Most Demanding Courses after 12th Class [Stream Wise]

Most Demanding Courses after 12th Class [Stream Wise]

May 1, 2023

There’s no denying the fact that the 12th grade of high school is the most crucial phase of our lives as it takes us a step closer to attaining our dream of having a bright and successful career.

However, with the rapid advancement in our society and the plethora of choices available, it can indeed be quite an overwhelming or rather daunting task to make the right career choice, and well this is especially true for young teenagers who like sailing in many boats at once, trying their hand and luck in various fields.

It is therefore important for such individuals to primarily weigh all the pros and cons before they opt for a particular career. Such students need to mandatorily do a thorough self-introspection and have a clear understanding of the different courses and their content before making a career choice for themselves.So be it Science, Commerce or Humanities, there are certain courses after 12th that guarantee success with a bright future.

We at KR Mangalam offer an array of job-oriented degree programs that are taught by our expert faculty and with a rich legacy of several years, it gives us great pleasure and pride to have nurtured innumerable leaders of our country. However, before we talk about our courses, we would like you to know for yourself the best courses after 12th Commerce, Science and Arts and then make an informed and a well thought out choice.

Here’s an overview of such courses after 12th grade.

Prominent Courses for Science Students after 12th Grade

If you are one of those hard-working, curious, and creative science students, then mentioned below is a quick run-through of some eminent courses after 12th grade that you must consider.

1. Engineering :

Engineering is quite a highly-sought after discipline that guarantees sure-shot success.

It is a four-year degree program and it is particularly opted by Science students who are problem solvers and of course those who are fond of numbers. Some of the most common yet flourishing branches of engineering are Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical, Biomedical, Environmental, Chemical, Aerospace and Mechanical. A must-have prerequisite for engineering students is to have a sound understanding of the various mathematical, technical, and scientific concepts, systems, and processes. Also, needless to say, engineering is quite a lucrative and flourishing career choice as there are innumerable career opportunities available for those holding a degree in engineering. Such engineering graduates can work in various different industry verticals such as aerospace, construction, electronics, healthcare, automotive and alike or well they could also venture into entrepreneurship and thereafter become future leader as engineering minds are undoubtedly the brightest of all.

2. Medicine :

Another prestigious and the most noble profession that a Science student could take up is that of a doctor, nurse or a healthcare professional. Just like engineering, MBBS too, is yet another highly-sought after career choice, but having that said, it is surely not a cakewalk. There were about 18.72 lakh students who appeared in the NEET 2022 exam, which is the gateway to admission in the MBBS and various other medical courses. Also, out of those who appeared, only 8.70 lakh students were able to sail through the exam. These enormous numbers show how passionate students are for taking up a MBBS course after 12th. So well only the most talented and bright students are able to get through this nerve-wracking exam, but having that said, you are sure to have a bright career ahead after completing the MBBS course. It is important to note herein that MBBS is quite a broad discipline after which you could provide primary care to patients, but a specialization is a must to further enhance your skills and career prospects. After completing the MBBS course, a student could venture into a particular field such as neurology, cardiology, oncology, psychiatry and obstetrics and gynecology etc. Furthermore, in addition to these above-mentioned specializations, there are several other career opportunities in the medicine field such as research, public health, teaching, and administration. Medical professionals could work in various different settings such as hospitals, private practices, government agencies, clinics, and research institutions.

3. Computer Science :

Having studied Science until Class XII, you could surely consider exploring a career in Computer Science. Our world today is incomplete without computers and so computer science is a promising career for Science students to opt for. This subject is a cardinal and an integral branch of science that deals with the study of computers and computational systems, encompassing various theoretical and practical aspects. Computer science also deals with artificial intelligence, software creation, algorithms, databases, graphics, human-computer interaction, and other related areas.

It is undoubtedly quite a booming and rapidly growing field that has a significant role and is the main linchpin in shaping today’s modern world of science and tech. Computer Science is therefore a highly promising career choice for those who are passionate about technology and innovation. The field offers an array of career choices such as that of a software developer, data scientist, cybersecurity analyst, or perhaps a research scientist and this thus makes it apt for those who are keen on grabbing excellent jobs with competitive salaries.

Unique Courses After 12th Commerce :

If you are scouting for the best courses after 12th commerce with high salary, and you are one of those who is fascinated with numbers, compliances, laws, regulations and more that govern the mercantile world, then mentioned below are some promising career options for you.

1. Professional Courses after 12th Commerce :

Professional courses that are sure not a cakewalk, are for the hardworking and smart students who dream of making their mark. These eclectic courses are undoubtedly par excellence and the scope is immense for those who are a CA, CS or a CMA. These programs are recognized and offered by various statutory bodies such as the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) and The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICmai). All of these three professional courses are divided into three different stages with a different set of exams at each level that a student has to mandatorily pass in addition to the compulsory training viz the articleship. Having that said, it’s important to mention herein that most of the top-level executives and CFOs in India hold either one or more of these degrees. Also, there are a plethora of opportunities for a CA, CS or CMA such as in the finance sector, as investment bankers, consultants, taxation experts, and more. Those holding a professional course degree are therefore in great demand in the mercantile world.

2. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) :

The Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) is the most conventional and mandatory degree program that is opted for by those students who studied commerce upto Class XII. The BCom degree is the basic essential that even the professionals holding a CA, CS or a CMA have as this degree equips students with a basic understanding of the business world. The program emphasises upon various crucial aspects such as taxation, accounting, economics, financial management and business law. The BCom program helps students build a strong understanding of various commerce and business principles and well it does open up doorways to better job opportunities.

The BCom degree, however, may not be sufficient alone in today’s highly competitive world, and so to address the varied eclectic challenges in today’s world and also to make our students stand apart, we at KR Mangalam University offer various specializations in our BCom degree program. We have the (Hons.) (International Accounting & Finance) (ACCA UK) with academic support of Grant ThorntonB.Com. (Hons.) with academic support of NSE and the B.Com Programme course with preparation for Competitive Exams (Banking/ Insurance/ Railways/SSC) for Central and State Govt. Jobs. So rest assured, should you decide to opt for either of these, then you would certainly have a bright career ahead.

3. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) :

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is yet another degree course that is appropriate for those who have studied commerce untimely Class XII. This degree program offers students a detailed understanding of various critical business management principles and it therefore prepares students to hold eminent job profiles in the corporate world. This course is great for those who would want to acquire the essential skills for holding different managerial roles. The course offers a holistic understanding of the business world and it certainly offers bright career opportunities to budding commerce students.

Top Courses After 12th Humanities :

If you are from the arts background, then you need not to feel left out because in today’s day and age, those from humanities are actually shining and making their mark in innumerable eclectic and diverse professional fields. Be it as an eminent lawyer or a journalist or even a professor or perhaps a designer, sky is the limit for those from the humanities field and mentioned below are few top career choices that you could opt for after completing your Class XII Humanities.

1. BA LLB or LLB :

Well, if you have completed your Class XII from the humanities stream and if you are one of those who enjoys holding power and prestige, then law is the most appropriate career option for you. After all, who wouldn’t want to don the hat and the robe of a lawyer and help change the society, or even better is the critical role of a Judge who actually imparts justice. While law is a dynamic profession per se, and there is constant learning and growth involved but rest assured, it is one of the most highly paid professions in India and just with a few years of practice, one could make his mark as an eminent lawyer at the Bar. There are different five year dual degree programs and also the three year LLB program that a humanities student could take up, and having a prior understanding of subjects such as Political Science and History shall give the Humanities students an upper edge over others.

2. Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC) :

Our media has been forever perceived as the fourth pillar of democracy. Journalists play a crucial role in the smooth running of our country as the media alone has armed the common man with the weapon of knowledge and awareness. Also, the media sector is one such field that constantly grows at an unprecedented scale. A Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC) degree program is undoubtedly quite a promising career choice and the eclectic degree program encompasses several career options such as that of an editor, director, writer, journalist, blogger and so on. There are numerous job opportunities in various news channels, production and corporate houses for those who hold a Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC), and so rest assured, the BJMC degree is a great choice for the humanities students.

3. B.A. (Hons.) English :

There’s no denying the fact that the language that opens innumerable gateways to success is the English language and what better than to opt for a three-year Bachelor’s degree program in this very essential language that has unparalleled global reach and usage. This program doesn’t just help enhance the overall communication and writing skills but it also imparts a thorough understanding with immense knowledge of literature. English Hons is therefore a promising career path for those who would like to hone their communication skills and also enhance their intellectual thinking as the course gives a detailed overview of the erstwhile and the modern contemporary society, dealing with various different literary periods.

And well besides the above mentioned degree and professional programs, there are also a plethora of diploma courses after 12th Commerce, Science or Humanities that a student could take up to enhance his skillset. Some of the most sought-after diploma programs are as follows :


  • Diploma in IT
  • Diploma in Event Management
  • Diploma in Nursing
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Diploma in Fashion Designing
  • Diploma in a foreign language

And well there are countless other options too, however what you need to consider is where your heart lie at. It would be a futile effort should you study something half heartedly. So it is best that you primarily consider what you like the most and also see your strengths and weaknesses and accordingly opt for a career of your choice.

We at KR Mangalam University offer a diverse array of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate level degree programs. We are India’s premier educational institute that offers career focused education. We firmly believe that learning is most fruitful when both knowledge and expertise of individuals are honed to a tee and so our expert faculty leaves no stone unturned in polishing talented leaders who are ruling the nation today.

We offer an array of job-oriented and highly valued degree courses that equip our students with the requisite knowledge and skills while also ensuring to inculcate the right values as we believe in nurturing each of our students with the value-based education, moulding them into responsible and talented individuals who thereafter become the changemakers in our society. An overview of our degree programs are mentioned in detail on our website. We suggest that you go through those before opting for one of them.

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