March 18, 2018

The advancements that have been made in the fields of engineering, science, and information technology have overtaken our daily lives to such an extent that we cannot imagine living without them. Thus, in such a scenario, the importance of technical education apparently increases by manifold. In fact, the demand for technical know-how is so high in the current times that even general education courses are nowadays including certain technical aspects within the folds of the syllabus. With the steady rise of discoveries and innovations, this field of knowledge definitely requires the support from highly qualified individuals. The good thing is that the youngsters of today are aware of the potential of technical education and a majority of them are opting for degrees in different technical fields.

There was a time when the value and need of technical know-how were not as appreciated as it is done today. The result was neglect towards proper modes of training and reluctance towards the inculcation of technology in education. The quality of training in the mainstream of technical education in the country has also shown remarkable improvements in the past couple of years making the world sit up and take note. The career prospects are opening up not just within the country but beyond it as well. This is what makes technical degrees so lucrative to the young generation.

When we discuss technical education and its perspectives, generally the computer skills and specifically, information technology, are among the foremost fields mentioned. The means of communication for the society at large is becoming increasingly dependent on computers. Thus, the ones with digital expertise can hope to find high paying jobs in the workforce of countries like the USA, UK, Germany, and so on, besides their own country. Amassing technical knowledge in computers makes a student indispensable in several job sectors like transportation, construction works, data handling, pharmaceutical, and so on.

An idea about the career prospects of technical education can also be made if you are aware of the growing use of Artificial Intelligence in India and abroad. Over the world, Artificial Intelligence, or AI as it is popularly known as, is still in an emerging stage with a dire need for professionals who can take it to the next level. Some strides have been made by the top companies of the world, but a lot of the area is still untapped which presents major job prospects for the students of technical education. The fields like computer science engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering are the top draws for this particular scenario.

In this regard, a mention must be made of one of the traditional branches of technical education: the civil engineering. This is a branch that has always been highly sought-after and will continue to remain so till the world needs its creators and builders. When a branch of knowledge is needed for everything, right from the road in front of your house to the Burj Khalifa, its scope never diminishes. From the perception of countries like the USA and UK, civil engineers are required for designing and maintenance of public works such as bridges, roads, energy and water systems as well as public facilities like railways, ports, and airports. Closer at home, besides these, civil engineers are also employed in the work of on-site experts. The field has shown major improvements after things like 3D modeling, asset mapping, modular construction, integrated photovoltaic glazing, etc. have come into the picture.

However, despite all the advancements that are happening in the world of technology, one of the major issues plaguing the technical education in the country is the lack of resources at the disposal of the learners. To develop the right career perspectives among the students, it is important that the students are provided with better labs, more audio-visual aids, and practical-based teaching. Though a lot of progress has been made in that regard, when you talk in the scenario of the whole country, a lot still needs to be done.

With the changes and developments in the job sector in India and beyond, the need of the hour is proper guidance and high-quality education which is the utmost necessity to create top-notch professionals. This is where we, at the K.R. Mangalam University, come into the picture. K.R. Mangalam stands among the best tech colleges in the country and is one of the top institutes in technical education in Haryana.

We, at KRMU, very well understand the changing and upcoming perspectives of technical jobs in the country and to that end equip our students with all the skills they need to grab the job of their dreams not only within our own country but also abroad. We believe that the more updated and robust educational programs an educational institute offers, the more are the chances for its students to prospering in their professional life. In our technical education programs at the K.R. Mangalam University, we have incorporated all the latest trends and discoveries in the world of science and technology and have designed our curriculum in such a manner that our students are always up to date with the current trends and standards of the industry.

After all, it is not just about landing a job, it is about sparkling the brightest in the job that you have landed, and our students manage to do just that. The present rate and areas of employment of our alumni are the evidence that we have managed to accomplish the task we, as a leading technical university, have set out to do. We have successfully managed to create excellence in science and technology through our doorsteps, and this has what made the name of the K.R. Mangalam University shine bright among the leading technical education institutes in the nation.

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