October 31, 2020

No matter how many recipes you know by heart, unless you have spent at least a day in the kitchen, you will struggle to serve the best preparation on the table. The same is true for any industry and work. Even though textbook knowledge and academic excellence are important, when it comes to application, nothing can beat the effectiveness of experiential learning.

The college-industry connect is the best form of the experiential learning module that includes a brief period of internship for an aspirant to offer him/her the experience of the ins and outs of the industry.On that note, let us have a look today at some of the prime ways in which we, at K.R. Mangalam University,ranked among the Best University in Delhi Ncr, believe our strong industry connect has always helped our students.

Provides a gateway ensuring the future success of students

No matter if you are pursuing science, humanities, or commerce, a direct connection with the relevant industry always opens the door to a better understanding of the entire working methodology of the domain. This helps to enrich the young minds with real-life knowledge and out of the textbook information. Career prosperity isthereby ensured when students are provided with a relevant industry connection at the college level itself.

Helps establish a deeper understanding of the corporate world

There’s no denying the fact that until you step into the actual professional arena, the real potential and the picture remains distant. Gathering information about an industry and its operation from the book and experiencing them with your sensory organs are way different. Three years of reading can never offer you an understanding of the very characteristic of the industry in a livelier way than the brief months of internship. This is why we, at KRMU, believe that industry connect is not only essential; it is enriching as well.

Enables the students to realize the day-to-day operations they will have to perform

Every business house runs on a schedule. And, every industry has a different way of operating its day to day tasks. No matter which industry you belong to, knowing the way it works can always keep an aspirant ahead of others. The entire nexus of the task that leads to a stream of productive output for a company needs to be understood in the first place if you wish to contribute productively as an employee.However, the same can only be done with full efficiency when you have a prior understanding of the daily operations of the industry. And it is this aspect where your college-industry connect helps you out.

Prepares the learners for coping with real-time challenges

Every workplace brings along some challenges. These could be operational, environmental, or employee-related. No matter what the circumstantial challenges are, if you know that prior hand, you always stand a chance to deal with the same in a smarter way.  Who can deny that braced combat always offers better opportunities for winning? And when you know the real challenges a particular industry poses, you would be in a better position to tackle those and proceed to achieve your goals, setting new benchmarks.

Enables the students to upskill and upscale themselves

Adaptability and flexibility are the two aspects that determine the overall quality of an employee. If you cannot change yourself and the ways of working to match the standards of the ever-evolving industrial niche, career progress might get stalled. Hence, make sure to remain adaptable, and the same can be learnt by spending a brief time in the industry, pursuing an internship that will make you industry-ready in every way necessary.

At K.R.Mangalam University, one among the leading Top University in Delhi Ncr, we understand the importance of industry connect for the ambitious young minds, and this is why we have always maintained a strong industry connection. We have successfully build a steady relationship and tie-up with several organizations to offer our students a fair chance to understand the industry adequately before actually becoming a part of it. KRMU is one of the most renowned names in the country when it comes to higher education. We have always emphasized on keeping our curriculum progressive enough to include experiential learning through our industry connect. It has always aided in the process of grooming our students for the professional world. We are consistently working on further broadening and strengthening our connection with the industry and are hopeful of bringing in even better opportunities for our pupils in the times to come.

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