November 1, 2019

The industry of human resources treasures a significant value when it comes to career choices. It is currently imposing one of the fastest gaining grounds for young aspirants planning a career in the field. Gone are the days when HR sector was merely a confined and leisurely unit that only dealt with hiring and firing of staff. HR professionals are now the crucial members in the significant business decision making processes contributing to the making and breaking of organizations. Over the last few years, the industry of HRM has evolved dramatically, and it is important for anyone looking forward to make a career in the HR arena to remain informed about the ins and outs of the industry. However, there are often many false notions and myths that keep floating to impose a negative impact on the young aspirants. Hence, in this article, we will be busting 5 of such myths about the HR industry so that the aspirants get a clearer picture of the same.

#1 Roles of HR Managers involves only recruiting employees

From hiring to retiring, the HR professionals are responsible for dealing with the entire employee lifecycle. However, it needs to be clarified that their roles do not involve just recruiting employees. HR management professionals have to strategically think about the nuts and bolts of how a particular job role can impact the organization, spot out the right talents for the role, and much more.


#2 HR is a stand-alone sector when it comes to operation

The HR department is often considered to lead ahead of the rest and tackle the chores from the pinnacle. This is why many believe that the roles and responsibilities of the HR professionals remain confined within their own sector. However, HR can never be expected to operate alone as a solitary unit. Collaboration and interaction with other departments as well as figures out of the organization are imperative as they play a crucial part in reducing the turnover, promoting employee engagement and boosting organizational growth.

#3 There is not much scope for growth in the field of HR

This is not true at all. Human resource managers are the curators of the human capital management of a company or an organization and hence are highly valued for their role. As they gain experience and expertise in their art, they are offered with higher and more responsible profiles such as Chief HR Officer, Training & Development Managers, Employee Education Consultant, and many more.

# 4 The field of human resource is not lucrative

Well, the tasks and responsibilities involved in the sector of human resources are often categorized as intricate and complex. The domain requires experience and insights beyond mere foundational knowledge and qualification. And it is this aspect of the job profile that makes the HR professionals earn quite handsomely. Though the salaries for HR Managers depend on the kind of industry they are involved in, it ranges approximately around INR 1,50,000 per year in Call Centers to INR 8,00,000 in a Digital Marketing firm for a novice.

# 5 Future prospects for the HR industry are dim

The HR industry is expected to upscale by approximately 21% by the present timeline and 2020. The prediction makes it one of the fastest-growing fields. If compared to the 9% progression for financial managerial professionals and the 16% evolution for accountant professionals, you can already measure what the upcoming prospects hold for the particular field.

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