July 17, 2018

In this VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous) world change is exponential in all business segments and management education is no exception. In delivering value in major functional areas, viz., Finance, marketing, human resource, Accounting etc. Business schools need to be cutting-edge & proactive in use of student-friendly pedagogical tools. There is need to be strategic leadershipin higher education to engage young learners, just to illustrate a few innovative & strategic initiatives –A. collaborative learning, B. learning by doing, no rote-learning, C. out-of-the box solutions to current business dilemmas in case lets by in-house developed case lets & keeps updating to deliver value. And we strive to make them better version of themselves every day. Here, it can be quoted most humbly-“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.-Jack Welch. Former GE Chairman and CEO.

To address to this pressing need, to be relevant in today’s education ecosystem where learners are bombarded with lots of information in this internet-enabled smartphones which are more the 500 million smart devices, business schools need to wake-up fast.

And to be relevant-the faculty leaders at our management school keep themselves abreast of all the latest pedagogical tools, like, merging courses with online-available content, like Salman Khan Academy & many more.

K R Mangalam University (KRMU) is truly distinct ,as  our management school, we are adding lots of value by creating innovative & activity-based assignments and using the potential of ICT & creating small student groups till they graduate with assigned faculty mentor.So that our young learners are relevant and industry-ready.

Moreover, we have made our worthy faculty leaders & worthy students realize by real-world examples including case lets & cutting-edge case studies. And making faculty leaders & students alike that every business is information business as the pace of technology is changing every hour not even days. And keeping this in mind we are only inducting those learners who are in tune with this philosophy or are ready to adapt & learn  & good at communicating & great team members with good EQ. And also, here is apt to mention we are taking care of their Spiritual Quotient at our very innovative- Chetna society. So that there all round well-being is taken care of in our empowered set-up of KRMU. Here, School of Management and Commerce focuses on stress-management, yoga & the like. KRMU have introduced amazing clubs which they love to manage as per their passions & forte.

Also, we take a few who can take on effective stress to lead in certain causes, like, environment, start-up issues for the needy, traffic issues in the city-so that they get the taste of challenges & leadership head-on & understand empathy& then presenting simple report to their juniors & in turn inspiring them & getting recognition by the scholars and Industry Leaders on our esteemed panel. To keep up with learning & change they are taught to be proud life-long learners.

Also, to meet the above-stated outcomes in our young & passionate learners we organize cutting-edge guest lectures every fortnight which are mandated to be managed by students. Our students participate various management forums, like AIMA, DMA & others. The students of School of Management and Commerce (SOMC) attended a conference, very recently, accompanied by Prof. Gurbir S Khera, of SOMC, who was invited to deliver the note at Business World’s Annual Digital Summit at Shangri-La, New Delhi, like these many more our students attended.

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