursuing the course, you will get exposed to a lot of field experiences and will get a better understanding of the entire pedagogy. Traveling from one place to another will be a regular schedule for a person belonging to journalism and mass comm. Hence, enrolling for a course in journalism and mass communication will open the doors of the future to a broader horizon.

A free to express platform

If creativity, researches, and writings are your forte and you take ample interest in all of them, journalism and mass communication is the trait for you. Studying mass comm helps a student to improve the skills of reframing the real incidence into a written one. One can also inculcate the individual opinion, thoughts, and views over any topic when jotting down any incidence of social, economic, or political reference to make it more relatable. With time there would be opportunities when you can run your own shows on visual or audio media to depict your own ideas to the benefit of the masses. Thus, journalism and mass communicationis one of the courses that provides you with a platform to express your voice.

Mass comm offers multiple career options

Media is a vast industry and accommodates multiple branches. Studying journalism and mass communication will reduce the efforts of a student to try to get accommodated within a specified circle of opportunities, rather it would open an extensive horizon with multiple options to make a choice from. Publishing houses, media, web media, press, advertising, marketing are some of the avenues that a student can be absorbed into after successfully completing the course. The program also extends the students the opportunities to become Film Makers, Documentary Makers, Photographers, Journalists, Film Critics, Fashion Communicators, Corporate Public Relation Professionals, or even Communication Experts.

Ample opportunities to travel and explore

If you have a nomadic spirit at heart, journalism and mass communication will make the right career choice for you. The nature of this domain requires mobility. In today’s internet driven world, information is passed on at lightning speed. Hence, you need to ensure your presence at the venue almost with an immediate effect. This will keep you updated and will open your inner mind with a variety of experiences en route.

The salary packages are lucrative

Unlike the most of other professions, media pay a handsome amount to the entry-level associates as well. The average salary of a newcomer in this field amounts up to INR 12000 to 25000 per month, which surely supersedes many other leading industries. With years of experience, the salary may go way far beyond the rest of the industry packages for the same level of experienced personnel. Thus, if journalism and mass communication is on your mind, do not hesitate to make the smart choice.

At the K.R. Mangalam University,recognized as one of the Best Journalism & Mass Communication Colleges in Gurgaon, we offer an industry-orientedgraduate course pertaining to journalism and mass communication that benefits the students in a multifaceted manner. Our degree program in the same has been designed to equip the student with skills like reporting, journalism, public relations, and news analysis. The wide coverage prepares the students for the multiple options available as a career choice in media. An industry benchmarked curriculum with comprehensive and contemporary learning pedagogy facilitates the students in acquiring varied media dynamics. We, at KRMU, maintain a balance between the textbook learning and real-world touch, resulting in deep-seated and practical industry driven knowledge. If you wish to harness the creative potential in you on the vivid landscape of media houses, journalism and mass communication program at the K.R. Mangalam University is surely the best choice for you.

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