July 30, 2020

The advent of digitalization has taken the world by storm through its remarkable and robust impact on industries and its systems. One has to agree, today, there is barely any corner left on the planet that has not been brushed by the flaming wings of technology. From construction, communication, architecture, education, business, products, to medicines, the new-era entity is taking over an incredible range of arenas, propelling their norms, systems, and years of operating methodologies radically out of conventionalism.

Journalism inflowing into a crucial period of transition

One such renowned industry that has been deeply evolved ever since the advent of IT is Media and Journalism. One can barely miss noticing how this platform has undergone a significant evolution in recent years. The digital platform is involving aspiring journalists of today into a career-changing experience. Budding professionals in this field,are hence, equally keen about transforming themselves into tech-savvy minds and digital-leaders as they are enthused about expanding their skills in the core subject of journalism. Writing codes, editing videos/photos, publishing content on social media, and online news applications, experimenting with advanced media technologies are some of the fundamental expectations that modern industry of journalism keeps from incoming journalists. No doubt, the advancing technology is playing a crucial role in the domain of journalism, transitioning the industry for better.

AI to rule the future of media

Tools based on AI technology are gradually capturing the technique of data-based editing content many times faster and more accurately than human editors. Surveys reveal that 75% of businesses are already considering investing in AI data collection and editing. Companies are in search of professionals with blended knowledge in core reporting as well as AI-based skills to manage the advanced dynamics of the emerging media platform efficiently.

Membership and subscription as an emerging trend

Membership and subscription formalities are becoming a facet of a large percentage of renowned news sites today. In the upcoming years, this trend is likely to cover 55% of the primary revenue of the industry. In fact, a maximum part of the mass prefers digital news than print today. Print mediums still exist, but it has become a rare concept in the first-world nations. Moreover, the arrival of the revolutionary days of Covid-19 has up-scaled news channel subscriptions by a considerable percentage.

Social Media Stories – A popular source of news-updates

All of us are quite acquainted with exploring news updates on social media. However, there are several formats via which we can access the news content and this includes regular posts, feeds, and stories. Out of all the sources, social media stories are considered to be the most powerful medium of news exploration today. Do you know that 150 million Facebook users, 190 million snap chat users, and about 300 million Instagram users prefer the story format for any kind of update? Modern journalists are thus experimenting with new ways to utilize social media stories as their best approach to reach out to their huge audience base. Along with that, online news videos are also gaining massive importance.

So as you can see, technology has been successfully making its place in the heart of journalism and has actually helped the domain to advance. The modern world journalism is more about being flexible and spontaneous. It is about evolving with time and using the power of tech to beat the competition in the industry.An excellent platform to begin with and hone your skills in the right hands would be the K.R. MangalamSchool of Journalism. The curriculum at KRMU, one among the top 10 universities in Haryana, is tactfully designed to inspire industry-oriented growth of young minds. Social media marketing, writing, public relations, radio productions, to advertising, the journalism program at the K.R. Mangalam School of Journalism has been deliberately designed to cover the vibrant and industry-centric arenas of contemporary journalism. The K.R. Mangalam University, with its highly experienced faculty, has been preparing ambitious minds for years to enable them to attract opportunities that propel them through a tactical and insightful path. Join the journalism program at KRMU and learn to make your mark in the advancing field of 21st-century journalism.

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