Career, Scopes and Salary after B.Tech CSE with Specialisation in Cloud Computing

Career, Scopes and Salary after B.Tech CSE with Specialisation in Cloud Computing

June 7, 2022

Cloud Computing has been around for over a decade. Throughout cloud computing evolution it has been providing services to many users, companies and organisations to save money and time.

Even the Covid has played a crucial role in growing the popularity of cloud computing in terms of service as well as a profession thus giving its significance in the digital era. These reasons have influenced it to become a flourishing career.

Do you know govt of India and many companies are moving towards cloud computing which eventually led to the generation of many job opportunities. This article briefly enumerates career options and jobs after btech cse in cloud computing.


Demand for Cloud computing experts in India

Adoption of the Cloud has become a major key to digitization and improvement of technology industries. Thus, this has rapidly escalated job opportunities in cloud computing. The demand for cloud computing professionals has grown by 40% since last year. According to CRN India, It is expected by the end of the year 2022 cloud computing jobs in India will grow by 26%.

Career options after BTech CSE in Cloud Computing

Btech CSE in cloud computing opens job opportunities for you not only in computer engineering but also in the cloud computing field. It is a great field for fresher because it has various career scopes and jobs after Btech CSE in cloud computing such as mentioned below:

  • Cloud Administrator

Generally, Cloud administrators plan, build and manage cloud-based workloads. A cloud administrator should have skills in Infrastructures such as code, Cloud finances, Virtualization, Containers, CI/CD management, Unix and Windows and Data Management.

  • Cloud Architect

Broadly speaking, Cloud Architect converts the technical requirements into structures and designs of a product. They need skills in operating systems like Unix, Windows, Linux etc. and Knowledge of programming languages, networking and Finally, the most important key security concepts.

  • Cloud Developer

Cloud Developer can be termed cloud computing software engineer. Cloud Developers must have a thorough understanding of cloud systems. In addition, developing skills in cloud service providers, cloud storage, networking, virtualisation, Linux, programming, containers and security are a must.

  • Data Engineer

This is one of the best career options after BTech CSE in cloud computing. Primarily data engineers are IT professionals whose roles involve preparing data for analytics and operations as well as are responsible for building data pipelines to compile information collected from different source systems.

  • Data Analyst

A data analyst analyses data from different mediums and come up with business reports. Furthermore indicating the needs, new trends, and cost-saving solutions. Data Analysts must need a deep understanding of languages like Python, SPSS, and Advanced Excel likewise excellent quality skills in collecting, processing and communicating data.

  • Software developer

A software developer field is dedicated to building and implementing new software programmes which are in fact their major role but improvement in the functionality of existing software is also equally important. Possessing technical skills is necessary in short words technical skills in Coding languages, Database knowledge Data structures, Testing procedures debugging knowledge, Operating systems, algorithms, Source control and Text editing software can add more value.

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How Much You Can Earn?

No one can actually tell much  how much you can earn after any job role in the scope of BTech CSE in Cloud computing because it totally depends on the knowledge, skills and finally interview. For example, the average salary of a cloud engineer ranges between INR 3 lacs to INR 14 lacs. Overall, one thing is sure this field offers you handsome salary packages.

B.Tech CSE with specialization in cloud computing | Frequently Answered Questions

Q1. What are skills that I will inculcate while pursuing B.Tech CSE with a specialization in Cloud Computing?

Students will be able to work on their communication skills, data analysis, and leadership qualities and will learn professional ethics and code of conduct.

Q2. What is the average salary of a cloud engineer in India?

The average yearly income for a Cloud Engineer in India is 5.5 lakhs, with a salary range of 3.0 lakhs to 13.5 lakhs. Estimated salaries are based on 5.9k salaries from Cloud Engineers.

Q3. What is the future of Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is versatile and powerful, and it will continue to expand in the future, bringing with it a slew of advantages. Cloud computing is very cost-effective, and it may be used to help businesses develop.

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Career, Scopes and Salary after B.Tech CSE with Specialisation in Cloud Computing

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