July 30, 2018

Practitioners of the legal profession, or lawyers as we know them, today hold an immensely influential position in our society. The democracy that we belong to in the present time requires us to abide by the law drafted in the constitution. However, not every element in the society today is a law-abiding one and the density of today’s laws is as copious as complex. This calls for a specialized form of service from those adept in the science of law and expert in dealing with situations that cause any breach in the law. We, in the society,respectfully know these professionals as lawyers or advocates.

The legal profession has its origin that dates back tothe orators of ancient Greece and Rome. However, since there were no documented guidelines describing the extent and reach of the law, it was present in an abstract sense.But all of that changed at the turn of the century with the introduction of a democratic rule that mandated the constitution as the supreme book of the law, and with this change, the profession of legal advocacy was born.

Today, no matter where we go or what we do, we cannot escape the reach of the law. Everything from starting a business to registering private property requires the service of able advocates. The roles that a lawyer performs vary significantly across legal jurisdiction, but the importance of such a profession can never be undermined.

The profession of an advocate is not only a very lucrative one but also a very glamorous one and holds immense social status. Therefore it is of no coincidence why most students prefer to choose this as a profession with pride. Studying law is a feat which if any fresh graduate decides to undertake, he/she must partake the assistance and service of a reputed law school such as the K.R. Mangalam University, where we have been consistently producing top advocates and legal professionals through our elaborate courses and top of the line teaching methodologies.

Being an advocate is a profession that comes with immense responsibilities and therefore requires many priceless attributes that help in serving justice to people who need it. A few such qualities of a good advocate are as follows:

  • Good Communication Skills: A good lawyer is always without fail a good speaker. Since this profession demands the lawyer to speak before the judge and the entire panel, pleading his/her case, therefore the sign of a successful lawyer often rests on his or her oratory skills and ability to perform under immense pressure publicly. Besides, licensed advocates practicing law must also be adept at writing clearly, persuasively, and as briefly as possible, since they are required to produce a variety of legal documents and legal notices. In matters such as this, one cannot afford to make any mistakes as even a single misspelled word can render the document void and cause a string of legal dilemmas.
  • Analytical Skills:The study of law primarily involves absorbing copious amounts of knowledge and processing it into an applicable form. This means that the candidate must analytically absorb and summarise each such vital piece of information into a manageable length of conclusion that makes legal sense. The analyzing skills thus involved are hence of utmost importance since they help the individuals to apply the theories in real-time later on in the future.
  • Judgment and Presence of Mind:It is crucial that the students pursuing law train their mind to not only draw clear and logical assumptions at first glance but also to stay prepared for any counter arguments in defense and fortify any weaknesses in the subject by fast thinking and action. Similarly, he/she must also be prepared to make use of an opponent’s weakness with firm arguments and take swift advantage of any openings he/she may find in between on-going deliberations.
  • Researching Skills:To meet the demands of the client and his/her case, a lawyer must possess sharp skills at filling the blanks in any case by research and logical analysis of all kind of angles, which might often require him/her to take detailed interview of witnesses and analyze statements. This requires a sharp and trained mind. The lawyer must be able to foresee any predictable anomalies in the case and direct its outcome accordingly to his/her advantage.

But if you see, to rank among the top lawyers in the country, it is important that law aspirants not only show great skills but also display even greater dedication and perseverance throughout the course of learning. As one of the Top Law Schools in Gurgaon, K.R. Mangalam University, provides unmatched assistance in the form of excellent faculty, state of the art infrastructure, and all the necessary facilities in the field which goes a long way towards creating the best lawyers in the country. The grueling seminars, moot court experience, the opportunity to interact with the best lawyers in the nation serve to boost the potential of the students by almost ten folds. The scope of opportunities we provide to our students goes a long way to help and create the best law keepers that our nation feels proud of, for it is people like these who uphold the integrity of law in our country with an extreme sense of pride and honor.

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