What are the advantages of pursuing a B.Tech. in (CSE) with specialization in UX/UI

What are the advantages of pursuing a B.Tech. in (CSE) with specialization in UX/UI

May 31, 2022

What is B.Tech. in (CSE) with specialization in UX/UI

It is a 4 years programme designed to study the volume of computer science engineering applications like programming languages, computer software, computer hardware, and computing in relation to the design of user interfaces, acknowledging the user’s needs and preferences. During this B.Tech. in (CSE) UI UX design course, students will learn how to apply the relevant information to design the user interface for a better consumer experience. This course is focused on you acquiring knowledge and skillsets used in computer science engineering with UX UI in a practical way which is indeed beneficial your you to keep up with changing technology and software designs.

Essential Skills after B. Tech. in (CSE) with specialization in UX/UI

  • UX Research
  • Prototype
  • Wireframing
  • Interaction Design
  • UX Writing
  • Visual Communication and Visual Design
  • Knowledge of design tools like Sketch, Adobe XD


Scopes after completing B.Tech. in CSE with specialization in UX/UI

1) UX Designer

The UX Designer is responsible for analyzing the problems customers are facing while using the digital product.

Their role is to make web applications or software easily accessible, useful, and engaging. They work closely with a user researcher to make wireframes and prototypes for software designs.

They also conduct user testing programs to note points of any bad experience and missing things to make the product perfect in every aspect before letting the consumers enjoy it. Overall, they are responsible for the user experience of web software or applications.

Duties and responsibilities of UX Designer

  • Conducting a user testing program.
  • Attending meetings with clients or company professionals to understand their goals.
  • Carry out analysis on clients and competitors.
  • Solving the issues of customers

The role of an Interaction designer is to make a design that will receive a positive customer experience and feedback. They assist UI UX designer with good creative outcomes.

Responsibility of an Interaction Designer

  • Assisting design and management team in the development of product design strategy.
  • Studying the industry trends to keep design up to date.
  • Collaborating with the core design team to develop the layout and visuals of project

2) UI Designer

User interface designers are responsible for designing the visual look of a website application from a user’s point of view. They also work to provide change design according to the solutions provided for the interfaces of existing web applications or digital products.

Duties and responsibilities of UI Designer

  • Changing the design interface according to the customer experience.
  • Improvement of existing interfaces.
  • Collaborate with product manager and engineers to find out the customers problems and make useful solutions.
  • Make a user-friendly design.

3) Wireframe Expert

This field mainly comes under a UX designer who creates a two-dimensional skeletal architectural framework of a web application or page.

A wireframe expert’s role is to put the ideas of an organization in a way that will make the customer eager to meet the organization’s goal.

They provide the initial functionality, page structure, layout, and functionality at a low cost, saving time.

These are some wireframe tools.


4) Visual Designer

A visual designer creates the ideas, story and images of a project in a visual design form, in short, they are the ones who solve the problem of the web design world.

Responsibility of a Visual Designer 

  • Make designs for various interfaces, including websites, mobile devices, and applications
  • Collaborating with brand management to create layouts according to their ideas.
  • Design user-centred interaction models, wireframes, logos, icons and infographics.

5) User Researchers

They work closely with user experience design because they conduct research to study their target customer, which eventually helps UX designers.

Responsibility of a User Researcher

  • Hiring and forming research teams.
  • collecting and analyzing data.
  • Present your data analysis to the designer, stakeholders and developers.
  • collaborating with designers and stakeholders to understand their ideal goals.
  • Making budgets and time schedules for research projects.

6) Usability Analyst

They are also called usability specialists, and they work on us interacting with the web pages, applications, and products from the perspective of the customer.

The responsible for the change in software and web designs.

Responsibility of a Usability Analyst 

  • Conducting consumer test on the product
  • Preparing the test reports to submit
  • Analysing the data to find out problems

7) Information Architect

A information architect’s role is to create a structure for website pages, website software, website application, and project simply, which means they position relevant information according to where it’s needed from a customer’s point of view.

Responsibility of an Information Architect

  • Building the information architecture environment for websites and apps.
  • Collaborating with designers and the sales department.
  • Make change according to data provided by usability analyst
  • Creating wireframes, data models, research, navigation, site maps, mockups, and storyboards.

Salary in different scopes after B.Tech. in CSE with specialization in UX/UI


B.Tech. in CSE with specialization in UI UX design course opens many career scopes for you with attractive salary packages. This field goes hand in hand with the inventions of technology so as long as the technology rises the job opportunities will also boom. The salary packages can be lucrative in this field scope because of experience and productivity.

B.Tech. (CSE) with specialization in UX/UI Frequently Answered Questions

Q1. What are the characteristics of a UI/UX developer?

Ans. some of the basic qualities of a UI/UX developer are empathy, curiosity, a storyteller and a troubleshooter who can come up with solutions to solve real-world problems.

Q2. Which country pays the highest salary to UX designers?

Ans. The average pay in 102 nations is $54,588, with Switzerland having the highest average at $102,614 per year.

Q3.Is ui ux designer a good career?

Ans. Yes, UI design can be a lucrative job with many chances and a competitive wage. A profession as a user interface designer has numerous advantages. UI design can be a terrific method to scratch that itch if you have a good eye for design and a strong creative instinct.

Q4.What language is used for UX design?

Ans. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and JavaScript are the basic raw materials that are employed on the front-end.

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