Is BSc Agriculture a Good Career Option?

Is BSc Agriculture a Good Career Option?

November 29, 2023

BSc Agriculture is an unnoticed course that is least prioritised by students after 12th. It is one of the top agricultural countries in the world where a majority of the population depends on the agriculture sector, but still, the course is not on the student’s career choice list.

BSc in agriculture is a broad course that helps students to understand crop production, dairy farming, food production, plant breeding, animal husbandry and many more. With such a number of fields, the course opens up several job opportunities in multiple industries.

The BSc agriculture scope is not limited to the private sector but also to the government sector as well. BSc Agriculture job The job opportunities in the Government sector such as Government Research Institutes, State Agricultural Universities (SAUs), Seed Manufacturing Companies and microfinancing institutions are some of the top government jobs you can explore.

Overview of the BSc Agriculture Course

B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture is an interdisciplinary course that comprises agricultural sciences and modern practices. It is a 4-year program with 8 semesters and advanced modules that comprises

  • Sericulture
  • Plant Pathology
  • Horticulture
  • Genetics & Plant Breeding
  • Food Technology
  • Agricultural Microbiology
  • Soil Science, etc.

Eligibility Criteria

As a student if you’re planning to pursue a career in B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture at KRMU, you must complete your class 12th with PCM/PCB/Agriculture from any recognised board. A minimum of 50% aggregate marks is required to apply for the course.

The admission process for the course can be done through merit and direct interview or the BSc Agriculture Entrance Exam.

BSc Agriculture Job Opportunities

After completing a BSc Agriculture Hons Degree, students can have multiple job opportunities. They can either apply in the private sector or government sector. However, there are some most common BSc Agriculture job opportunities for students including:

  1. Agriculture Research Scientist: The role of agriculture scientists is to analyse the different farming methods and food production. With the help of research, agricultural scientists develop new ways to improve the quality of food crops and supply.
  2. Extension Officer: An extension officer works as an intermediary between farmers and researchers. They work as a communicator to make sure that farmers make the right decision to get the best result.
  3. Agriculture Officer: The role of the agriculture officer is to check the quality of the crop grown by farmers. They make sure that all agricultural operations take place according to municipal legislation. Also, they help in audit, investigating, and testing other agricultural goods.
  4. Quality Assurance: Quality assurance work is to ensure the standard quality of crops and conduct tests to make sure the production runs smoothly. They work in a team to ensure the final production meets the standard of quality set by the organization.
  5. Plant Breeder: The role of a plant breeder is to increase crop production by utilizing various breeding techniques.
  6. Farm Manager: Managing a farm and ensuring machines and other farming tools are working smoothly. They trained staff and monitored their work.
  7. Agriculture Loan Officer: The work of agricultural loan officers is to provide loans to the producers and rural citizens Agricultural loan officers, or agriculture lenders, work to help producers and rural citizens obtain funds needed to fund their operation, purchase property and more through different loan and credit options.
  8. Food Processing Manager: Set and monitor product standards, examining samples of raw products or directing testing during processing, to ensure finished products are of prescribed quality. Coordinate or recommend procedures for facility or equipment maintenance or modification, including the replacement of machines.


As we’ve discussed the course of BSc in Agriculture, you may put the course on your career bucket list. The course opens up a gateway to career opportunities in the dynamic and vital field of agriculture. Also, the career opportunity BSc Agriculture (Hons.) course is extensive, offering specializations that cater to various interests.

As the world grapples with various new challenges like lack of food and sustainable development, the role of BSc Agriculture graduates becomes crucial. The career growth in the field of agriculture is extensive and the field will grow faster than any other field within the next 5 years.


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