List of Best Career Options After B Arch

List of Best Career Options After B Arch

September 30, 2022

After your 5 years of Bachelor of Architecture, a wide pool of career choices attracts you. Due to this a lot of confusion occurs regarding which career option you want to deep dive into. Creativity, aptitude, logical thinking/reasoning, structural mathematics, methodical approach, analytical thinking, communication skills, social awareness, digital Skills and collaborative skills are your strong points which are applicable in many fields. So let’s read about all the best career options after B Arch. Then it will be clear where you want to showcase your prowess as an “Architect”.

Below are the career paths that give you detail about what to do after B Arch.

Landscape Architect

Landscape Architect creates attractive open spaces where people can refresh, relax and feel peaceful. They have the skills to use open lands, knowledge of the environment and how to incorporate trees, plants, water bodies, lawns etc. in the very same space. Examples of landscape architecture are gardens, grounds, parks, yards and other outdoor spaces surrounded by greenery.

Architectural Technologist

If you’re interested in both technology and architecture then a career as an “Architectural Technologist” might be the best jobs for b arch graduate like you. They use their technical and architectural skill to create building plans that also helps in bringing solutions to complex structural challenges. Because they are skilled in two fields sometimes their roles include elements of both lines of work. Like project management, site assessment, risk evaluation etc.

Architecture Engineer

Architectural engineering is a new career option that prominently depends on the usage of technology like computer tools. They are experts who have the skills in both engineering and architecture to design, construct and maintain structures that are resilient to any kind of condition and consume less energy. In simple words, They utilize sustainable architectural solutions, scientific construction principles and green energy systems to develop flourishing, efficient and economically viable societies.

Architectural Designer

It is another great architecture career. Architectural designers are a keystone in building structures with balanced functionality, best safety measures, and great comfortability under the set budget. They have to make sure the needs of the clients and construction managers are being implemented properly in the design.

Architectural Historian

The architectural historian has a deep knowledge of history and architectural designs of the past eras. They study buildings that have a historical background. Usually, they work in advisory services to owners or consult stewards about how to preserve the historic fabric of a building. They sometimes work as researchers, trying to understand the methods and materials used to build and the impact of the landscape on the building environment.

Architectural Journalist

Architectural journalists are basically writers who provide detailed information about buildings or designs to the world by criticism. With the advancement of technology, most Architectural journalists have moved on to digital platforms from old ways like newspapers to spread their articles about architectural criticism.

Commercial Architect

Among the various jobs for b arch graduates, the profession as a commercial architect is for those wants to design a building for commercial purposes for an example office building, grocery&retail stores, restaurants etc. Commercial architects have to oversee and perform a variety of tasks during a site project from starting point to the end of the project. Some of their roles are ensuring that construction is fulfilling the client’s wishes, the structures match the building code of the area, coordinating with the team of designers and much more responsibilities come with this job profile.

Interior Designer

Interior designers are experts in making indoor spaces of offices, houses, hotel lobbies, apartments e.t.c functional, pleasing, safe, and attractive. They do this by determining where to adjust things in an open space by selecting essential and decorative objects. Interior designers are very creative and detail-oriented professionals.

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Building Contractor

In any construction project, you will see there are three parties involved client, the management team and the building contractor. The building contractor has the responsibility for the entire construction project. So they plan and coordinate construction activities and ensure that the project is done within the scope of time and money.


“Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light” – Le Corbusier

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